Tengri137 Free Energy Machine

I found this many years ago, and I’m reposting it.

Hello to all friends!

We are at end of this incredible journey. We asked you to help us deliver our messages. We asked you to help us to change the world. We asked you to spread the love, humanity, mercy, understanding and altruism.

We have over “700” friends in over “54” countries and over “360” cities around the world. We are now many, we are ready and we are FLOOD.

It’s almost time to share! In only few days, on “May 31st 2017” after our countdown you can share our message!

How to share?

  1. Read the instructions.pdf (Dropbox - Flood - Simplify your life) to inform you today,
  2. after the countdown ends (It's almost) visit our Dropbox folder (Dropbox - Flood - Simplify your life) again and download “manifesto.pdf” and “energy.pdf” files,
  3. follow the “instructions.pdf” to share our “manifesto.pdf” and “energy.pdf” files on “31. May 2017” (IMPORTANT),
  4. Enjoy!

P.S.: We upload our “manifesto.pdf” and “energy.pdf” after our countdown ends on May 31st 2017!

We are thankful for all this love, understanding, help and support. We had a great time with our friends. We will never forget all the names behind this amazing mission. Every single message is important for us.

We LOVE you all!

Tengri 137
PGP: 0x666ab731
Twitter: @666ab731