Anyone ever use any of the GL-iNet products? Or any recommendations instead?

So basically, just wondering if anyone has experience with the products offered by

Looking into setting up a new home network and I’d like it to be as secure as possible without making my roommate hate me because it inconveniences him and his access to the internet.

I’m a big fan of gl net. I recommend the GL-E750 Mudi 4G with custom blue merle firmware. If you want something without a cell modem, any of them will do.

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Would you recommend against the Flint 2? Looking to replace my admittedly poor choice of an Eero 6E Pro. Didn’t realize Amazon made it. :face_vomiting:

The Flint 2 looks like a beast of a router. I personally only have experience using gl-net products as travel routers, as I run OPNSense at home.

I bought one of these, but I’m struggling getting it configured correctly.

Was hoping I’d be able to run either Proxmox or just Ubuntu on it and use the 2.5gb ports as a switch and the WiFi as an AP for IoT devices/devices that don’t support wpa3 well.

But I can’t get the ports coming out of the pc to go faster than 100mbs. And there’s no drivers to be found anywhere for the WiFi card. I know it works because they shipped it with some backed up copy of Windows and everything was detected