Rising public doubts

I see that people are starting to realize that something is off. That the things they were told (especially about the stuff happening in the last half-decade) are not true. They are tired of hearing what can or cannot think or do.

Why now? Has the oppressive legislation and taxes reached a critical mass to start off a chain reaction in society? Have the lies and the narratives preached in the mainstream media become too obvious and predictable? Is everyone just fed up and looking for a way out?

I don’t know, but it puts a smile on my face to see people think on their own and live by their own rules. That they are not afraid to ask questions the government would rather leave unanswered. And that they don’t need any overbearing rulers to do good and to create cool shit.

Let’s keep the momentum going! Do you guys see this too in your communities?

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I’ve seen a counterculture grow and grow steadily since about 2010.

That entire decade was incredible and so compelling for anyone dedicated to the cause of freedom and self-expression.

Sometimes I wonder if Operation Coronavirus (OC) was in part activated because people worldwide had been getting bolder and more organized. What better way to disrupt and divide the people then when their momentum is waxing?

That said, OC pushed so many people off the fence and unleashed a fury that will last generations!

I’ve found myself pleasantly surprised with my interactions with total strangers. At least some people are waking up… but I also tend to avoid shitholes.

That said, OC pushed so many people off the fence and unleashed a fury that will last generations!


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Yeah, lots of people agree something is off, but do they actually do something? I’ve met people with Ph.D in repeating stuff they heard somewhere, high-school degree in thinking, and retardation in doing.


@orca depends what you mean by ‘do something’. i think a lot of people do respond. albeit, so many do not respond wisely or accordingly to what is understood to be an evil system.

when it comes to translating knowledge and understanding into action (i.e. wisdom), most of us are incapable if not handicapped from such a response.
“hey i know… we’ll SUE THEM! that’ll make a change!” for instance… not understanding how the courts are a brazen instrument of organized crime in 2024 and thus a trap.

sure, but what’s your definition of “response”?

@orca Depends on the stimulus being responded to.

For instance, if those of us who understand the perils of a cash-fiatless society think the best response is devise a digital credit system (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum, monero, etc.) to withdraw from another digital credit system (i.e. “central bank digital currency” or UN Dollars), I’d say that is an ineffective response to this whole trivial reformation of money. Whereas an entirely new idea of money and exchange is what’s needed. Rather, one that blends the old with the new, but doesn’t depend on a vast and exponential rise in energy-intensive machines and centralized infrastructure to simply exchange value.