Cheers from #TheFreeRepublic of P.A.Z.NIA -- Rayo2 here!

I was super pleased to stumble across this forum today – amazing work to whoever put this together.

Anyway, my name is Shane/Rayo2 – I’m the host of The Vonu Podcast, Coordinator of The Free Republic of P.A.Z.NIA (a parallel network), and founder of Liberty Under Attack Publications, a freedom-focused publisher, that also offers privacy tools (GhostPads and GhostPhones), as well as apothecary items & canned goods. Bitcoin or Monero preferred.

Currently, my freewife and I are building our homestead (Veritas, P.A.Z.NIA) – we raise lambs, goats, chickens, and turkeys here and Ora does a ton of work on our beautiful gardens!

Since P.A.Z.NIA is a worldwide, parallel network, it caters to nomads and travelers. Essentially anytime throughout the year, vetted self-liberators are welcome to stop by and tent camp, park their van/RV, etc. And if we really, really like you, Veritas can even be one of your dedicated “vonu home bases”.

We also host a number of scheduled events, our flagship and biggest event being VONUFEST.

Looks like the folks in this forum are exactly the types that I love to connect with, exactly the types that would be a great addition to the P.A.Z.NIA Network.

Check it out, my friends. Thank you so much for being here.



Hello Rayo2 and welcome! So glad you found us here! You’ll find on our resource page that we’ve had some Liberty Under Attack publications and your Vonu Podcast listed for quite some time!

Feel free to invite your friends and we welcome any additions to our resource page that you can think of!

Yes! Thank you for the listings. That was one reason I felt compelled to join – to thank you! That, and as you linked (resource), I would send that to anyone in my network. Well done.

On that note, I have already posted about the forum in our P.A.Z.NIA Committee of Correspondence (160+ members strong) – will post on our Signal and SimpleX chats too momentarily!

Well worth the time. Reminds me of from a handful of years back, but way more functional.

On that note, Anarplex used to have an IRC chat…we have PAZNIA.CHAT now, our own Jitsi server. Maybe some folks here and some folks in the P.A.Z.NIA Network could schedule a time to meet and chat at some point in the future?

As far as I know from the nyms, these may be two “untouched” audiences.

Would make for an amazing P.A.Z.NIA Second Realm Assembly!


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Shane/Rayo2, welcome.

Love the Second Realm, LUA Publications, P.A.Z.NIA, the podcast and all. All inspiring stuff.

I too am a homesteader and parallel network advocate. Trying to do big things living on a private land trust initiative, sharing territory with multiple other households in the Northern Hemisphere.

Thanks for introducing yerself. Way happy to connect.

Cheers! Always honored and appreciative to connect with other practitioners of action!

If there’s anything we can assist ya’ll with, please reach out. Don’t know what, but the line of communication is open.

Sending love and liberation from Veritas! -Rayo2

@vonu Right on, mate.

The support is much appreciated. And the feeling is mutual; if any support is needed or wanted, do let us know. I’d love to learn a little more about the Republic, naturally. I’m trying to launch a writing series called hackland. Had to include your initiative as a shout out. Link below:

Looks amazing! Thanks for the shout. Excited to read more!

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