Let’s GOOOoOo. We really out here

First user post, let’s fucking go!

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And straight to the home screen it goes.

I guess I should actually introduce myself huh?

Name: yea go fuck ya self
Age: under 35
Location: where ever this journey of life takes me

About me:
Free of speech maxi

Privacy advocate

Encryption junkie

Photographer, but you won’t catch me in a photo

Retired “script kiddie” — got distracted and never got back into it, but I’ll social engineer your mother if I had too.
Crypto advocate that shorts and shits on the bullshit pretending to be crypto

Tech nerd always looking to learn something new.

Discovered BTC in 2012 and held and transacted with over 1400 of them before 2015. Hold 0 of those original BTC - selling drugs cost me more than I could’ve made, and I was sitting pretty…

Freedom of ______ maxi

Organized religion is almost as bad as an overbearing government, but at least one gives back to the community.

Not an anarchist, but I’m pretty damn close

Witnessed the aftermath of 9/11 and still think the US had prior knowledge to prevent it.

Probably on a few lists

Rated E for everyone, cause everyone can catch these hands.

Will play you in CoD for Monero.

Cardano > ETH

2A advocate, don’t tread on me.

And remember, it’s not paranoia if it’s true.

welcome to the community!