C0mmando's introduction

gr33tz to all my fellow cypherpunks and truth seekers out there. c0mmando here and I’m the founder of Hack Liberty. I’m posting here to formally introduce myself and reserve my post for future edits.

About Me:

  • life long hacker
  • life long truth seeker
  • lived all over the world
  • dreams of hacking the planet

Hobbies / Interests:

  • anonymity, privacy, and security
  • mysticism and the occult
  • combat gear and tactics
  • data hoarding
  • ethical hacking


  • empowerment and sovereignty
  • end human slavery
  • speak truth into the world
  • create a breakaway society

Earth is on a clear trajectory with advancements in technology that will lead to an inevitable consolidation of power into fewer and fewer hands. And yet, this same technology can also be used to empower instead of enslave. Hackers and cypherpunks wield an immense amount of power in this age of information warfare, and it is our duty to bring that power to bear in this fight for the future of humanity.