UAP Timeline from 1947 to 2023

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(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 July 1947 — 1st Lt. Walter Haut states in an allegedly signed affidavit he was stationed at Roswell Army Air Field as the Public Information Officer and received a call from Col. William Blanchard who said he possessed “flying saucer” debris. The material was from “outer space” and recovered from a crash northwest of Roswell, NM.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 July 1947 — Another affidavit from Arthur R. McQuiddy, the editor of the Roswell Morning Dispatch, claims Lt. Walter Haut delivered a press release to McQuiddy declaring the recovery of a “flying saucer.” McQuiddy claims Roswell Army Air Field next calls him and asks him to change the story to a “weather balloon” instead of a flying saucer.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 July 1947 — Col. Thomas J. DuBose states in a signed affidavit he was stationed at Fort Worth Army Air Field and received a phone call from Gen. Clements McMullen of Strategic Air Command informing him of an object recovered outside Roswell, NM.

DuBose states he requested Roswell Army Air Field to send the material to Fort Worth Army Air Field, which was eventually sent to Gen. Benjamin Chidlaw at Wright Field. DuBose states photographs of a weather balloon given to the press were a “cover story” to divert attention away from the origin of the flying saucer material.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 July 1947 — A signed affidavit from 1st Lt. Robert Shirkey also claims the flight of “crashed flying saucer” debris occurred between Roswell and Fort Worth. He also claims another flight operated by Oliver W. Henderson (see 9 July 1991 entry) flew directly to Wright Field.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 August 1947 — USAF Lt. Col. George Garrett tells FBI SAC S.W. Reynolds that he suspects the Navy or Army is testing new technology and some of it is responsible for the flying saucers and other UAP seen.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 August 1947 — Gen. Stephen Chamberlin and the War Department, however, claim to have no knowledge of USG or USG contractor programs responsible for the UAP.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 September 1947 — A disputed memo from DCI Roscoe Hillenkoetter discusses the need for a clear directive from the President and coordinated scientific examination of “objects” related to the flying saucer problem. The title of the memo is “Military Assessment of the Joint Intelligence Committee,” or MAJIC.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23 September 1947 — USAF Lt. Gen. Nathan F. Twining writes that flying discs are “real and not visionary or fictitious.” Twining suggests UAP could be a black budget USG project or from Soviet/Bloc. Twining’s letter to AAF Commanding Gen. George Schulgen states no physical UAP evidence from “crash recovered exhibits” had been found to date.

Note: Twining’s letter also led to the creation of Project Sign, whose sighting reports were required to be sent to the Army and Navy Research and Development Board, the USAF Scientific Advisory Group, the Atomic Energy Commission, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, Project Rand, and the Nuclear Energy for the Propulsion of Aircraft Project at Oak Ridge.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 September 1947 — DCI Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter allegedly writes a letter to Air Materiel Command designating T-2 and the Air Intelligence branch of the Navy Bureau of Aeronautics as “national assets.” Hillenkoetter states he does not plan to duplicate this within the CIA.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 1947 — Pilot Selman E. Graves states he witnessed the recovery of a crashed craft and two humanoid “bodies” in Paradise Valley, AZ. Graves states the federal government sponsored a state government project that relocated a nearby road and bulldozed the land to cover up the crash site.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 1947 — An “unknown missile” allegedly crashes this month in Mexico near Guadeloupe. The State Department is said to begin negotiations with the Mexican government to obtain the crashed object.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 December 1947 — Army Lt. Col. Harry H. Pretty writes to the Dep. Dir. of Intelligence (Deputy G-2, U.S. Army) in Berlin that Nazi aircraft designers Reimar Horten and Walter Horten were located in Gottingen, Germany, and although they were responsible for the Horten Ho 299 flying wing design, an investigation determined no flying saucer design “ever existed nor was projected by any of the German air research institutions.”

Note: This finding was never delivered to Congress in an open forum in the decades that followed despite it likely being relevant to Congressional inquiries into the origin of UAP after World War II.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1948 — An anonymous retired Col. states a UAP crash occurred this year near Laredo, TX. he states when he arrived it was under a canopy and witnesses were sworn to secrecy.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 31 January 1948 — The Research and Development Board, a key recipient of UAP data at the time (see 23 September 1947) attempts to debunk flying saucers as a “mirage” the result of “mass self-hypnosis.” The RDB statement circulates in newspapers.

Note: The RDB was chaired at the time by Vannevar Bush, who was the former Chairman of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA, which later became NASA). Bush was mentioned in a Canadian Department of Transport document that stated a USG source told Canadian embassy staff the following: flying saucers exist, the matter is the “most highly classified subject in the USG rating higher even than the H-bomb,” their modus operandi is unknown but a small group is studying them “headed by Doctor Vannevar Bush.” It is reasonable to deduce this group was the RDB or an ad hoc group with some RDB personnel using the RDB as a cover.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1948 — President Harry S. Truman asks his USAF aide, Col. Robert B. Landry, to give him quarterly updates on UAP research but to do so verbally. No records are kept.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1948 — A source “VA” speaks of a UAP crash at White Sands Proving Ground this year where he was cleared to see a Top Secret message of a saucer shaped craft with one portal window blown out that caused suffocation of five occupants. The bodies had turned blue and were 4 feet tall with oversized human heads. Private property was allegedly purchased to facilitate transport of the craft covertly to the base.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1949 — Scientist Albert Collins claims he worked on electromagnetic propulsion at Cal-Berkeley and analyzed samples that were taken away by the Army. The metal was thin, light and could not be dented or cut; it could fold and return to shape.

Collins claims in 1949, Rand Corporation and the CIA solicited assistance on sample analysis from a Vatican representative; he claims he saw project names Archangel, Blue Book, Black Book, White Book and Yellow Book, adding that he heard LANL was analyzing green fireballs (this last claim has been confirmed as Project Twinkle).

He claims he heard rumors of autopsies of “midget people” at Los Alamos, experiments at Holloman AFB and Kirtland AFB, metal-like wood tested in Berkley he was not involved with, and flying disc landings on military bases in California and New Mexico. Collins also states a friend told him Archangel determined UAP occupants were extraterrestrial, biological, gas-breathing intelligent animals with larger craniums than humans. He claims this friend told him the occupants had cells similar to plants that were responsive to sunlight and were able to make right or wrong judgements like humans.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 August 1949 — An alleged CIA OSI information report on the analysis of UAP states a special studies project within the DOD known as Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology Transfer (ULATT) Exploitation Program houses six undisclosed projects. It states a power plant was recovered from a crashed UAP in New Mexico and a meeting was held on 14 July 1949 at Blair House where President Harry S. Truman proposed that the “know how” of ULATT be shared with Canada and the UK. The document also alleges that Hannes Alfven, who would win the Nobel Prize in 1970 for his work on magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), was consulted during his early MHD work because it was suggested the ULATT technology used magnetic field lines for travel.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 August 1949 — Great Falls AFB to AMC at Wright Patterson AFB writes on 17 August 1949 that an informant, prone to exaggeration but trustworthy, sees 7 flying discs and two crashed discs. AFB agents dragged the lake and didn’t find anything.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1950 — Source “LH” at Bell Laboratories states a source of his, a former NASA employee, had access to information regarding a crash retrieval in 1950. He claims the employee had access to technical material about a head-band transceiver worn by some UAP occupants; LH states the source believes he has been under surveillance and one of his colleagues at NASA involved in security risk related to UAP “disappeared.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 March 1950 — Radio broadcaster Henry J. Taylor announces flying saucers are USAF/Navy secret weapons. It is later claimed the entire story was disinformation planted by the CIA Office of Policy Coordination Political and Psychological Warfare Staff headed by Joseph Bryan III to confuse the American public. Taylor later admitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee he didn’t know the origin of UAP.

Note: CIA psychological warfare head Joseph Bryan III later became President and Board
Chairman of NICAP, a nonprofit supported by payments from U.S. citizens to study UAP. Former DCI VADM Roscoe Hillenkoetter was also a Board member. Bryan III’s background in psyops was not known at the time publicly when he was involved with NICAP.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 April 1950 — USAF Project Rand contracts a white paper on the “Exploitation of Superstitions for Purposes of Psychological Warfare.” The paper writes that convincing a population to believe in paranormal and fringe phenomena, or prophesies concerning future events, could cause them to be non-rational. At scale, this would negatively affect a society. UFOs and UAP are not mentioned. Project Rand was a regular recipient of UAP reports from USAF (see 23 September 1947).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 1950 — Cliff Booth, a Holloman AFB contractor, investigates reports of a range station sighting a UAP. Booth and a camera operator film a cigar shaped metallic object. The men turn the film over to the Data Reduction Division at Holloman AFB, and an analyst at Land-Air Inc. states the object was oscillating preventing a stable image. They are told by their superiors at Holloman to forget the incident.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 July 1950 — USAF Lt. Col. F. D. McGarrachy states he wants to collect UAP motion pictures taken by U.S. citizens with cooperation from the FBI. He does not want the American population to know of USAF interest in the subject.

Note: This is at a time when USAF public messaging is debunking UAP cases.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1951 — USAF Maj. Dewey Fournet, while serving on Project Blue Book, conducted his own FOIA-exempt extragovernment investigation of undersea and aerial UAP with assistance from the Navy dubbed Operation Interloper. Fournet used his access and USG resources and all but three case files (up to 28) remain lost because they were held in personal archives. Interloper briefed the CIA in 1953 but its findings never reached Congress or the public.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 February 1951 — Office of Naval Research physicist Urner Liddel states in a public magazine article that all UAP reports are mirages or balloons. He says trained observers are being fooled.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 February 1951 — AEC Project Twinkle head Anthony O. Mirarchi tells the Associated Press that Urner Liddel and ONR are purposefully misleading people and true UAP are not balloons and not natural phenomena. Mirarchi states UAP show “maneuvered motion” and says
ignorance of them could lead to a “worse Pearl Harbor than we have ever experienced.” The FBI and USAF consider prosecuting Mirarchi for violating AFR 205-1.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1952 — Former Naval officer and consultant to Lockheed-Vega and Glenn L. Martin Co. Thomas Townsend Brown proposes Project Winterhaven to the US military.

Brown proposes using Stanford Research Institute (SRI), University of Chicago, The Franklin Institute, the Glenn L. Martin Co’s Research Institute for Advanced Studies (RIAS), Lear Inc., Jansky & Bailey, Brush Development Co., and Hancock Manufacturing Co. to create flying disc craft for the US military that can travel in excess of 1,800 mph in all levels of atmosphere. This is a peculiar hypothetical framework as it didn’t involve several major aerospace contractors and instead chose to subcontract to several entities outside of US aerospace. It is allegedly rejected.

Note: According to author Nick Cook, Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and Office of Naval Research (ONR) documents show an interest of USAF Maj. Gen. Victor E. Bertrandias’s visit to the Townsend Brown Foundation when it was proposing Project Winterhaven. ONR’s Willoughby M. Cady writes that Townsend Brown’s claims of gravitational anomalies are not well documented, and suggested the Navy and Air Force not pursue the disc designs.

Note: In 1955, Brown worked for French aerospace company SNCASO and ran his flying disc designs in a vacuum, where they performed even better than in atmosphere. SNCASO merged with Sud-Est a year later and canceled Brown’s contract.

In 1956, Brown helped found the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) with former DCI VADM Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, Gen. Albert Coady Wedemeyer, USMC Maj. Donald Keyhoe and chief of the Navy’s guided missile program RADM Delmer S. Fahrney. Brown stepped down in 1957 and gave a press conference stating UAP were neither American nor Soviet and under “intelligent control.”

In 1957, Brown was hired as a consultant for the Bahnson Company of North Carolina and in 1959 he consulted on aerospace propulsion for General Electric, before retirement in 1960.

Note: It is worth highlighting that a secret memo dated 23 September 1947 from head of Air Materiel Command Lt. Gen. Nathan Twining to USAAF Brig. Gen. George Schulgen states: “It is possible within the present U.S. knowledge—provided extensive detailed development is undertaken—to construct a piloted aircraft which has the general description of the object above
which would be capable of an approximate range of 7,000 miles at subsonic speeds.”
Twining is specifically talking about the “flying disc” phenomena seen by civilians and military personnel that year.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1952 — CIA Project Moonstruck allegedly studies long range use of frequencies for the purpose of stimulation of the brains of
targets. It is claimed these implants were placed in subjects during abductions; unknown if related to UAP phenomenon.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1952 — A disputed, possibly hoaxed report for disinformation purposes, detail an annual report for MAJIC EYES ONLY ACTIVITIES that mention the recovery of the ejection craft in 1947 with five bodies, and the ejection craft were cylinders that ejected from the collision of larger UAP discs and possibly an experimental US craft; it states the occupants are “human or human like” and share the same biological needs.

The term ULATT EXPLOITATION is used; the application of R&D at AEC facilities is mentioned; efforts to duplicate a “water drive and plastic core elements” found in an UAP engine are being conducted at Los Alamos, Oak Ridge and Langley, with the engine kept at Holloman are also mentioned, as are autopsies of recovered occupants that fall in a Project Grey Suit within Projects 612 and 621.

Tissue samples of technicians in contact with occupants suggest the transfer of a highly contagious disease, their samples were kept at Fort Detrick, MD; and a crash recovery team from Project Moon Dust and Project Stork were sent to a crash site near the Texas-Mexico border at El Indio-Guerrero in December 1950 to respond to a crash with debris taken to AEC at Sandia.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1952 — A family friend of McDonnell Douglas engineer John Schuessler states he was a guard at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in 1952 and saw a craft covered by a tarp taken into a tight security area at the base. He also stated he saw bodies recovered from a “UFO” told to him they were from the Southwest; the bodies were “little people.” He stated “everything delivered had to pass by me.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1952 — A source “ZO” states a colleague of his at Rocketdyne told him he attended a meeting on celestial navigation at another aircraft company in 1952, where one USAF officer told them he was at the scene of one crash retrieval where a piece of metal was broken from the ship and later studied. He said the piece was impervious to diamond saws and torches, and a small body, badly burned, was recovered.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 February 1952 — The USAF Scientific Advisory Board Secretariat suggests Project Twinkle, which analyzed UAP at the AEC’s Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia Base, White Sands Proving Ground and Holloman AFB, not be declassified because the phenomena could not be debunked by natural explanations.

Note: A 25 May 1950 summary shows UAP were seen near Los Alamos repeatedly by scientists, AFOSI personnel, airline and military pilots, security inspectors and “many other persons of various occupations whose reliability is not questioned.” The document from USAF Lt. Col. Doyle Rees states Land-Air Inc. was contracted by Air Materiel Command to study green fireball and disc phenomena near the facility.

Note: On 20 December 1948, Project Twinkle astronomer Lincoln LaPaz argued a green fireball he saw was no meteor, and turned its light on and off. LaPaz and Lt. Col. Rees started the informal Los Alamos Astrophysical Association to study green fireballs which eventually became Twinkle. All members were scientists and engineers with AEC/USAF security clearances.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 April 1952 — A special study group within Air Force Intelligence assesses nine undersea UAP with the Office of Naval Intelligence. ONI received the reports from U.S. Navy submarines that encountered the undersea UAPs over an undisclosed timeframe prior to the report. The incidents have never been released by ONI, and FOIA requests into the USAF special study group, AFOIN-X(SG), have been denied.

The group is rumored to have included a Col. Kieling, USAF civil service intelligence specialist Dr. Stefan T. Possony as acting chief, and Lt. Col. F. Sterling as military chief and likely operated outside of Project Blue Book as a flexible study group to take on special ad hoc tasks. AFOIN-X(SG) findings were therefore not shared in open Congressional hearings or with the public.

Note: USAF Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt stated AFOIN was conducting a more complete investigation of UAP in the field than Project Blue Book. AFOIN offices doing UAP work included the Technical Capabilities Branch of the Evaluation Division (AFOIV-TC) and the Collection Control Branch of the Collection Division (AFOIC-CC).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 May 1953 — An anonymous Air Force official claims a UAP crash occurred near Garrison, UT on the Desert Research Experimental Station (DRES). The source claims the craft was buried.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 1952 — Author Whitley Streiber states he lived in San Antonio, TX at this time and remembers being tested while he was having “encounters” as a child. Streiber suggests he may have been tested at Randolph Air Force Base or Lackland Air Force Base. He states he remembers being “trapped in a box” called a Skinner box and given a “forced learning experience” that led him to be put into Brooke General Hospital for six weeks.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 December 1952 — CIA OSI Chief Philip Grandin Strong meets with MIT Provost Julius A. Stratton and professor Max Millikan to discuss UAP sightings and a means of studying them through Project Lincoln. Lincoln was an already established air defense project at MIT for the USAF, specifically analyzing photographic reconnaissance and surveillance.

The December 1952 memo suggests Lincoln had an interest in flying saucer cases beginning in mid-1952, and CIA OSI sought “full backing” of the DCI for MIT to formally study UAP. Unfortunately, no further Lincoln UAP documentation exists, and Lincoln summary reports do not mention UAP despite Stratton’s interest. USAF Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt later writes that Project Lincoln’s Beacon Hill Group recommended he set up “sound detection apparatus” in areas of UAP activity, suggesting the MIT scientists were doing actual UAP work under contract.

Note: Project Lincoln may just be one example how the CIA/USAF/AEC “exported” UAP study to universities and private nonprofits (like Battelle, mentioned in the 9 January 1953 entry). Such analysis that may have been done at MIT is not mentioned in any updates to Congress or the American people, and Stratton’s interest contradicts the findings of the Robertson Panel, Blue Book, and Condon Committee that UAPs do not warrant further study.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 December 1952 — USAF Col. Donald L. Bower forbids Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt from visiting CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence to share information on compelling UAP data. CIA held the “Robertson Panel” the next month without these key cases.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1953 — RAF Communications Instructor Fred Threlfall claims a “dematerialization” experiment was successful with an “ashtray.” Threlfall claims he saw the experiment at an airstation in Toronto, Canada.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1953 — An anonymous former Warrant Officer in the Army claims he saw crates at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in 1953 with recovered bodies of small humanoids, recovered from Arizona in the desert, and states he happened to be at the “right place at the right time when the crates arrived at night by DC-7.”

He states he saw the humanoids lying on a fabric to prevent freeze burn from dry ice underneath, with heads disproportionately larger than their bodies, with brown skin, no hair, and wearing tight fitting dark suits; one humanoid appeared to be female. He states he heard that the UAP was picked up by special tracking equipment on Mt. Palomar, CA before the crash.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1953 — An anonymous radar technician at Fort Monmouth, NJ in 1953, “Mr. T,” states he was summoned to see a special film at the base theater; with no briefing, he was shown a film of a desert scene with a silver disc object embedded in the sand with a dome at the top, and the bottom was a hatch or a door; in the next scene the source claims he saw 10-15 military personnel in fatigues with no ID patches standing around the craft.

The next scene showed the interior of the craft, a panel with levers all colored in muted pastel and white; the next scene showed two dead bodies on tables inside a tent, small with large heads that looked “mongoloid” with small noses, mouths and shut eyes, each wore a tight suit pastel in color; when the film ended there was no credit and the officer in charge instructed the viewers to “think about the movie” and “don’t relate its contents to anyone.”

Two weeks later Mr. T was approached by an intelligence officer on the base and told to “forget the movie you saw, it was a hoax.” Mr. T states the film was shot by an inexperienced camera man with poor coloring and texture. A friend of the man who was also a radar specialist told him years later that he too saw the same film under similar conditions.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1953 — A source “H.J.” says he was in the Army at Fort Polk, LA in 1953 when they saw an egg shaped UAP crash land into soft sandy soil. A special detachment and ambulance were detached.

The object had no windows or lights and had a fin at its equator that was rotating, medics carried a body away that was making strange noises; the occupants walked as if they had no knees and were 3 1/2-4 feet tall, large heads covered by a helmet and a metallic green uniform. He heard the survivors were sent to a hospital and all died, and he heard their cadavers were sent to a medical center near Washington, DC. H.J. says he was told not to discuss the incident and after he talked to Leonard Stringfield, his phone was disconnected.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 January 1953 — A contractor to the USAF Air Technical Intelligence Center, Battelle Memorial Institute’s Dr. Howard C. Cross proposes that the ongoing Project Stork assist the Air Force to reassure the public that “everything is well under control” with respect to the UFO “problem.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 January 1953 — The CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence convenes a series of meetings on UAP, known as the “Robertson Panel.” The CIA concludes that all national security agencies should strip UAP of “special status” in reporting channels and suggest the public is told there is no legitimate evidence of their existence.

A signatory of the report, Thornton L. Page admitted on 3 October 1992 that the Chairman told members ahead of the meetings to debunk all reports presented to them and “reduce” public concern.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 February 1953 — USAF Public Information Officer Albert M. Chop claims the CIA “killed” a press release written up on a UAP filmed on Utah.

“We’ve been ordered [by the CIA] to work up a national debunking campaign, planting articles in magazines and arranging broadcasts to make UFO reports seem like poppycock,” Chop added. Capt.
Edward J. Ruppelt allegedly said “it’s a raw deal, but we can’t buck the CIA.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 February 1953 — CIA agent Hayden Channing admits to monitoring a public meeting of U.S. civilians discussing UAP in Los Angeles, CA.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 February 1953 — Marine 1st Lt. Edward Balocco is scrambled in an F9F Panther from Naval Auxiliary Air Station Edenton, NC to intercept an unknown target. A disc with blinking red lights approaches him and gets within 350 feet, bathing his cockpit in blue-white light. He can see the bones in his hand like an X-ray where he experiences no sound, and in a flash, the disc leaves the area. Balocco and Capt. Thomas Riggs are debriefed and told not to mention the incident to anyone.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 21 May 1953 — USAF project engineer on contract with the AEC for Operation Upshot-Knothole “Fritz Werner” (pseudonym) states he was placed on special assignment to investigate a crashed UAP near Kingman, AZ on 21 May 1953, in a signed affidavit. Werner states the object was constructed of an unfamiliar metal similar to aluminum, was oval, and had an entrance; inside, he was told there were swivel steps, a cabin, instruments and displays. Werner states it had one occupant, now dead, dark brown complexion, 4 feet tall, wearing a silvery metallic suit and a skull cap with no face covering or helmet.

Werner states his job was to determine from the angle of the impact how fast the vehicle was going at the time of impact; he states the vehicle had no landing gear but also had no dents or even scratches; afterwards he was told by a USAF Col. To write his report in longhand, not to type or reproduce it, and not to reveal what he saw; Werner states he was given a telephone number to call when the report was complete and it was handed off to an airman. Werner’s diary reviewed by Ray Fowler corroborated this showing he wrote he went on “special assignment” that day and “got picked up at Indian Springs AFB…for a job I can’t write or talk about.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 August 1953 — USAF issues Air Force Regulation 200-2, which restricts UAP reporting procedures and supersedes AFL 200-5. All confirmed UAP reports must now be sent to Air Force Intelligence, and reports by USAF personnel do not go to Project Blue Book. Fewer credible unidentifieds are sent to Blue Book and are therefore kept out of future updates to Congress and the American people.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 December 1953 — Lockheed Martin test pilots Roy Wimmer, Charlie Grugan and flight engineers R. L. Thoren and Joe Ware, see a flying saucer over the Pacific Ocean while flying a Navy Super Constellation WV-2. The crew follows the object for five minutes and noticed it exhibited anomalous acceleration characteristics. After landing, the sighting was corroborated by another Lockheed Martin employee on the ground. Despite the USG contractor sending the case file to USAF Air Technical Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson AFB, it was never included in any declassified Project Blue Book documentation and is not listed as an Unidentified ever analyzed by ATIC.

Note: Blue Book scientific advisor J. Allen Hynek said often the Project had poor organization. It is unknown if this case was lost, purposefully ignored or forwarded to a higher-level investigation like AFOIN-X(SG), but is a relevant example of obfuscation because a UAP was observed by 5 trained USG contractor personnel and omitted from updates to Congress and the American public.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1954 — Army Col. John Alexander states former Douglas engineer Bob Wood tells him he believed the SOM1-01 manual was created in 1954 with the intention it be leaked to Soviet spies as part of a disinformation campaign. The intent would be to get the Soviets to commit resources to UAP crash recoveries.

Alexander states Hal Puthoff told him the real MJ-12 group was involved in Continuity of Government in the 1950s, a plan that hardened secret underground bases and constructed some such as Mount Weather and Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV.

Note: The SOM1-01 manual states it was allegedly taken from Kirtland AFB Building 21 Unit KB-88; it describes a recovery and disposal effort of extraterrestrial entities and technology; it claims an Operation Majestic-12 was established by special classified presidential order on 24 September 1947 and is a Top Secret Research and Development - Intelligence Group; goals of MJ12 are the recovery of materials/devices of extraterrestrial manufacture, recovery of entities and remains of entities, establishment of Special Teams to accomplish this, establishment of special secure facilities to receive, process, analyze and study these materials, and the establishment of covert operation with CIA to recover craft/entities that are inside foreign territory.

The manual also states UAP technology surpasses modern science but is benign and UAP occupants are avoiding direct contact with humans; craft shape are discs, cigar, cone and triangle; UAP occupant types are short humanoid “Asians” with pale skin and wider eyes, and even shorter humanoids with large heads, large eyes that wrap around the side of the skull with no whites, two slits for a nose and a slit for a mouth, with three fingers and a thumb. The manual claims metallurgical analysis shows debris is not from Earth; materials are stronger than current metals; solid structures have similarity to dense grain free wood and very light; some samples are engraved and not decipherable.

It states craft, devices, damaged devices, power plants, fragments are to be taken to Area 51 S-4; supplies of the entities taken to Blue Lab WP-61; Living entities taken to OPNAC BBS-01;
non-living entities taken to Blue Lab WP-61; media, recordings, maps, charts, photographs and film taken to Building 21 KB-88; and weapons taken to Area 51 S-4; civilian witnesses to CR and entities will be detained and debriefed by MJ-12.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 10 March 1954 — Directive JANAP 146(C) now covers airborne and waterborne CIRVIS and MERINT reports to be used for UAP sightings. Civilian pilots are now prohibited from talking about UAP sightings they report through these channels.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 12 April 1954 — “KA” states he served in the USAF in 1954-55 at Roswell Air Force Base where he began helicopter training. On the evening of 12 April 1954, KA states he was ordered to report to the flight line as there was a crash in the desert; his crew was “Rescue 4.” The crash retrieval was 25-30 miles northwest over a lake where they saw a metallic saucer crashed edgewise into the sand with a dome in the center, and the outer rim was still spinning and the outer edge lights were still rotating in that direction. Several small bodies were scattered outside the craft, motionless and appeared dead; 4-4.5 feet tall with large heads, in tight fitting dark blue uniforms, no helmets.

KA states a ground crew in fatigues was already there and prevented them from getting closer, and began tagging the objects and the bodies. More dead bodies were inside a small hatchway in the crashed disc. The UAP occupants had tried to crawl out on their hands and knees. After KA returned to Roswell he was debriefed for three days in “living hell” in Building No. 5, and told by men dressed in civilian clothes wearing black ties identifying as “intelligence officers” not to speak about the incident, and reading KA a law that referred to fine, imprisonment with hard labor and general discharge if he told anyone about the incident.

KA states he heard the saucer was taken on base and put in Hangar 18, which was expanded over the next two weeks with refrigeration equipment and sophisticated computers. KA heard a rumor at that time another UAP crashed near Bandelier, NM on 24 April 1954. KA states he was sent back to Sampson AFB where his superior accused him of going AWOL and punished him, to which KA told his superior about the UAP crash and his superior did not believe him. KA had a nervous breakdown and was placed in hospital for three months. During the stay, he was injected with a needle where he felt drunk and taken to a room with 4-5 people where he was asked questions about the crash recovery in New Mexico.

On the day he was released from hospital, KA states he was taken to the base commander’s office and met a Col., who discharged him on 7 March 1955 because he told the Sgt. (superior) about the CR in the desert. KA states that in the years after he was discharged he began having nightmares and needed to talk about the experience, to which Leonard Stringfield listened and believed him.

KA tells Stringfield at the CR, a second chopper landed with four men wearing white pants and long white coats, to which KA tried to photograph them but he was told “don’t take a picture of me, just take what you were told to take.” KA states he saw a silver aluminum colored metallic box on the ground 3 feet long and 1 1/2 feet high with numbers printed on it, there were words too that were indistinguishable; he tried to photograph the box but was told by the ground crew to “get the hell away from that.” The ground crew wore green fatigues with no insignia or rank identity.

KA states later he was told by a stranger in a neighborhood drugstore that he should not talk about his part in the neighborhood drug store and he was called and warned of consequences following a phone call he made in January 1982.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23 July 1954 — U.S. Navy issues a new directive that orders the reporting of UAP sightings (FLYOBRPTs) to the director of AFOSI, ATIC, commanding officer of Eastern ADC, director of Naval Intelligence, commanding officer of the Eastern Sea Frontier, and the commandant of the Potomac River Naval Command. The directive is intended to stop leaks from Navy and Marine personnel and cites JANAP 146, AFR 200-2, OPNAV 3820 and Directive 3820.2.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 October 1954 — Marine Corps naval aviator states he is told the USAF 4602nd AISS has a “crashed object” program. Material has allegedly already been recovered. This was never reported to Congress or the American public, as the Air Force relied on statements that no physical evidence had ever been recovered as a reason to debunk UAP.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 December 1954 — The NSC 5412/2 Special Group, secret subcommittee of the National Security Council is formed and responsible for coordinating government covert operations. It later becomes the 303 Committee in 1964 and the 40 Committee in 1970 and proposals go to Richard Helms at the CIA. Members include Nelson Rockefeller, Robert McNamara, McGeorge Bundy, Gordon Gray and Allan Dulles, and topics often include science and technology, and the intersection between corporate, contractor and USG interests.

Note: It is unknown if the 5412/2 Special Group, 303 Committee or 40 Committee dealt directly with any aspects of the UAP issue, but it was long involved in high-altitude reconnaissance flights.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1955 — The Air Force issues a statement saying it has a “research and development contract” with the Avro Company of Canada. This is later confirmed to have been Project Silverbug, a variant of the Avrocar, a failed attempt at a flying saucer that was underpowered and unstable when it was tested by Canadian company Avro.

John Frost and Avro Special Projects Group, though, worked on a Project Y, Project 1794 and Project PV 704 that were said to explore development of flying disc technology that could travel Mach 3 and Mach 4 at 100,000 feet, far faster than other fighters at the time.

Note: John Frost’s son states he uncovered a file in the Canadian National Archives that shows Frost traveled to West Germany in 1953 and met with a German aviation engineer who claimed to have worked on disc-shaped aircraft. The German said the project was underway near Prague
in 1944-45 and the saucer was flight tested, but destroyed in the final few weeks of the war.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1955 — Physicist Louis Witten states he was recruited by George S. Trimble, VP for Aviation and Advanced Propulsion Systems at the Glenn L. Martin Company, into the Research Institute for Advanced Studies (RIAS). Witten states Trimble recruited him to develop anti-gravity, and in 2013, stated anti-gravity was “discovered” in this project. Witten suggests several ideas were tested including using an isotope of bismuth, but does not give details. The Glenn L. Martin Company evolved into Martin-Marietta and merged with Lockheed in 1995.

Witten states while at RIAS he got a contract from Areas A and C at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to work on anti-gravity for aerospace applications. No record of this contract exists but Witten did publish several theoretical articles concerning general relativity while at RIAS, whose legacy program Lockheed eventually acquired. Witten joined the University of Cincinnati after RIAS and was a professor of physics 1968-1991.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1955 — An environmental systems VP in Van Nuys claims as early as 1955 he worked in a UAP group at Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica; he claims he worked there with “Wheaten” (now at Lockheed, in the submarine division), Ted Gordon, “Klemperer” and Dave Crook. The VP states they were asked by Douglas management to assess cases from Project Blue Book including films and photos that led them to conclude UAP used “multi-dimensional physics.” The group was asked to forget this conclusion. He claims the Douglas group found a site in the “Owen Valley” where thousands of UAP went in and out of solid ground.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1955 — “Mrs. G” working in the Foreign Materials Division at WPAFB in the 1940s and 1950s developed cancer and before her death claimed in 1955 she was assigned to catalog all incoming UAP material, approximately 1,000 items, including items from the interior of a recovered UAP brought to the base; all items were photographed and tagged. Mrs. G. Also witnessed the transfer of two dead humanoids, 4-5 feet tall, larger heads and slanted eyes.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 March 1955 — Documents provided by former Douglas Aircraft engineer William Tompkins suggest Douglas was studying “unconventional” propulsion systems based in part on collection of UAP materials in the open source. Tompkins claims that he worked in a secret Douglas think tank called Advanced Design, tasked with helping the US Navy develop a secret space fleet using antigravity technology.

Tompkins claims he was helped by “Nordic” UAP occupants, while the USAF and RAND Corporation were working together with “Reptilian” UAP occupants to create a competing secret space
fleet. Tompkins also claims before the end of WWII, Nazi Germany had aligned itself with “Reptilian” UAP occupants and a secret Navy project out of Naval Air Station San Diego attempted to learn about secret Nazi antigravity programs. Tompkins provides no evidence for these claims, but does provide evidence he worked at Douglas and Naval Air Station San Diego.

Note: Tompkins claims former Navy Secretary James Forrestal was aware of the Navy espionage program on Nazi antigravity programs, which he alleges led him to establish the Office of Research and Inventions in May 1945.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 March 1955 — Former Douglas engineer William Tompkins also suggests around this time he became aware of a deep underground military base below Offutt AFB that has to do with a secret space program and also a large cave in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah, where large advanced aerospace craft are constructed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 May 1955 — USAF ATIC and contractor Battelle Memorial Institute publish “Special Report No. 14,” a comprehensive analysis of 3,200 UAP sightings. The report concludes that UAP are not aerial craft beyond human scientific knowledge because no “physical matter” had ever been recovered in any UAP sighting. This contradicts two declassified metallurgical analyses on shape memory alloys Battelle itself performed for Wright-Patterson AFB six years earlier, which weren’t declassified until 2010.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 October 1955 — Sen. Richard Russell sees two circular flying discs while traveling by train in the Soviet Union. The CIA classified this Top Secret and did not share the case with the Air Force, Project Blue Book, or the Condon Committee, and it was withheld from Congressional committees in 1960 and 1966 and withheld from the public until it was declassified in 2019.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 November 1955 — New York Herald Tribune journalist Ansel E. Talbert
writes about an “incredible program” to solve the “secret of gravity” at top U.S. scientific laboratories and research centers. Anti-gravity is reportedly being studied at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University, the University of Indiana’s School of Advanced Mathematical Studies, the Purdue University Research Foundation, MIT, the Roger Babson Gravity Research Institute of New Boston, NH, and the Institute of Pure Physics (IPP) at the University of North Carolina.

Former UNC President Gordon Gray approved funding for IPP; Gray was formerly Secretary of the Army, Assistant Secretary of Defense and special assistant to the President of the United States (Truman, Eisenhower). Scientists in the project tell Talbert they expect to discover anti-gravity within years to a quarter of a century at most; corporate IPP partners include Glenn L. Martin Co., Convair, Bell Aircraft, the Sikorsky Division of United Aircraft, Lear Inc., Clarke Electronics, the Sperry Gyroscope Division of Sperry-Rand Corp., and General Dynamics Corp.

Among the IPP participants mentioned are: Bryce S. Dewitt of the Radiation Laboratories at University of California at Berkeley, Burkhard Heim of Goettingen University, Pascual Jordan of Hamburg University, Vaclav Hlavaty of the University of Indiana, and Stanley Deser and Richard Arnowitt of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study.

Note: The article also mentions George S. Trimble’s RIAS (see 1955), and states it is financed by Glenn L. Martin Co. but isolated from the company’s aircraft building business and managed by Welcome Bender. It is suggested RIAS partnered with IPP.

Note: Gordon Gray’s presence in IPP anti-gravity studies is noteworthy. Gray was the director of the Psychological Strategy Board, a committee formed by the Truman Administration to coordinate and plan psychological operations. The Board included representatives from DOD and DCI.

Gray’s name also appears on disputed “TS/MAJIC EYES ONLY” documentation, specifically an alleged briefing document of a Majestic-12 Group, a R&D intelligence operation allegedly established by Pres. Truman in 1947. Gray is listed as one of twelve members with access to the information, allegedly pertaining to UAP crash recoveries, study and analysis of the intent of UAP occupants.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1956 — Testimony of USAF Gen. Bernard Schriever states when he was with the Development Planning Office, he worked very closely with the Technical Intelligence Office at Wright Field (which became the Foreign Technology Division). Schriever states Project West Wing was
set up on the “West Coast” funded through the technical intelligence operation out of Wright Field, staffed with people from Ramo-Wooldridge. West Wing analyzed foreign intelligence from the Soviet Union and foreign technology from the Soviet Union.

Note: FTD swept up UAP information in its Project Moon Dust, and personnel from Ramo-Wooldridge later joined TRW and after that Aerospace Corp. Aerospace spun out of
TRW’s Space Technologies Laboratories in 1960 and took West Wing with it. TRW also has alleged linkages to UAP crash recoveries (see Richard Dolan’s claims), while Aerospace Corp has linkages as well (see Ross Coulthart’s claims).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 January 1956 — Wright-Patterson AFB monitored a reported “landing” of a flying saucer in the Kataghan province of Afghanistan. USAF attempted an overflight for aerial view, search and confirmation of info, and to determine if Afghanistan authorities were hauling the recovered craft to Kabul. Neither USAF ATIC nor Battelle amended their conclusion that a lack of physical evidence meant UAP were not advanced craft, and CIA OSI did not update their conclusions. Subsequent Congressional inquiries in the 1960s relied on conclusions that were out of date and continued to not include physical debris.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - February 1956 — USAF Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt writes that while he was assigned to the Air Technical Intelligence Center as director of Project Grudge at Wright-Patterson AFB in 1951, he saw a Top Secret Estimate of the Situation that stated UAP were “interplanetary” in origin created by the predecessor Project Sign in 1948. Ruppelt states the Estimate was rejected in 1948 by Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg and ordered for destruction. Ruppelt states a few copies survived and circulated within ATIC, but no declassified copies have ever been released to Congress or the public.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 25 February 1956 — The Special Weapons Study Unit of Aviation Studies International, Ltd. delivers an examination of electrogravitics systems (the link between electromagnetism and gravity to produce antigravity) to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The report refers to a Project Winterhaven that suggested a “saucer” could create a local gravitational field and serve as a USAF interceptor with Mach 3 capability. It was declassified in 1995. Winterhaven was allegedly based on the designs of Thomas Townsend Brown.

It states Glenn Martin Co. (see 20 November 1955) could be achieved in six years but it would need a “Manhattan Project” environment to achieve it; Clarke Electronics, General Electric, Bell Labs, Convair, Lear Inc., Sperry-Rand, Curtiss-Wright, Lockheed, Boeing and North American are all mentioned as working on antigravity “rigs.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 1956 — USMC Maj. Darrell L. Ritter, ONR Capt. Sidney Sherby and ONR Projects Officer Cmdr. George W. Hoover receive an annotated copy of Morris K. Jessup’s The
Case for the UFO (1955), with annotations from three different persons who claim to know about UFO intelligences, deep space origin, underwater bases, force fields, and more. Sherby and Hoover reprint the annotated version with government contractor Varo Manufacturing and prints 25 copies.

ONR’s link to Jessup is curious because in this same year, Jessup claims to have been receiving letters from someone known as “Carlos Miguel Allende,” who claims that an 1943 experiment in the Philadelphia Navy Yard rendered a destroyer (the USS Eldridge or USS Engstrom) invisible and personnel on board showed side effects. The project is soon allegedly linked to the work of Thomas Townsend Brown, who earlier that year proposed a Project Winterhaven to the US military to use electrogravitics for aerospace purposes.

The “Philadelphia experiment,” as it becomes known, allegedly utilized electrogravitics for naval stealth purposes. It is unknown what the extent of the experiment produced, whether it was successful, and if cloaking was achieved.

Note: The timing of the Philadelphia experiment rumor coming out four years after Brown’s proposal of Project Winterhaven and months after Wright-Patterson’s examination of Winterhaven is curious.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 1956 — Author Morris K. Jessup states he received two strange letters from an alleged Carlos Miguel Allende who claims the USS Eldridge or the USS Engstrom were subject to an experiment at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Allende claims he witnessed it, and the ship and its crew became invisible temporarily, before experiencing side effects. Allende later tells APRO the “Philadelphia Experiment” was a hoax, but then states the CIA “coerced” him into saying it was a hoax.

Allende was later identified as Carl Allen, who also admits to writing the annotations in the Jessup/Varo book that ONR chose to copy (see April 1956). Ufologists later link the alleged experiment back to T. Townsend Brown, the founder of NICAP, but it is an unproven claim.

Note: The timing of the Philadelphia experiment rumor coming out four years after Brown’s proposal of Project Winterhaven and months after Wright-Patterson’s examination of Winterhaven is curious.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 1956 — Author Morris K. Jessup states he received two strange letters from an alleged Carlos Miguel Allende who claims the USS Eldridge or the USS Engstrom were subject to an experiment at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Allende claims he witnessed it, and the ship and its crew became invisible temporarily, before experiencing side effects. Allende later tells APRO the “Philadelphia Experiment” was a hoax, but then states the CIA “coerced” him into saying it was a hoax.

Allende was later identified as Carl Allen, who also admits to writing the annotations in the Jessup/Varo book that ONR chose to copy (see April 1956). Ufologists later link the alleged experiment back to T. Townsend Brown, the founder of NICAP, but it is an unproven claim.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 May 1956 — Former USAFHQ spokesman Maj. William T. Coleman claims Air Force Manual section 190-4 was in effect as of this date and after, affecting all USAF press releases, statements to Congress and the public, and publications about UFOs. Coleman later tells NICAP that AFM 190-4 requires the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Information to delete all evidence of UFO intelligence control, which contradicts the official stance at the time that true UFOs didn’t exist. He
admits that Maj. Lawrence J. Tacker’s book was reviewed under the regulation, something the Air Force previously denied. Coleman states even if Tacker wished to provide UAP evidence, it would have been prohibited.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 July 1956 — Rep. John Moss, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Information, complains that the USAF “Blue Book Special Report No. 14” on UAP is not available to the public despite it being unclassified. Moss asks the USAF why it hasn’t produced more copies, to which it replies “the full report…is not available for widespread distribution because of prohibitive costs.”

Note: Given Blue Book scientific advisor J. Allen Hynek later said (see 1979) the USAF and CIA wanted to cool down public reaction, the Air Force’s reluctance to distribute its largest study to date fits with that strategy. See 5 May 1955 entry for information on how the report also withheld key information on physical evidence; metallurgical studies performed by USAF contractor Battelle.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 July 1956 — Alleged unnamed U.S. Navy pilots at Naval Air Station Los Alamitos tell news reporters they have orders to shoot down hostile UAP. Pilots claim this order is standard for flights over the Pacific. This information does not seem to have been shared with Congress over the next decade of hearings or briefings, and contradicts the official Air Force stance at the time that no physical evidence of UAP existed or was sought after.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - September 1956 — Alleged unconfirmed reports of a domed disc-shaped craft landing at White Sands Proving Ground, NM. Witnesses include dozens of base personnel and watch the object land before shortly taking off. Personnel are allegedly assembled at Holloman AFB and told not to speak to anyone about the event.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - Late 1956 — The General Physics Laboratory of the Aeronautical Research Laboratories/Aerospace Research Laboratories (ARL) at Wright-Patterson AFB hires physicist Joshua N. Goldberg to administer multiple contracts related to relativistic theories of gravitation. Goldberg works here until 1963, before joining the University of Cincinnati for a year and moving on to other universities. Curiously, fellow anti-gravity researcher Louis Witten joined the University of Cincinnati after his contracted work for Wright-Patterson ended in 1968 (see 1955).

Goldberg states in his CV he worked for the Armour Research Foundation in Chicago, IL for four years before being recruited to ARL, working on applied research for industry and government. It is
unclear if Goldberg or ARL worked on UAP-related research but the many possible linkages in the PUBLIC DOMAIN are interesting. Hubert Goenner of Goettingen, a former participant of RIAS (see 1955), writes ARL may have also studied Soviet efforts in anti-gravity.

Note: It is thought the ARL anti-gravity studies ended in 1970 with the passage of the Mansfield Amendments, which limit military funding of research that lack a specific military function.

Some of the research looks to have been moved to the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (see June 1972).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - May 1957 — U.S. civilian organization NICAP is told a fake UAP crash story in Everglades, FL. The source is an Associated Press employee and “former Signal Corps engineer” with ties to the NSA, who admits to faking the story but provides no motive.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 September 1957 — Dir. of Air Force Intelligence Gen. Millard Lewis advised the multi-agency “Watch Committee” responsible for monitoring Soviet I&W that a UAP monitored on radar between New York and Illinois traveling Mach 3 (twice that of the world airspeed record in 1957) was a weather phenomenon. Lewis delivered his conclusion one day after the event despite admitting an investigation was incomplete, and despite White House interest in the matter.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 November 1957 — Guards at the Atomic Energy Commission’s Pantex Plant in Amarillo, TX report three flashing objects 50 feet above the ground before landing on Farin Road 2373. Guards attempted to approach but the “things would slip away from them when they got near,” and they were “all shook up.” Neither AEC nor the DOE have ever declassified any information related to this event.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1958 — An anonymous “military source” tells Linda Moulton Howe that a UAP was purposefully landed in the southwest corner of Hill AFB and the door was left open for USAF personnel to take custody of.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1958 — Before the creation of NASA and the start of the Mercury program, the Air Force sponsors a project named “Man-In-Space-Soonest” (MISS). MISS contracts Lockheed to build a spacecraft for a single astronaut, but it is canceled when manned spaceflight is turned over to NASA at the orders of President Eisenhower. Interestingly, USAF still contracts Lockheed to build the
MISS craft and the USAF hires Itek Corp. to build a high-powered camera system for the craft.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1958 — The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) begins supporting anti-gravity research as part of its Science for Peace and Security (SPS) grant mechanisms that continue to this day.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1958 — The US Air Force commissions a special studies group within Air Force Intelligence headed by Stefan Possony to analyze a book written by Nazi Maj. Rudolf Lusar, commanding officer of German Army technical unit in WWII. Lusar claims Nazi scientists were working on jet engines and thermal imaging a decade before the West. Lusar also claims German scientists were working on direct energy weapons and sound weapons, and also “flying saucers.”

Lusar claims Germany began developing saucer technology in 1941 with scientists Schriever, Habermohl, Miethe and Italian engineer Bellonzo/Belluzzo. Lusar claims German saucer technology were developed in Breslau, Poland and Prague, Czechoslovakia and once achieved an altitude of 12,400m and a speed of 2000 km/hr.

Note: Author Nick Cook evaluated the claims in Lusar’s book and finds mixed corroboration, particularly the existence of Schriever and Belluzzo. Schreiver worked for Heinkel Aircraft Company, the developer of the world’s first jet-powered fighter, the He 280; Belluzo was an industry minster in Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini’s cabinet and once wrote of
disc-shaped “flying bomb” technology passed on to Germany.

Schriever also made comments to West German media in 1950 that a flying machine he worked on at a Heinkel facility at Marienehe would have changed the course of the war.

Lusar claimed Miethe was taken to Wright-Patterson AFB in the US, while Habermohl was allegedly captured by USSR and moved to a Soviet design bureau east of Moscow, but Cook found no corroboration of this.

Note: Cook did however find the existence of a US Army Air Forces files on the German Air Force’s secret weapons program at the Air Force Historical Research Agency at Maxwell Air Force Base, and another copy at the Office of Air Force History at Bolling Air Force Base.

US Office of Technical Services (OTS) was given responsibility of hauling German documentation out of the country post WWII, and one responsive document was found, a memo from Lt. Col. A.R. Sullivan Jr., which stated “balls of fire” and foo fighters (early terms for
UAP) had no connection with information found by OTS in Germany, in documents, interrogations or facility visits.

Raw OTS reports discovered by Cook, though, show a facility in Brunswick was working on radio-controlled craft and discovered by US officials; another facility in Vienna experimented with direct energy weapons; another in Stuttgart used EM to interfere with vehicle motors.

Cook suggests Sullivan’s report may have been falsified to cover-up to shut down further investigation of technology linked to foo fighter/UAP development.

Note: Italian author Renato Vesco, citing Italian sources after WWII, claims saucer technology was developed differently than Lusar claims. Vesco states a craft called the “Feuerball” developed in Oberammergau in Bavaria (OBF) could interfere with Allied craft with intense EM fields. The Kugelblitz was allegedly larger and built in an underground weapons complex in Thuringia aka the Harz. The crafts were shaped like the shell of a tortoise and radio-controlled.

Vesco claims he obtained this information from British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee (BIOS) and US-UK administered Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee (CIOS); others who have access to BIOS/CIOS say no evidence of the Kugelblitz or Feuerball exist in the records.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1958 — Alleged USAF Project Orion used drugs and hypnosis in participants, one of which, John Lilly, came to believe he was in psychic contact with extraterrestrials of the “Earth Coincidence Control Office.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 February 1958 — USAF Director of Information Services Maj. Gen. Arno Luehman writes he had informal discussions with the Senate Committee on Investigating Government Operations that “there is no need” for hearings on the UAP subject. The USAF writes that it is attempting to guide the Subcommittee to issue a statement certifying the Air Force is properly conducting its UAP investigation and not withholding information from the public. These conclusions are reached as a result of informal meetings and zero investigation is performed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 June 1958 — The Air Force briefs Reps. Henderson, Cramer, Magnuson, Walker and their staffs to assist them in dealing with constituent inquiries related to UAP. Briefing notes show the management of “unfavorable public hysteria” was discussed. All parties agree “it would be unwise to give the subject undue publicity, in an open or closed formal Congressional hearing.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 August 1958 — The Air Force briefs the Subcommittee on Atmospheric Phenomena and House Select Committee on Astronautics and Space Exploration. USAF tells Congressmen the greatest threat facing the USG with respect to UAP was civilian organizations “and spectacular news reporting.” The briefing concludes with Rep. Sheldon stating the House Select Committee would take no further interest in UAP.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 October 1958 — USAF Col. William G. Workman writes to AFOSI about a UFO crash near Hunter AFB in Georgia. He denotes Soviet satellites and UFOs as separate debris categories, and states that the letter is classified to “protect official Air Force interest in the recovery of UFOs from unauthorized disclosure.”

Note: This is three years after USAF ATIC informs Congress and the American public that UAP are not advanced craft due to no debris recovery.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 1958 — USN veteran Chester C. Grusinski states during his service on the USS Franklin D Roosevelt, while near Cuba, witnessed a cigar-shaped object orange in color on the deck. Gruskinski states he could see silhouettes through windows in the object, “you could tell they weren’t human.” The object turned red and it “vanished.” After the incident, Grusinski states crew members who discussed the UAP event were transferred. Grusinksi stated later that other USS Roosevelt veterans met at a reunion recalled 8-10 separate UAP events connected with the carrier, which was the first to carry nuclear weapons and the only to carry the hydrogen bomb. Grusinksi says deck logs from 1958-59 were redacted.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 21 December 1958 — A group of 50 commercial airline pilots who have seen UAP tell a reporter the Air Force policy of denial is like “Big Brother.” They say the gag order of talking about sightings by penalty of 10 years in prison or $10,000 fine (JANAP 146) is “nuts.” This policy effectively stopped airline pilots from discussing the UAP air safety issue for decades and lulled Congress, the American public and the airline industry into a false sense of security.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1959 — French scientist “Mr. L” claims to have been requested by the American government to work at WPAFB; he was a former colleague of Lwoff, Monod and Jacob, Nobel Prize winners in 1965 and a Professor at College de France; he claims in 1959 for three months he studied the cellular structure of two tall, twin humanoids stored at WPAFB who were over 7 feet tall, deceased and bore mutations as if they were victims of an accident.

Their heads were intact, they had high brows, long blond hair, and eyes that looked Asiatic, with small noses, small mouths and think lips, with no facial hair; the skin did not have keratin granules and their lymphatic system had taken the place of their circulatory system; eyes were light blue and did not look different from humans and their hands were slender and human like, while their feet were flat; he was sworn to secrecy for ten years and claims the corpses were at WPAFB FTD/TDETR as of 1959.

Note: FTD (TDETR) is in correspondence between Maj. Hector Quintanilla and J. Allen Hynek; it appears to be a code for Project Blue Book.


(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 May 1960 — Residents in Ekuk, AK see a 25 foot silver round object hover near electrical wires and suck up trash cans before dragging them on the ground in a swirling motion.

USAF Thomas M. Conrow interviews witnesses and says there is “no logical explanation,” but Project Blue Book classifies the UAP as a weather balloon to debunk the sighting. Records show the UAP traveled against the wind.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 June 1960 — Former CIA director Adm. R. H. Hillenkoetter states in a newspaper that UAP flying saucers are “operating under intelligence control,” and they’re not U.S. or Russian. Hillenkoetter states the Air Force is not telling U.S. citizens the truth about UAP.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1960 — USAF Airman 3rd Class Larry W. Rogers, 3926th Air Police Squadron K-9, states he saw a half dozen glowing UAP while stationed at Ben Guerir Air Base, Morocco. Rogers states jet fighters from Zaragoza AFB, Spain were scrambled and began interacting with the lights. “The UFOs suddenly began moving around really quickly and erratically.” After the event, Rogers said he and a few companions who saw the event were told to get into an Air Force sedan, driven to the headquarters building, put into different rooms and debriefed. Rogers said they may have been OSI but he wasn’t sure; they threatened him, told him not to talk, forced him to sign a non-disclosure statement and shown a regulation “AFR 200-2.”

Note: USAF issued Air Force Regulation 200-2 on 26 August 1953, which restricted UAP reporting procedures and required UAP events to be sent to Air Force Intelligence. It is likely the interrogators were AFOSI, given Rogers recalls seeing AFR 200-2.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1961 — Texas Instruments establishes the Southwest Center for Advanced Studies and later hires I. Robinson, W. Rindler, J. Ehlers and C. Bichteler to work on gravitational physics.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1961 — US Army Col. Phillip J. Corso states when the USAF Foreign Technology Division began, he was put on it and received autopsy reports of what seemed like extraterrestrial bodies, crash reports of UAP craft, and recovered artifacts from crashes.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 February 1961 — Rep. John W. McCormack states the Air Force “has not been giving out all the information it has on UFOs.” A year earlier McCormack, the Senate Preparedness Committee and the House Science and Astronautics Committee were briefed by USAF and told no government agency or department was withholding information on the subject. McCormack’s comments in 1961 suggests he believed he was lied to.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 March 1961 — USAF ATIC is asked by the House Armed Services Subcommittee how the USAF can improve UAP sightings. ATIC states the best solution is to give its primary advisor J. Allen Hynek a raise of $1,000 per year and purchase one new polaroid camera and one new geiger counter for field work. It also recommends raising the count of commissioned officers working on UAP from 1 to 2.

Note: It is questionable that these meager improvements were the best the USAF could do in response to the Congressional inquiry.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 June 1961 — An alleged one page memo from President Kennedy (not using auto signature) to DCI states he requests a review of MJ-12 operations as they related to Cold War psychological warfare plans.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 November 1961 — USAF document “AFCIN-1E-0 Draft Policy” written by Lt. Col. Norman M. Rosner to Col. Betz writes that intelligence team personnel are needed to support Air Force Projects Moon Dust, Blue Fly and “UFO,” and other quick reaction projects. The document gives the 1127th Field Activities Group at Ft. Belvoir responsibility for UAP “collection
responsibilities,” and importantly, divorces these responsibilities from Moon Dust and Blue Fly, described as projects to locate, retrieve and deliver foreign space vehicles.

The document also distinguishes crashed UAP from Soviet/Bloc vehicles, and describes the need for quick reaction recovery teams. For decades after, the USAF continued to rely on the conclusions of Special Report No. 14 to debunk UAP, which stated no compelling physical evidence had ever been recovered from UAP, despite debris collection teams existing.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1962 — Ufologist Richard H. Hall claims a “former Project Blue Book chief,” possibly Lt. Col. Robert J. Friend, tells him gun-camera films from jet encounters with UAP are regularly sent to the CIA’s National Photographic Interpretation Center. The source alleges key evidence is being held by NPIC and the existence of the films are not acknowledged.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1962 — USNR test pilot “PJ” states he saw a saucer at WPAFB in 1962 while attached to the 354th TAC Fighter Wing deployed to WPAFB on a hurricane evacuation from Myrtle Beach AFB. He and five men walked through the base looking for a gym and entered the Special Services Hangar and burst through the doors only to see an air police sentry with a sub-machine gun guarding a 12-15 foot by 8 foot object saucer with no rivets, roped off, guarded by eight guards. The guard told them “I don’t think you’re supposed to be here, Sir,” to which they left and believed the US developed flying saucers.

When he returned to Myrtle Beach AFB he was debriefed by his Brig. Gen. and was told he broke security, asked if he saw anything (to which he replied nothing), to which the Brig. Gen. Said “You have the right answer to the question.” PJ had a TS clearance that allowed him to fully research gaining valuable insight otherwise impossible. PJ was puzzled by the lack of security and wasn’t in a test facility, suggesting that it was near the flight line because it had just arrived or was awaiting deployment.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 October 1962 — DOD Assistant Secretary Arthur Sylvester says withholding UAP evidence is necessary if the means justify it, citing AFR 11-30 where withholding information “in the public interest” is allowed and AFR 11-7 which states information requested by Congress may not be furnished “even in confidence.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - January 1963 — USAF Sgt. Dan Sherman is told that in this month, the first “embryo” was produced under Project Preserve Destiny that aimed to develop people with “intcomm” (intuitive communications) abilities to community with non-human intelligence.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - Late 1963 — Launch Officer Jerome C. Nelson states while at Walker AFB, NM, he was on duty at Atlas Site 9 under the 579th Strategic Missile Squadron. He states in an affidavit he saw a fully illuminated round UAP hovering silently over the site shining a spotlight onto it. After five minutes it left. Following the event, Nelson states a report was made to AFOSI, but he only learned about this decades later from technician Bob Caplan. Nelson does not understand why neither he nor his missile commander were told about OSI’s presence at the base.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 April 1964 — An unnamed airman allegedly walks into a clothing store in Alamogordo, NM and states a UFO is in a hanger under guard at Holloman AFB. That same day, a B-57 pilot at Holloman AFB radios the control tower and states he sees an egg shaped UAP with an insignia on the side on the ground; a ham radio operator claims to have heard the exchange. Holloman denies the sighting. Two days later, the airman returns to the clothing store and denies his claims.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - September 1964 — Maj. Florence J. Mansmann states he studied Top Secret film at Vandenberg AFB, CA of a UAP shoot-down of a dummy nuclear warhead as it traveled to Kwajalein Atoll over the Pacific Ocean on this date. Mannsman states the CIA confiscated the film. The event is corroborated by Lt. Robert M. Jacobs, who was in charge of filming the test flight. Both men state the UAP was a domed, disc shaped craft that pivoted on its vertical axis before emitting four beams of light onto the warhead. The UAP then left camera frame, and the warhead tumbled and fell into the ocean short of its target.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 10 December 1964 — “AK,” a PFC on guard duty at the Motor Pool at Fort Riley, KS claims on this date he and other guards were ordered to hike a half mile across an open field while a searchlight beam from an overhead Huey was focused ahead on a “large round object” resting on the ground; the air was warm near the craft, it had impacted the soil and stood at a tilt, was perfectly round and shaped like a hamburger bun; in the middle of the craft at its equator was a black band made up of squares, and a fin-like device protruded from one end.

AK states there were no smells, vibrations or power coming from it and he was not aware of any life inside the craft; he went back to his barracks later that night and was not aware of any bodies recovered.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - Late 1964 — USAF Lt. Col. Philip E. Moore states that while at Walker AFB, NM, he was on duty in one of the 579th Strategic Missile Squadron’s underground Atlas ICBM launch control capsules. Moore was at 579 Site 7 when he and his commander Maj. Dan Gilbert got a call from 579 Site 6 or Site 8, south-southeast of Roswell, NM, that a UAP was hovering over their location. It would hover, rapidly leave, and then return. The hovering was reported by crew as “instantaneous” movement from Site 6 to Site 8 and back, repeatedly.

Though Moore states he was never told not to talk about it, in 2005, he stated: “I personally believe that there is something to the UFO-ICBM connection. I know the Air Force covers up when it feels the official need. UFOs over ICBM sites could be one of those official needs.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 May 1965 — Jacques Vallée states a Martin Marietta engineer visited him and became upset when someone present saw some of his papers they should not have.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 31 July 1965-2 August 1965 — A declassified USAF memo shows UAP activity at F. E. Warren AFB’s missile sites. Written by Col. Donald W. Johnson, it states 148 objects were reported by 143 personnel.

Additional testimony from launch officer John F. Earnshaw states security personnel described the UAP as oblong from one perspective, disc-like from another, usually red or orange. Earnshaw states, “I heard that AFOSI was debriefing people. OSI was charged with doing whatever the commanders above them wanted done.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 10 December 1965 — An anonymous Air Force security team member at Lockbourne AFB near Columbus, OH states he guarded an object on 10 December 1965 after it arrived from Pennsylvania. He states it was there for the morning and sent to WPAFB. Another source, a truck driver, states he saw a flatbed trailer with an object shaped like a “bell” under a tarp sitting upright.

This matches what witnesses say they saw crashed in Kecksburg, PA on 9 December 1965, a bell shaped object. John Podesta stated in 2003 that it was questionable how the “unexplained crash” records were not released by NASA.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 January 1966 — Two surveyors are taking readings at China Lake Naval Ordnance Test Station (now Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake) see a UAP flying straight at them from the north. It passes overhead less than 150 feet, dives smoothly, turns east and comes within 10 feet of the ground before flying over the horizon. The surveyors say it is traveling at 150mph, dull black, quiet and its presence interfered with their radio. They also have a theodolite and notice the gravity reference indicator exhibits an “odd” change.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 April 1966 — Rep. Gerald R. Ford states the Air Force assured him an upcoming scientific study on UAP (what would become the Condon Committee) would not be connected “in any way” with the Air Force. Ford was dissatisfied with Project Blue Book and was seeking an independent analysis.

This assurance was later revealed to be untrue, as the USAF provided Condon with an “informal liaison” to assist with “certain technical activities” to analyze cases, a declassified memo shows.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 April 1966 — USAF Maj. Hector Quintanilla tells the House Armed Services Committee that Project Blue Book had “no radar cases which are unexplained.”

Declassified records show this is a lie, as the Project was cataloging at least one radar “unknown” per month in its first year alone. Blue Book scientific advisor J. Allen Hynek later corroborated this, providing several radar unidentifieds such as 1951 Goose Bay, 1956 Lakenheath and 1957 Shreveport.

Hynek also noted Quintanilla’s deception in a book written six years later.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 21 July 1966 — The FBI tells multiple U.S. citizens UAP is not and “never has been a matter that is within [its] investigative jurisdiction.” This contradicts many now declassified files including a 1957 memorandum where SAC Kansas City writes the FBI Director about a film of a UAP taken by a U.S. citizen, suggesting it be retrieved, sent to HQ and coordinated with AFOSI. The FBI also admits in a 1952 memo that it did “conduct some investigations regarding flying saucers,” but reached an agreement with USAF to refer cases to them on 27 September 1947.

Note: A 4 February 1948 memo from USAF Capt. Richard W. Guess states USAF commanders are charged with evaluating incidents, but they’re to be passed to local FBI offices. FBI seems to have had an ongoing relationship with USAF where UAP data was passed between local offices and USAF. One example of this is on 15 May 1952 where FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover writes AFOSI about flying discs seen above an AEC facility in South Carolina.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23 July 1966 — Jacques Vallée states he and colleagues received a letter from an aerospace engineer asking them to send their 20 best cases to a “mysterious group of scientists” from Wright Field. This was not Project Blue Book but something else.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1966 — A radar technician, the father of “Paul” in Michigan, claims he witnessed a disc crash at a radar facility affiliated with Area 51 in Cedar City, Utah.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1966-1967 — Ret. USAF pilot Warren Botz in 1966 and journalist Jack D. Pickett in 1967 state they see USAF-decaled flying disc craft with tail fins at MacDill AFB.

Pickett and his business partner Harold Baker claim they were invited to MacDill to write about USAF experimental aircraft and were shown four decommissioned “X-planes,” all discs, measuring 20, 40, 70 and 116 feet in diameter. Pickett and Baker say they interviewed base personnel who said the discs were developed in the 1950s for reconnaissance purposes, had supersonic capabilities and reached the edge of space.

Note: Eighteen years earlier, a NACA (predecessor to NASA) employee saw a disc with tail fin in Oregon cataloged by Project Grudge.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1967 — Source “AF” claims his brother Pete saw a saucer in a hangar at Naval Air Base in Yuma, AZ in 1967; he states Pete took photos, got into trouble and went AWOL and fled to Mexico. AF later states Pete was approached by an “agency” and wants to avoid attention.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1967 — McDonnell Douglas Corporation physicist Robert M. Wood states he is assigned the task of exploring breakthroughs in gravity propulsion. The project includes laboratory evaluation of hypotheses, field observations and examination of UAP literature. Four full-time and three part-time employees make up the project code-named BITBR (Boys in the Back Room).

Wood meets James E. McDonald and USAF Project Blue Book advisor J. Allen Hynek through his work. Wood recommends BITBR be canceled in 1969 due to little technological payoff.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 March 1967 — USAF Lt. Gen. Hewitt T. Wheless writes a memo about “Impersonations of Air Force Officers,” which states men in uniform are approaching U.S. citizens who have seen UAP and told them not to talk about the sighting and they did not see what they thought they saw. The memo requests any sightings of these men to be sent to AFOSI. One U.S. citizen, Rex Heflin, claimed a man with a badge from NORAD confiscated his photos of a flying disc.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 July 1967 — Marine “RT” with Alpha Red TS Crypto Clearance states he was at a CR site in 1967 where he departed from Camp Pendleton to a retrieval site “somewhere in the desert” on 3 July 1967. When he landed there were tents and a pre-fab hangar and at the site were men in fatigues without insignia. RT was assigned guard duty. RT states he looked inside the hangar and saw a metallic disc with a dome on top with no windows, around the craft were men at work and tables with technical instruments. A large walk-in refrigerator unit on skids had several empty body bags.

RT states he was seen looking into the tent, escorted to the officer in command Col. “P”, USAF Medical Corps, reminded of his Security Oath and confined to his quarters before being sent back to Pendleton for punishment. RT states when he called APRO about the CR he began receiving threats, he was visited by an intelligence agent and reminded of his Security Oath, his apartment was pillaged on 21 July 1980, visited on 22 July 1980 and threatened where RT performed a citizen’s arrest with a gun and the police booked the man before another man in a “limousine” showed the police their credentials and he was released.

On 28 July 1980 RT states he was visited by a man dressed in black who offered to exchange UFO information and it was the last call made. The visitor’s ID allegedly said CIA. After his admissions RT then got a job at the AEC and stopped telling his story of the CR.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1968 — M.S. Cahn and G.M. Andrew of Northrop Norair publish a paper on Electroaerodynamics in Supersonic Flow, suggesting Northrop was researching methods to reduce the
drag of an aircraft by creating an electrostatic field around the craft. “Dan Marckus,” a pseudonym for a source in the British aerospace industry, states in 2002 that the Pentagon pulled the paper and “made it disappear.” Marckus suggested the B-2 Spirit utilized an electrostatic field around the aircraft to reduce drag, something that still has not been publicly admitted.

Note: “Marckus” suggests early efforts at drag reduction through electrogravitics may have developed into more robust antigravitic programs later, almost assuredly done in the black. He argues the fact that white world research on the issue stops in the 1960s suggests it was advanced.

This method is the same Thomas Townsend Brown proposed in the 1950s (see 1952), what Franklin Mead (see June 1972) at Edwards AFB pursued for decades, what Hal Puthoff (see 2002) suggested a black budget program utilizes, and what Mark McCandlish testified (see 9 May 2001) was used to develop USG recreations of UAP craft.

Note: One of the only open source books discussing electrogravitics for aerospace purposes was authored by Thomas Valone, a former patent examiner at the USPTO and co-founder of the Integrity Research Institute. [rg: Also see books/presentations by physicist Paul Laviolette]

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1968 — A study from Frank Rand, Arthur Lundahl, Gen. James Stewart, Brockway McMillan and Kelly Johnson for President Lyndon B Johnson states there is no doubt UAP exist and are under control; there may have well been some “harmless probes” sent to Earth from other civilizations “beyond our solar system.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 February 1968 — USAF chief reconnaissance scientist at MITRE Corporation, F. Robert Naka, tells Robert Low that NORAD radars track UAP “coming in from outer space.” He states NORAD has already tracked such objects.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - March 1968 — The Defense Intelligence Agency monitors a crashed “circular metal disc” recovered in Nepal. Four months later, a State Dept. cable subject line “Moon Dust” (referring to a covert USAF Project Moon Dust at the time to recover space debris) writes to the DIA, 1127th at Ft. Belvoir, WPAFB, Andrews AFB and MacDill AFB that a diplomatic visit to Kathmandu was a “fishing expedition” for info on “space objects.”

Another cable shows the Royal Nepali Army showed photos of four space objects to U.S. officials, and Nepal’s defense secretary asked the U.S. if it had determined the origin of one object. A possible cover story of a crashed satellite is given, despite NORAD and NASA data showing the Cosmos 208 satellite launched in March 1968 was a success.

Note: The presence of the 1127th on the cable corroborates the USAF document “AFCIN-1E-0 Draft Policy” dated 13 November 1961 that states the 1127th Field Activities Group at Ft.
Belvoir had responsibility for recovery of foreign space vehicles under Projects Moon Dust, Blue Bly and UFO. That document distinguishes UAP recovery from crashed Soviet/Bloc vehicles and describes the need for quick reaction teams. The above cable suggests the 1127th monitored and possibly attempted to retrieve the circular metal disc in Nepal.

Note: The presence of MacDill AFB on the cable is potentially significant because the location is linked to rumors of housing four reverse engineered flying disc craft with tail fins witnessed by ret. USAF pilot Warren Botz in 1966 and journalist Jack D. Pickett in 1967. Curiously, 18 years earlier, a NACA (predecessor to NASA) employee saw a disc with tail fin in Oregon cataloged by Project Grudge.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 November 1968 — The Condon Committee, funded by the USAF, releases an extensive report on 90 UAP sightings to the National Academy of Sciences and later to the American public. It concludes “nothing has come from the study of UFOs” in the last two decades and further study “cannot be justified.” Project Blue Book scientific advisor J. Allen Hynek later wrote the Committee ignored key evidence and could not explain over a quarter of the cases examined.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1969 — A former intelligence officer tells Jacques Vallée the National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST) once conducted an investigation into UAP as early as 1943 under Hugh L Dryden, which also looked into German research into jet aircraft. They were already aware UAP interfered with combustion engines due to EM effects.

Dryden later joined NACA and then NASA; Dryden told the House Appropriations Committee that someone named “Doolittle” told him UAP didn’t exist.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 October 1969 — A Chilean informant claims a Chilean Navy destroyer witnessed six objects that approached the ship, one larger than the destroyer. The objects were cube and egg-shaped, and electromagnetic interference was reported. The next morning, the ship arrived in Valparaiso, Chile, four U.S. naval attaches spoke with the Chilean officers on duty the night before, were told they didn’t see anything and interrogated for two days until they signed NDAs. Source claims they were threatened if they ever spoke about it.

Note: Publisher of this account, to whom the Chilean source spoke to, was an Australian ufologist of reasonable quality who had vetted AU govt. sources properly previously.


(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1970 — Author William Torbitt (a pseudonym for David Copeland, a lawyer in Waco, TX) claims several intelligence community sources give him information on a group running counterintelligence operations for advanced aerospace (and possibly UAP-related) projects: the Defense Industrial Security Command and a CIA front company located in Switzerland Permindex. Torbitt claims DISC’s offices are at 3990 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH and Redstone Arsenal.

He claims DISC includes the security division of NASA and includes awareness among a tight group of key personnel including J. Edgar Hoover, Wernher Von Braun, William Sullivan, Clay Shaw, and former FBI employee Guy Bannister. It is alleged Permindex is aware of advanced UAP projects and protects them with surveillance and intimidation, and possibly, assassination.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 April 1970 — Internal McDonnell Douglas documents state Project Skylite was a pitched effort to replicate UAP observables that didn’t materialize. The term “DFO” or “Douglas Flying Object” is given as a reference to the concept of creating a craft that mimics UAP behavior. Bob Wood, Chan Thomas, Paul Wilson, Joe Brown and Stanton Friedman are all names attached to the proposed project that ultimately received no funding.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - January 1971 — Author Preston Nichols claims he begins working for AIL-Eaton, a defense contractor on Long Island. He claims he begins working on a series of exotic
projects at Camp Hero in Montauk, NY, which allegedly did some experiments at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Note: Brookhaven is linked to claims of a UAP crash on 24 November 1992 with little corroborating information. A MUFON report at the time suggested a video showed a large fire of an unknown object, large parts being driven away on flatbeds, special access by Brookhaven personnel, county police turned away by men in black jumpsuits and multiple eyewitness testimony of lights flying erratically over the crash site.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - January 1971 — Alleged AIL-Eaton contractor Preston Nichols claims experiments in consciousness manifestation began at Camp Hero, culminating with the “Montauk Chair,” which could change thought into reality. Nichols claims Project Phoenix III worked on time travel aspects of consciousness manifestation, and teleportation to other locations began in 1982. Nichols claims Project Rainbow began in 1983 and accidentally manifested an entity that destroyed some of the base and its personnel, thereby ending psychic operations at Camp Hero.

Note: Nichols made these allegations in a book in 1992 with no independent sourcing. Over the next decade, Duncan Cameron, Steward Swerdlow and Al Bielek claimed to have been participants in Montauk activities too, though none provided any proof. Somewhat dubiously, all claim to have “remembered” what happened at the facility after they began communicating.

Later, Bielek began to claim he and Cameron served in the Philadelphia Experiment (see April 1956) and that he time traveled to the 1980s to work on the Montauk programs. Bielek changed his story several times and there is no proof he was ever in the US Navy as he claims.

Uri Geller does “corroborate” the existence of a Project Phoenix at the facility.

Note: Lawyer Andrew Basiago claims he was experimented on in a DARPA Project Pegasus that utilized the “Montauk chair” to view different scenes in time. He has provided no evidence of these claims.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June/July 1971 — U.S. Navy Yeoman Third Class James M. Kopf is on the USS John F. Kennedy in the Caribbean Sea completing an Operational Readiness Exercise when communications messages begin coming in garbled. Ship radar, compasses and electrical systems then stop working. Kopf and others go outside and see a large, pulsating orange sphere sitting silently above the ship. It lasts for about 20 minutes. Two days later, commanding officer Capt. Ferdinand B. Koch tells the crew certain events are to be considered classified.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - May 1972Project Blue Book scientific advisor J. Allen Hynek writes that Blue Book was a “cover up” and that the UAP problem was “glossed over.” Hynek said he felt his hands were tied, and if he complained, the USAF and Pentagon would pull his access to case files as retribution.

Hynek also writes he suspected Blue Book was a “front” for a more classified investigation, stating he was told to drop one case and told by higher-ups “not to pursue the matter further.” This is significant because for decades the USAF used Blue Book’s conclusions to debunk UAP to the American public and Congressional inquiries.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June 1972 — An ad hoc group with Franklin Mead, Senior Aerospace Engineer with the Air Force Aerospace Research Laboratories, is editor of a technical report on Project Outgrowth at the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Library at Edwards Air Force Base. An entire chapter of the report is devoted to Antigravity Propulsion, utilizing the concepts of gravitational screens and a unified field theory.

Hardware described is “theoretical,” but specifies that it is worth it to determine which materials/metamaterials might change the amplitude and direction of gravitational fields. “No new or radical change in fundamental physics [is] required,” it writes.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June 1972 — Ingo Swann meets Hal Puthoff and participates in a remote viewing magnetometer experiment with SRI and three months later the CIA awards SRI a $50,000 contract.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 October 1972 — Jacques Vallée states Hal Puthoff mentioned a former colleague of Puthoff’s at the NSA told him a “fresh study” of UAP was secretly underway. Puthoff subsequently put Vallee in touch with Howell McConnell; on 21 February 1973, Puthoff mentioned he met officials in Washington in a position to discover the “true state of affairs.” Puthoff stated by late 1973 he identified the leader of a CIA UAP group that monitored the field.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 October 1972 — Jacques Vallée writes that that NSA official Howell McConnell told him he’d heard an office at WPAFB conducted secret analyses of UAP even after Blue Book ended; he stated he heard the office confiscates evidence.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - May 1973 — USAF Col. William T. Coleman and Col. George Weinbrenner allegedly meet with Hollywood documentary filmmaker Robert Emenegger and producer Allan Sandler and encourage them to make a documentary on UAP and its extraterrestrial origin. They are told they’ll have the government’s full cooperation and exclusive access to classified footage of a UAP landing in 1971 at Holloman AFB, NM. Coleman and Weinbrenner claim the film shows “alien visitors” and their meeting with members of the U.S. government. Emenegger is told there are multiple extraterrestrial groups and the military is monitoring at least one other group the Holloman entities don’t know about. After pre-production, permission to use the landing film is withdrawn.

Note: This story is alleged but if true, highlights the Air Force’s attempts to shape public opinion through mass media and possibly “disclose” UAP on the USAF’s terms in 1973. It is curiously similar to meetings with USG officials, Lockheed Martin personnel and Clinton campaign personnel in 2016. Those meetings led to the formation of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science with former USG employees and contractors from the intelligence community in 2017 whose release of three UAP videos shaped mass media.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June 1973 — Great Lakes Naval Base instructor RK states a UAP was shot down by the US Navy with a surface to air missile, retrieved from the ocean and taken in secret by rail to the Great Lakes Naval Base under heavy guard. RK states he guarded the object in Chicago and it was shot down in the Pacific; it was in a large quonset hut. While on guard, he was approached by an officer in a jeep who handed him a sealed envelope for the Commandant in the hut, to which he saw a metallic craft, 30 feet long and 10 feet high resting on a wooden platform.

It was light silvery blue and shimmering, tapered like a tear drop with a flange running along its topside from one end to the other and there were no windows. RK states he heard it was shot down by a missile between Hawaii and the mainland in June 1973, and was picked up on a destroyer’s radar and made three close passes. RK states he heard the object was retrieved by a Glomar Explorer, shipped to Hawaii, and then sent Stateside and to Chicago.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 1973 — Sgt. Michael D. Jenkins, 96th Security Police Squadron at Dyess AFB, TX worked security over nuclear-armed B-52 bombers. The base had a nuclear weapons storage area as well. Jenkins states he and his squadron were ordered to draw arms from the armory and patrol after a large spherical UAP was seen over the weapons storage area. Jenkins states he heard an order to “move it out of the area,” afterward hearing gunfire and seeing a “streak of bluish-white light moving at high speed” out of the base. “It was the UFO getting out of there,” he states. Jenkins and others were told not to speak about the incident under penalty of court-martial.

Jenkins states the next day he saw a Top Secret teletype that chemical analysis had been done on a thin, strand-like physical substance recovered outside on the base property. Neither Congress nor the American people at the time were aware that physical evidence was being recovered after UAP events.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 October 1973 — Civilians Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker claim they see an oval UAP and are taken aboard the craft by “robots” for examination near the Pascagoula River in
Mississippi. Hickson refused to take a polygraph, but former Project Blue Book advisor J. Allen Hynek stated the testimony was sincere.

Parker claims his father once worked for the Atomic Energy Commission near Area 51, and the sighting occurred near a shipyard managed by Ingalls Shipbuilding, then owned by Litton Industries, creator of advanced space suits for the USAF and NASA. The appearance of the alleged entities Hickson and Parker saw may match the description of advanced experimental suits Litton was designing at the time. Was this event a military test of some kind using “UAP abduction” as a cover?

Note: AFOSI counterintelligence officer Richard C. Doty states the 7602nd Air Intelligence Group at Fort Belvoir, VA conducted psychological operations on U.S. citizens who inadvertently saw classified aerospace projects at the installation. Doty states the 7602nd would stage UAP/alien abductions and/or interactions to traumatize civilians near the base who witnessed USG or USG contractor projects. Was the Pascagoula event an early example of a similar “mi-lab” phenomena?

Note: The term “milab” is used by ufologists and popular culture to describe a similar phenomena reported by some witnesses.

Note: Northrop Grumman acquired Litton Industries in 2000, but any UAP work could have spun off from Litton earlier. For example, Litton split some operations off into Western Atlas in 1994. It is unknown if Litton did any work for advanced UAP related projects, where that work would have been housed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 October 1973 — Hal Puthoff tells Jacques Vallée there was a “secret” UAP project that called him from time to time to see if RV could help find UAP bases; he added “they have an official charter,” and said it was run by someone named “David M.” Hal later said the unit was being disbanded because of “current events.” Puthoff later told him a “biologist” was in charge of the effort at the CIA that David M used to run, states a Mary S. was involved too.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 December 1973 — Sen. Barry Goldwater states he was denied access to UAP information at Wright-Patterson AFB when specifically asking about a “room” where it was stored. Goldwater says he was told by USAF Gen. Curtis LeMay cussed him out and said “don’t ever ask me that question again.”

Note: A FOIA response by the USAF shows a film of a “Blue Room” rumored to be associated with UAP had been destroyed eight years earlier.

Note: Gen. Curtis LeMay was allegedly present at a close encounter between a F-89J Scorpion and a 30 feet object with four blue-white lights at James Connally AFB. The object almost collides with the plane before flying straight up at abrupt speed before disappearing at 90,000 feet altitude.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1974 — A Sgt. X claims he was told by a retired US Army official at Camp San Luis Obispo that information of a crashed saucer and recovered occupants would be released by the USG within three months; Leonard Stringfield claims he heard other sources tell him that an announcement was expected in late 1974, possibly by President Gerald Ford and the President of France Giscard d’Estaing; Walter Andrus of MUFON stated he was told to join Allen Hynek of CUFOS in Chicago in a press conference if official word was made; it never occurred.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1974 — Kit Green states that as early as 1974 with CIA life sciences, he worked with Uri Geller and nuclear scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; these individuals saw orbs in their homes, entities, etc.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 February 1974 — Jacques Vallée states he met Kit Green and discussed Green’s connections in the Executive branch and IC that were interested in UAP; Vallee noted he could not tell J. Allen Hynek because Puthoff asked Vallee not to share anything.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - March 1974 — A large self-illuminated object hovers above the Romeo-29 launch facility at the Malmstrom AFB Romeo Flight missile alert facility near Brady, MT. A missile launch officer with the 564th Strategic Missile Squadron reports a nuclear missile countdown is started, and the officer flips the “inhibit” switch to turn the system offline. The system then restarts spontaneously and the missile again goes into launch mode; the officer’s next “inhibit” order doesn’t work. Fortunately, the launch code is false and the missile remains in its pad.

The UAP then moves away from Romeo-29 vertically at high speed. An F-106 attempts to intercept but is unsuccessful and Malmstrom AFB radar tracks the UAP. Electronics in Romeo-29 are fried from an electric surge. This event occurred at a time when the USAF was referring Congress and the American public to the findings of Project Blue Book, which concluded UAP were not a national security threat. The Romeo-29 event very clearly was a threat to national security and nuclear war.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 1974 — An employee at government contractor GEC-Marconi claims a break-in occurred one night that month. A guard on duty allegedly suffers a nervous breakdown after claiming to see a non-human being in the secure facility looking through files. A blue light emanated from its helmet and it dematerialized before the guard’s eyes. The employee overhears her supervisor say “We have no way of keeping these beings out. We just don’t know what to do next. If they can get in here, they can get in anywhere.” It is unknown if this event was investigated by British or U.S. authorities considering GEC-Marconi was a key contractor for the USG’s Strategic Defense Initiative “Star Wars program” over the next decade.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 June 1974 — Hal Puthoff relays a message from Kit Green to Jacques Vallée: there is a group of 12 highly placed people in government who have decided to create a focus for the study of UAP.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 June 1974 — Jacques Vallée states he sat down with Kit Green and wondered if their discussions on UAP were a “cover” for the CIA’s “newest gadgets” and he was being disinformed by Green.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 July 1974 — Maj. Dallas van Hoose, Army spokesman at Redstone Arsenal, states “unexplained aerial phenomena” were observed during ballistic missile exercises the previous year. In one incident in August 1973, he stated, Vandenberg AFB launched a Minuteman ICBM to Kwajalein missile range; on its descent at 400,000 feet, radar scanners began tracking a UAP next to the ICBM nose cone. Radar picked up an inverted saucer-shaped object to the right and above the nose cone, and watched it pass in front of the warhead (while maintaining its speed) below and to the left before disappearing. In addition to Maj. Hoose, none of the experts journalists spoke to could explain the event. Ufologist Barry Greenwood later stated he filed FOIA inquiries for records and Vandenberg replied that the records were destroyed and unavailable.

Note: This is a remarkable admission by the Army and suggests that while the Air Force continued to rely on conclusions from Project Blue Book to debunk UAP, other elements of
USG were tracking and making records of UAP events.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 10 December 1974 — Jacques Vallée states Kit Green “reluctantly” told him there was a group of 15 engineers in the Midwest (Vallee assumed McDonnell in St. Louis) that was secretly doing UAP research for the CIA under the cover of “aeronautical research.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 March 1975 — Lt. Col “X” of Carswell AFB states underground facilities and isolated areas of military reservations have squadrons of unmarked helicopters with sophisticated instrumentation on board and are dispatched to areas of UAP activity. He states in the “earlier years” some bodies were taken to WPAFB but later, bodies were taken elsewhere depending on where CR occurred; he states some bodies are being flown to a “secret naval installation” on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

He also states he witnessed a CR in northern New Mexico in 1962, a silver disc that skidded in the ground; he states bodies were small, dressed in silver skin-tight suits and taken to Holloman AFB along with the craft; segments of the craft were then taken to Los Alamos afterwards. A CIA source told ufologist Robert Barry a CR took place in NM the same year.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 March 1975 — Sen. Barry Goldwater writes to a researcher and states UAP information was “still classified above Top Secret” at the time. Goldwater reiterates he was denied access to a room at WPAFB where some information is stored, and states he heard there is a plan to release some if not all of the information in the “near future.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 1975 — Air Force Archives at Maxwell AFB, AL withdraw Project Blue Book files from public access. Some documents deemed embarrassing to the USAF are allegedly destroyed, and redactions are made on the original paper files.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 April 1975 — J. Allen Hynek states Donald Rumsfeld told him at the White House he did “not” have a need to know if there was a secret UAP study somewhere after Blue Book.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 April 1976 — A CIA teletype admits “offices and personnel within the Agency” monitor UAP phenomena, but not on an official basis. The document says the efforts of independent researchers are “vital for further progress,” implying the Agency may have monitored U.S. citizens’ own investigations into UAP.

Four years later, D/NFAC wrote to DCI stating DCI working groups were analyzing unexplained events and Soviet science and technology “enigmas.” An official CIA history of involvement with UAP
downplays Agency interest in UAP in the 1970s and 80s and makes no mention of the Agency’s interest in independent researchers or DCI working groups.

Note: This teletype was written one year after the Senate Church Committee and House Pike Committee began investigating domestic surveillance and domestic propaganda performed by CIA, FBI and NSA in 1975. Despite knowing it was being investigated for abuses, the CIA still wrote in 1976 that U.S. citizens’ investigations into UAP would provide value to its own intelligence collection activities, possibly indicating the Agency was considering further abuses to monitor civilian UAP groups.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1977 — USAF Sgt. M.S. of the 97th Bomber Wing claims while serving at WPAFB in 1977, he made the acquaintance of a Maj. Gen. whose last name begins with the letter “T” assigned for security work in the Logistics Command; his daughter dated M.S. M.S. claims Gen. T. Told him a UAP crashed in the Southwest in 1957, four bodies were recovered and badly burned but their silver spacesuits were not damaged and fused to the flesh, and sent to WPAFB for deep freeze; the heads were larger than the bodies but facial features were erased by the heat; a CR team got into the craft through a fissure in the shell; it was transported by rail using cover as “classified rockets” to WPAFB.

M.S. claims Gen. T showed him a TS document about a UAP landing at Nellis AFB in 1968 reading “Large UFO hovered over Nellis AFB for three days. Three small alien craft were observed separating (or being ejected) from the parent craft. One landed on the Air Base grounds. Sent to greet the landed craft was a Colonel with security detachment properly armed. There was no mention of an attempt to assault the craft. While waiting for a sign of intent, a humanoid was observed to disembark from the UFO craft, which was described as ‘short and stocky.’ Then a beam of light was directed at the Colonel. The Colonel was instantly paralyzed, according to the report. Orders then came from the officer next in command for his troops of the security detachment to fire, but their weapons were mysteriously jammed. The Colonel was recovered and hospitalized.”

Leonard Springfield claims he corroborated the existence of Gen. T. At WPAFB through the Accounting and Finance Section records. Stringfield also claims another Intelligence source corroborated the 1968 Nellis AFB incident.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1977 — Attorney Daniel P. Sheehan at the request of Congressional Research Service researcher Marcia S. Smith claims to visits the Madison Building at the Library of Congress to look at “classified sections of Project Blue Book.” Sheehan claims to see photos of a flying disc embedded in snow surrounded by USAF personnel wearing parkas. Symbols are present on the side of the crashed disc. If true, this contradicts findings of Blue Book delivered to Congress and the American people stating a lack of physical evidence was a key reason why UAP were not worthy of future study.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - November 1977 — USAF Security Alert Team member Mario A. Woods Jr., stationed at Ellsworth AFB, SD, states he flashed a spotlight at a possible UAP to attempt to communicate and it responded. Hours later, Woods and his team partner responded to an penetration alarm on the outer zone of the site, witnessed the UAP at a distance and again directly over the site. It was a red-orange sphere “constantly swirling and churning.”

Woods next states they looked at the object, he felt like he couldn’t breath and looked at his colleague who had a blank stare on his face; he too could not breath. Woods flashed a flashlight at the object and the pressure went away. He next states he sees “something like shadows” outside the vehicle and hears voices in his head “Do not fear” repeatedly. He next sees five or six “small figures” walking toward the vehicle before passing out.

Woods regains consciousness at dawn, after four hours have passed, and he, his team partner and their truck are near Newell Lake, miles from the site. They are found and recovered by Ellsworth personnel and debriefed by AFOSI. Woods was ordered to take a urinalysis and skin samples. Woods states he has two small puncture marks on his skin under his left armpit and above his ankle, and he often has “strange dreams of that night…every time, as something was about to happen or show itself, a great dread came over me. I would awake in a pool of sweat and afraid.” It is unclear if Congress has been made aware of possible abductions of USG personnel and certain the American people have not been made aware of this possibility.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 December 1977 — NASA Chief of Ground Operations Safety writes the NASA Administrator about UAP stating “what could be a piece of a UFO” was examined for over two months at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1978 — Journalist/ufologist John Keel states the CIA had a covert investigation of UAP contactees in the 1960s named Project Windfall; he claimed it was enmeshed in bureaucratic confusion.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1978 — A USAF technician tells Randall Clement that he worked at an underground facility in Colorado Springs, CO and saw the remains of a dismembered and charred alien humanoid.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1978 — USAF officer in Detroit allegedly tells a college student he heard a coded message to another base in Ohio about a crash near the Ohio-Michigan border with two dead bodies and one still alive, retrieved.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 January 1978 — A McDonnell-Douglas engineer tells Jacques Vallée in private he is compiling a new close encounter database; Douglas has an ongoing secret project, well funded, with the blessing and official monitoring of the CIA and they’re discretely connected with major UAP groups. Robert M. Wood headed a project at Douglas at the time.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 January 1978 — An internal NASA memo admits the agency is running a UAP hard evidence analysis program “UFOHEAP” that collects alleged materials from UAP for NASA analysis.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 January 1978 — Alleged USAF Incident/Complaint Form shows a UAP sighting incident and body recovery at Ft. Dix and McGuire AFB. The form states it was distributed to Col. Landon and Brig. Gen. Brown at AFOSI. It states a UAP sighting occurred over Ft. Dix and an “unidentified being had been shot by Dix MPs.” “Some kind of body found” and the area was cordoned off, and recovery teams notified.

Retired USAF Maj. George Filer III claims he was there, the recovery team acted like it had seen that type of incident before, and states he was denied access and never cleared to see photos. He claims he heard that the being was gray/brown with a fat head, long arms and slender body.

Note: In 2002 the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), which had several personnel who would later support the DIA’s AAWSAP/AATIP programs, suggested the Ft. Dix body recovery was a hoax. NIDS Dept. Dir. Colm Kelleher states interviews of several former key McGuire AFB officials found no corroboration of the incident. NIDS suggests the Incident/Complaint form may have been hoaxed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 January 1978 — The State Department replies to a FOIA request for UAP documents that it cannot locate any. On 2 February 1978, the requestor sends the State Dept. one document that was leaked in a periodical to prove UAP-related cables exist. Over the next few years,

other State Dept. cables are declassified by the Defense Intelligence Agency and CIA, suggesting the State Dept. was either circumventing FOIA or poorly executing the FOIA response process.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 June 1978 — Jacques Vallée writes that a call from someone at McDonnell-Douglas told him “they” have an ongoing secret project, well funded, blessed with official
monitoring of the CIA and they’re “discreetly” connected to major civilian UAP groups; they seem to be looking for “exotic alloys.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - August 1978 — Author Leonard H. Stringfield states a military source “Mr. J.J.,” who allegedly served in Nike Missile Air Intelligence (ADCAP), told Stringfield Wright-Patterson AFB, Langley AFB and MacDill AFB held “alien craft,” and claimed UAP projects were conducted at Langley Avon Bombing Range and Seymour-Johnson Navy Training Center. The source claimed WPAFB had a centralized database of these projects. (p12)

Note: Leonard H. Stringfield was a ufologist who published information relayed to him from sources, claiming to be U.S. military. Stringfield was in a position to receive information because he was the “Early Warning Coordinator” for the USAF-contracted Condon Committee between 1967 and 1969. Stringfield began publishing books on the sources’ claims in the 1970s.

Note: Other claims from Stringfield’s alleged sources include:

  • AFOSI interrogated Cecil Tenney after seeing a low level UAP “in distress” at Great Falls AFB
  • Charles Wilhelm claims he did yardwork for a “Mrs. G.,” who allegedly worked in the Foreign Materials Division with a TS clearance at WPAFB in 1940s/1950s; he claimed Ms G. told him her division cataloged thousands of UAP items, photograph and tagging them; there were humanoid bodies stored there; Wilhelm states he saw her ID badge and she told him six months before her passing.
  • Navy specialist James Mitchell claims he had a role to handle confidential film and saw a photo of a small humanoid allegedly killed in a skirmish with USG in Arizona.
  • “Mrs. S.I.” claims her husband Carl was Air Force Police at WPAFB and around 1973 was called to duty in a secret area where he was driven to and blindfolded; he was allegedly ordered to stand guard as scientist viewed three small humanoid bodies.
  • “General T” claimed he saw a TS document that indicated a landing occurred at Nellis AFB in 1968; it allegedly said a large UAP hovered over Nellis for three days; three
    small humanoids ejected from the craft, one of which landed on base grounds; a Colonel with a security detachment greeted the humanoid; a beam of light was shot at the Colonel and he was paralyzed by the humanoid who was described as short and stocky; the security detail allegedly fired but their weapons jammed. Leonard Stringfield knew the name of the Gen. and claims to have confirmed his existence at another base not disclosed.
  • “A.K.” claims he witnessed a UAP landing at Ft. Riley in November 1964.
  • (p8)

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 September 1978 — NASA Associate Administrator for Space Sciences Noel Hinners testifies to the House Committee on Science and Technology with respect to “extraterrestrial intelligence research.” Hinners makes extensive references to the search for ETI using telescopes and the possibility of life somewhere else in the Universe.

Hinners decides not to mention, though, that NASA elected eight months earlier to study physical evidence retrieved from UAP on Earth if presented with it. In fact, it was Hinners himself responsible for a letter sent to Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO that stated NASA would receive “bona fide physical [UAP] evidence.” One year later, a letter to Hinners from a colleague writes the UAP physical evidence program is ongoing, known as “UFOHEAP,” though it seems to be unfunded.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 December 1978 — The United Nations votes 33/426 to establish an agency or department of the UN to study UAP, failing to pass the draft resolution. Former Project Blue Book consultants J. Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallée speak to the UN Special Political Committee, which is not interested in the formal study of UAP. Public records on these meetings show no sitting element of the DOD or U.S. intelligence community spoke in support of the resolution, despite the fact that the Air Force, Navy and NORAD are all on record having monitored UAP events over the prior decade.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 December 1978 — Brad Sparks and Todd Zechel claim the CIA conducted “emergency” studies of UAP in 1952, 1957, 1965 and 1967 in secret utilizing Domestic Contact Service agents during a number of UAP flaps. Zechel and Sparks claim CIA is selectively responding to FOIA requests to avoid releasing all UAP files in its possession.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 December 1978 — Brad Sparks and Todd Zechel also claim the following: CIA officials in charge of the paranomal/extrasensory departments provide covert funding from CIA/DIA “black” slush funds to select UAP researchers through money laundering and cut-outs, and Kit Green issued an “order” to take UAP “off the record” within the IA to prevent Agency interest in the subject from being disclosed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 December 1978 — Rep. Samuel S. Stratton tells the House Armed Services Investigations Subcommittee he is concerned about the “alleged ability of unknown aircraft to penetrate airspace and over above SAC bases, their weapons storage areas, missile sites, and launch control facilities, and the inability of Air Force equipment and personnel to intercept and identify such aircraft. Stratton writes to USAF Maj. Gen. Charles C. Blanton requesting UAP nuclear incident reports, to which USAF Legislative Liaison Joseph J. F. Clark replies that “permanent” UAP files are not maintained.

Note: Documents declassified in the 1990s show USAF Legislative Liaison Joseph J.F. Clark was not being truthful when he replied to Rep. Samuel S. Stratton. Minot AFB and Malmstrom AFB maintained permanent UAP files of SAC base overflights dated 30 August 1966 and 17 March 1967.

Note: A NORAD log released through FOIA in 1977 also shows 33 different UAP nuclear incidents occurred over a two-week period in 1975, which is the sort of information Rep. Stratton was seeking. These events contradict the conclusions of Project Blue Book given to Congress and the American people at the time, which state UAP are not a threat to national security.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1979Project Blue Book scientific advisor J. Allen Hynek states the CIA’s Robertson Panel was concerned of public reaction to UAP, and “handed down” the “unwritten law of the Air Force…don’t rock the boat, play it down, cool it, don’t get the public excited.” Hynek states the USAF purposefully debunked interesting cases as balloons, stars, etc, findings that then made their way to Congress and the public.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1979 — Jacques Vallée states he is “convinced” the USG is still very much involved with UAP, but not limited to collection; it extends into close monitoring of UAP organizations, the staging of false sightings and the leaking of “false” documents.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1979 — Dale Graff ran a smaller RV program at WPAFB, who employed the remote viewer Rosemary Smith (possibly mentioned in the VADM Wilson notes). Graff next moved to the Advanced Concepts Office at the DIA and tabloids suggest he was involved in the “dark side” of psi and ESP programs, including maintaining contact with the human designee of an extraterrestrial living in a subterranean facility near Washington, DC.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1979 — Durward ‘Buddy’ Hack, CPO Radar Observer, claims to have accidentally entered a door of a large hangar that was unguarded at Naval Air Station in Sunnyvale, CA in 1950 and saw a large, round saucer with a row of windows. Haak disappeared with no trace on a flight out of San Diego in 1952, and the story was relayed by his family in 1979.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - February 1979 — Rep. Horace Buckley’s Mississippi House Resolution No. 14 calls for a complete U.S. Senate investigation into UAP. It dies in committee. Lawmakers did not have

access to the USAF’s 1975 SAC base flyover data, nor did they presumably have access to classified NORAD unidentifieds, which may have changed their minds.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 February 1979 — Memo from FBI SAC Albuquerque to FBI Director writes that New Mexico State Police officer Gabe Valdez claims the Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratory are attempting to “cover up” the cattle mutilation phenomenon.

FBI monitors interest in the phenomena from Sen. Harrison Schmitt; documentation suggests Schmitt may have been misled by DOE/LANL as well.

Note: Sen. Schmitt ended up organizing a conference on the cattle mutilations in 1979, hosted by defense contractor BDM Intl. BDM also curiously employed former Dir. of Naval Intelligence RADM Sumner Shapiro, who told NASA engineer Bob Oechsler about reverse engineered UAP shipped to different government laboratories in a conversation in 1989. BDM also hosted the “Advance Theoretical Physics Conference” to study UAP under DOE supervision, see entry 20 May 1985 for more details. It is a natural question as to whether or not Sen. Schmitt’s cattle mutilation conference was able to reach any relevant conclusions given the involvement of a contractor possibly involved in deep black UAP work, possibly unbeknownst to Schmitt.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 April 1979 — Robert Thompson, friend of former USAF Maj. Truman Weaver, states 13 bodies and two saucers are stored at a small air base at Hampton Roads, Virginia “if they have not been moved again.” He states they are in building 18F on the 3rd floor.

Thompson told this to Leonard Stringfield two days after Stringfield asked Weaver about UAP; Weaver gave him the information of Thompson. Thompson stated he heard about the transfer to Hampton Roads from a source in Canada that was now unreachable.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - May 1979 — Former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the CIA, Victor Marchetti, writes that “we have, indeed, been contacted — perhaps even visited — by extraterrestrial beings, and the U.S. government, in collusion with other national powers of the Earth, is determined to keep this information from the general public. He states the CIA does not discuss UAP openly because they are “sensitive activities,” and claims the NSA may have picked up signals intelligence related to crashed UAP. Marchetti states it is a cover-up.

Marchetti also states he heard rumors at high levels of the CIA of “little grey men whose ships had crashed, or had been shot down, being kept on ice by the Air Force Foreign Technology Division at Wright-Patterson AFB.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 June 1979 — Anonymous informant claims in a forested area in southeastern Oregon near the Idaho border, near a hunter campsite, a UAP crash allegedly occurred on this date. The informant was charged with loading crates onto helicopters and by the time he arrived at the crash retrieval, the object had been removed from the deep ruts it created in the Earth and placed on a
semi-trailer covered by a tarp, it looked disc like with a dome; pieces of strange metal had fallen behind the trailer onto the ground dull grayish-brown in color.

After he cleaned up the site and it was evacuated, he was soon “abruptly” transferred to embassy duty in Central America for several months; the informant also states he viewed UAP “artifacts” and bodies at Grafford AFB in Nevada on Thanksgiving weekend in 1973 or 1974 before being abruptly transferred to Guantanamo Base in Cuba for several months.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 August 1979 — Ret. USAF member William Draeger of Austin, TX writes Leonard Stringfield and states he discovered information about a “UFO crash” 30 miles northwest of Del Rio, TX that supposedly occurred in 1950. Draeger states a ret. US Col. claims he saw the crashed craft being “guarded” by Mexican troops; he also claims he called a Mexican Army Gen. who commanded that specific area of the border told him “yes, I know about that…I don’t have any papers or documents to prove it, but due to my position I know about that.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - September 1979 — NORAD replies to a FOIA request for UAP tracking data that a search will require over 18,000 man hours and cost $294,157. Three years later it refuses to waive the fees.


(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 1980 — AFOSI counterintelligence officer Richard C. Doty delivers a forged anonymous letter to U.S. civilian UAP investigative organization APRO. The fake letter claims a Civil Air Patrol cadet Craig R. Weitzel photographed a UAP landing near Pecos, NM. The letter claims Weitzel was soon visited by a man from the Department of Energy contractor, Sandia Laboratories, who told Weitzel the UAP was from Los Alamos National Laboratories and Weitzel shouldn’t have seen it.

The letter also claims crashed UAP are stored at the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage, and that Sandia examined it. Doty later stated the letter was disinformation to see if APRO would be “useful idiots” and admitted AFOSI was targeting U.S. citizens with psychological operations.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 November 1980 — AFOSI counterintelligence officer Richard C. Doty delivers a forged document to physicist and Coast Guard veteran Paul F. Bennewitz. Doty states he was ordered by his superiors to confuse Bennewitz, who had observed an NSA laser project at Kirtland AFB from his own property near the base. Doty convinced Bennewitz what he saw was of paranormal origin, UFOs, and Bennewitz developed delusional paranoia and was committed to a psychiatric hospital as a result of AFOSI’s actions. Sen. Peter Domenici met with AFOSI; existing documentation suggests AFOSI may have also misled Domenici because it did not inform him of the disinformation targeted at Bennewitz.

Note: Doty states he was ordered to create the disinformation. It is unconfirmed, but diaries written by former Blue Book contractor Jacques Vallée state Brigadier Gen. Peter J. Hennessy was the “top guy” above Doty. After Hennessy retired, he was a VP at Battelle.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 November 1980 — U.S. civilian organization CAUS has sued the NSA for UAP documents. Chief Officer of Policy for the NSA, Eugene F. Yeates, writes two affidavits: the first an unclassified version that states the NSA’s UAP documents would compromise national security because they contain sensitive information regarding the interception of foreign communication; the second affidavit classified Top Secret Umbra is for Judge Gerhard A. Gesell, which he can only read with an “in camera” clearance. Judge Gesell sides with the NSA after reviewing the classified affidavit. This affidavit is later declassified with 25% redactions in 2014.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 December 1980 — “Larry W.” writes Leonard Stringfield and claims that while at Arizona State University in 1975, a classmate of his “Mr. DR,” told him he witnessed a UAP “capture or retrieval” in 1968 while in the Army attending intelligence school in a remote desert area of Texas, approximately 50 miles from Big Spring, TX.

One mile from the Army compound was a small 16 acre USAF “facility” too small to be considered a full fledged base; it was restricted, well guarded and patrolled; Larry claims it had a large
metal building and warehouse, 1-2 small guard houses and a nearby concrete helicopter landing pad, with no airstrip or runway, surrounded by an 8 foot chain link fence topped with barbed wire.

He claimed he and other classmates observed unusual activity at the USAF site, which was only entered or existed by blue, officially marked USAF vehicles; large flat-bed trucks entered the warehouse but none to his knowledge ever left; he stated he believed a large underground workshop was set up beneath the warehouse; within months, he received written orders not to observe, talk about or go near the USAF facility; 5-6 of his classmates decided to find out what was going on and tried to enter the facility wearing USAF fatigues, they were not heard from for a month and all but one returned to the school with apparent psychological effects.

Two to three months later after this breach, all Army personnel were restricted to their quarters and windows were blacked out; a small group went to a crawl space in the attic above their bunks and removed some of the roof’s shingles to look out, seeing an “intense twinkling light descending in rapid, jerking movements,” that was changing colors, diminish in intensity and take a shape, before dropping to the ground; “it was in no way a conventional craft,” it was relayed to him; the object was disc shaped with a small bulge on top, the air shimmered around the craft as if it were hot, and no occupants were seen; USAF personnel surrounded the object when it landed; the next morning the area was clear.

DR states in 1971 he was warned by a Col. not to mention anything about UAP and Big Springs

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1980s Undefined — The fake USG document AFOSI counterintelligence officer Richard C. Doty delivers to Bennewitz makes its way to the American public and is the subject of various books and media. Doty redirects attention away from AFOSI’s surveillance of U.S. citizens interested in UAP by claiming “NASA” investigated Bennewitz. It was later admitted the NSA investigated Bennewitz and Doty changed the description in the fake document.

Note: AFOSI’s actions against U.S. citizens reduced trust in government among the domestic population over time, fueled anti-government conspiracy theories in popular media, and caused great confusion over who and what controlled access to UAP information after Project Blue Book.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1980s — AFOSI counterintelligence officer Richard C. Doty states the 7602nd Air Intelligence Group at Fort Belvoir, VA conducted psychological operations on U.S. citizens who inadvertently saw classified aerospace projects at the installation. Doty states the 7602nd would stage alien abductions and/or interactions to traumatize civilians near the base who witnessed USG or USG contractor projects.

Note: The term “milab” is used by ufologists and popular culture to describe a similar phenomena reported by some witnesses.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 1980 — Sunn Classic Pictures releases the film Hangar 18 about a cover-up following a crashed UAP in Arizona; the craft in the story is taken to the fictional “Wolf AFB” in Texas where it is analyzed. The occupants are described as near-human and match a similar story told to Linda Moulton Howe by AFOSI counterintelligence agent Richard Doty at Kirtland AFB three years later.

Sunn Classic Pictures was established in 1971 by the Schick Razor Company, of which Patrick J Frawley was a co-founder with significant creative input.

Frawley was a knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), a Roman Catholic order with ties to the CIA and former CIA directors who served as knights including William Casey and John McCone. Frawley was also connected to the American Security Council as a member and donor, a military lobbying organization with membership of James Angleton, Nathan Twining and Douglas MacArthur, among others. Of note, Col. Philip Corso, who claimed UAP programs quietly encouraged film production for disclosure purposes, was a Shickshinny Knight of Malta, a breakaway group from SMOM.

Sunn also produced In Search of Noah’s Ark in 1976 at a time when the CIA was investigating Mt. Ararat as a location of the Ark (and mention Ararat in the film), The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena about psi and TK during the predecessor programs of Project Star Gate and The Outer Space Connection, a film about the ancient alien hypothesis.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1981 — Lawyer Andrew Basiago claims he served in a DARPA Project Pegasus in the 1970s which utilized time travel technologies to view different segments of human history. Basiago claims beginning in 1981-1983, he and William B. Stillings worked in a building at 999 N. Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo, CA operated by Hughes Aircraft. Basiago claims there is a “jump room” at this location that allowed for full teleportation of humans to a network of different jump rooms.

Note: Basiago reiterates these claims in public media and in a signed affidavit alleging Project Pegasus gave the DOD foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks. Basiago claims knowledge of the “Montauk chair” (see 1971) and suggests programs utilize “time viewing” technology for intelligence purposes and a secret space program utilizes teleportation technology far advanced beyond those in the open source.

Note: In the open source, quantum teleportation was first proposed in 1993 and achieved in 1997. Most recently, researchers have teleported information between atoms dozens of kilometers apart and have transferred information between clouds of gas atoms. A recent study at University of California also suggested human brains were ready for teleportation due to a unique natural behavior of the hippocampus. Still, Basiago’s claims are astounding and suggest teleportation technology in the black is hundreds of years ahead of open source, if true, though they may very well be false claims.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1982 — The daughter of “YR” states he worked for General Electric and accepted a contract job at WPAFB, where he and his assistant were taken by limousine, blindfolded, and taken to an underground level by elevator and taken to the work area. It was a morgue that was icy cold that had corpses inside glass cases, with humanoids who were short with clammy skin like a reptile and a head was like a frog, and webs on the hands.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1982 — USAF Col. “RC,” who founded a UFO group APRON, states his fiancé’s car was forced off the road in Las Vegas and his apartment was burglarized, with the things missing being Stringfield’s books. RC states he and his fiancé moved to Pensacola, FL and his fiancé was later killed in a car crash near Singing Sands, FL where she was forced off the road in a hit and run. RC agreed to meet three men at an airport about UFOs and then never contacted Stringfield again.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1982 — A USAF Capt. states while stationed at Fort Hood, in the late 1960s a pilot had to make a forced landing over a restricted air corridor at Gray AAF/Robert Gray Field. The pilot saw a huge section of land separating like giant sliding doors with vegetation intact revealing a huge corridor inside; the pilot was blindfolded and taken into the jeep inside the underground complex, inside a long corridor and interrogated by two men. He was blindfolded again where his aircraft was refused for him and was told not to speak of the incident.

In 1973, two witnesses saw a square UAP with lights and were approached by Chinook helicopters, who took up a tight formation around the UAP. The UAPs and helicopters disappeared out of sight; the next day, the witness called Fort Hood and was told there was a routine recon training mission in the area. Another researcher told the men who flew the helicopter were code named BLUEBOYS and it was a special group involved in UAP work. Another son of a man who allegedly worked underground beneath Fort Hood stated the technology involved is “science fiction.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1982 — Kit Green states he hired a retired senior USAF officer who was a physician to work on a science board at the CIA. This man told Green “the stories about alien incursions, recoveries and information are true.” He told Green he would clear him for the programs, but this never happened.

Even during Green’s retirement while at General Motors, this USAF officer told him he’d get cleared but it never happened.

Green never named the individual but it was revealed he passed away in 1997, and later evidence shows this was likely Brig. Gen. Donald Flickinger, who was a director of “human factors” for the USAF’s plan to put a man into space, he was a consultant for NASA and CIA, and he worked in the fields of bio-astronautics and life sciences.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 25 February 1982 — Civilian FOIA organized Ground Saucer Watch never receives a response from the State Department’s Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES).

Note: Declassified documents show OES regularly monitored space debris and UAP, and a cable to Rep. Bill Archer from OES discussed “Arrangements to Welcome Extraterrestrial Life Forms to the U.S.” The State Dept. also coordinated crash recovery efforts with USAF Projects Moon Dust and Blue Fly with OES and the Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 April 1982 — NASA scientist Richard F. Haines tells Jacques Vallée he visited Vandenberg AFB and came back “certain” there was a secret government project to study UAP.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 1982 — Head of the US Army’s remote viewing program Skip Atwater discovers intelligence information generated by contractor SRI International and a remote viewer, Pat Price, in 1973. Price believed there were “underground” bases in which UAP emanated from. Atwater attempted to corroborate these claims and did, using Army personnel outside of USG work hours.

The unofficial Project 8200 claimed to view UAP associated underground locations at Mt.
Hayes, AK, Mt. Ziel, Australia, Mt. Nyangani, Zimbabwe, and Mt. Perdido, Spain. The unofficial project
claimed these four locations — and possibly others — were integral in working together to communicate with space based platforms associated with UAP.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 September 1982 — Hal Puthoff tells Jacques Vallée that he had a friend at Sandia whose uncle-in-law was said to have studied a crashed saucer in the 1950s and duplicated an antigravity device; Hal states the uncle-in-law was found hanged with his hands tied behind his back and his lab in shambles. The man placed his plans in a bank safe but when his family tried to access it, the bank told them “government men bearing official identification” had opened the box and confiscated the contents.

Hal states his friend from Sandia is “panicking” and his house has been burglarized several times; this man was studying an alleged energy machine “Johnson’s motor,” and the models were taken apart by whoever broke into his house.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1983 — Col. John B. Alexander and the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) analyzes the “Hutchison Effect,” a purported method to generate antigravity and materials cloaking. The group included Pharos Technologies, Alexis Pezarro, John Hutchison, George Hathaway, Alexander, two scientists from Los Alamos National Laboratory and representatives from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and Army R&D.

Reported effects included the deformation of a molybdenum rod, transmutation of steel into lead, the disappearance of a PVC pipe, time dilation and spontaneous levitation of objects around the test laboratory. Hutchison states Boeing and McDonnell Douglas invested in similar experiments as well.

Note: It is possible the Hutchison effect was accidentally tapping into quantum vacuum energy, or the zero point energy field. Uncontrolled, this energy could be used as a weapon; controlled, it could be a stable power source.

Note: Hathaway was one of the scientists tasked with writing a Defense Intelligence Reference Document for the 2009 AAWSAP/AATIP program.

Note: The head of INSCOM at the time was Gen. Albert Stubblebine, who utilized the Monroe Institute to train his officers in ways to improve their psychic performance. In 1984, Maj. Gen. Harry Soyster replaces Stubblebine, a former VP of Intelligence Systems at BDM Intl. and
eventual Chairman of Psi-Tech (in 1992). BDM Intl. hosted the ATP Group meetings to determine UAP R&D and reverse engineering opportunities in 1985.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1983 — Projects Phoenix, Phoenix II and Rainbow allegedly occur at Camp Hero in Montauk, NY. Remote viewer of interest to the CIA Uri Geller claims the projects utilized radio, microwaves and EHF to determine if the behavior of different population groups could be affected.

Note: CIA documentation shows remote viewing programs Center Lane, Grill Flame, Gondola Wish, Sun Streak, Scanate and Star Gate were run by contractor SRI International in the 1970s and 1980s. No documentation exists for experiments allegedly conducted at Montauk, however.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 November 1983 — A letter from Robert I Sarbacher, physicist who consulted to the DOD Research and Development Board (RDB) in the 1950s, states he had no direct association with people involved in the “recovery” of UAP, but he believes John von Neuman was “definitely” involved, as was Vannevar Bush and Robert Oppenheimer.

Sarbacher states his work with RDB was limited but he heard “certain materials reported to have come from flying saucer crashes were extremely light and tough,” and were likely analyzed by US laboratories very carefully. Sarbacher also states the “people” operating these machines were also reportedly very lightweight, possible “aliens” constructed like insects here on Earth, according to rumors he heard.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 March 1984 — Kit Green tells Jacques Vallée he once interviewed a soldier that specialized in nuclear security testing whose group used helicopters designed to appear as flying saucers.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - May 1984 — Alleged CIA documents show the Army’s remote viewing program at the time investigated an anomalous event during classified military trials. “…It had to do with time or something; like the connective tissue of reality was twisted in some way, pulled apart. It was very much like something popped in our reality.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 May 1984 — An anonymous source claims to a journalist that a highly classified U.S. Defense Support Program spy satellite detects a UAP. It comes within 1.8 miles of the DSP satellite before flying below it over the Indian Ocean. It is moving 22,000 mph, changes course, and
allegedly flies back into outer space. This story made its way to the public not via a USG disclosure, but a documentary film.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 May 1984 — Army Dir. of Counterintelligence LTC Lance R. Cornine writes in a FOIA response that the Army briefly had an “in-house” group known as the “Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit” that unofficially analyzed UAP in the 1950s. The Directorate denied the existence of any IPU records, but three years later admitted records were transferred to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. In 1997, AFOSI told FOIA requestors that its IPU material had been destroyed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 June 1984 — Residents of the Hudson Valley area of New York say they see a boomerang shaped UAP that traveled at treetop level with a slight buzz.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 July 1984 — Security police at Indian Point Nuclear Plant at Buchanan, NY allegedly see a UAP with lights oscillating yellow, white and blue. The plant’s movement sensors and alarm fails, and the computer responsible for security and communications fails. Police report it the length of three football fields and shaped like a cone. It passes directly over Unit 3 reactor for five minutes, and one officer films the object on camera. Over the next two days, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) reportedly reassigns the plant’s security operations and video and audio records of the event are removed.

Note: The NRC was born out of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) alongside the Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA) in 1975. ERDA became the Department of Energy (DOE) in 1977. If AEC played a prominent role in early UAP analysis, crash recovery and transportation, key evidence may be split between these successor departments and agencies. The NRC for example was aware of a black triangular UAP over the protected area of Cooper Nuclear Station, NE in the late 1980s, and created an incident file. No formal investigation appears to have been conducted.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 August 1984 — USAF representative John Rittenhouse admits to Rep. John F. Seiberling and the House Subcommittee on Lands and National Parks that the Air Force restricted public access to Groom Mountain, NV without any legal authority to do so. The area overlooks Area 51. When asked for an explanation of why or how, Rittenhouse did not give one, only telling Congress “decisions were made at a much, much higher level than mine” in the open hearing.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1984/1985 — Technical Sgt. John W. Mills III, of the 394th Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Test Maintenance Squadron at Vandenberg AFB, states he was shown a highly classified film of three Minuteman III dummy warheads (Multiple Independently-targeted Reentry Vehicles, MIRVs) in flight during a test at Vandenberg. On the film, a small white object maneuvered near the warheads; two of them disappeared, one of them splashed down at the target site. Mills states contractors at Rockwell Autonetics Division, Space Data Corp, or Lockheed (he wouldn’t specify to protect their identity) showed him the film.

Mills also states he heard secondhand that a similar situation occurred with Peacekeeper missile tests in late 1984 or 1985. Contractors told Mills a light beam coming from space hit three of the five missiles. He did not see the footage because his clearance had been lowered at that point.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 May 1985 — BDM Intl’s McLean Secure Facility hosts the “Advance Theoretical Physics Conference,” under DOE supervision, to determine if UAP evidence supports an R&D program, to collect new data and obtain “direct contact” between the group and UAP occupants. The meetings are classified using DOE controls: Top Secret/Restricted Data Sigmas as Required. Leaked meeting notes write that security for the group be “totally legal.” Astronomer Jacques Vallée writes that alleged participants were from Los Alamos National Laboratory, CIA, NSA, INSCOM, McDonnell Douglas, BDM, Lockheed and OUSD(R&E). To this date, DOE has not released any records of these meetings through FOIA to the American public, nor did it provide any information to the GAO report requested by Rep. Steven Schiff in 1995.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - Summer 1985 — Hal Puthoff, former head of the Army and DIA remote viewing programs, gives two weeks notice and leaves SRI International to work for Bill Church and Jupiter Technologies to explore “alternative fuel sources.” Church, the CEO of Church’s Fried Chicken, claims he had a dream of a saucer landing before funding Jupiter. Jupiter scientist Ken Shoulders claims exotic vacuum objects studied at Jupiter could be a source of alternative energy.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 June 1985 — President Ronald Reagan alludes to a secret space fleet in an entry in his diary. He states he ate lunch with five top space scientists and it was “fascinating.” “I learned our shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people,” he wrote. Attendees were Thomas O. Paine, Riccardo Giaconni, Gerard K. O’Neill, Laurel L. Wilkening, Edward Teller, Donald T. Regan, George A. Keyworth II, Alfred H. Kingon and John A. Svahn. Contractor Geostar Corp. is also mentioned.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 July 1985 — Ret. USAF Col. Richard Niemtzow tells Jacques Vallée there is a secret project to study UAP within USG. They meet in Toulouse, France.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1985 — A proposed procurement programs document suggests the Department of Defense plans to spend $80 million on an “Aurora” program in FY1986 and $2.3 billion in FY1987. This is more than double the cost of the B-2 Spirit program at the time and was rumored to be an advanced black aircraft, possibly triangular in shape. In 1994, former head of Lockheed Skunk Works stated the line item was funding for a stealth bomber program, but that has not been corroborated.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 1986 — McDonnell Douglas, Rockwell International and General Dynamics were awarded an estimated $35 million each in contracts to develop a hypersonic air-breathing single-stage-to-orbit vehicle, while Rocketdyne and Pratt & Whitney were awarded $175 million each to develop engines/propulsion. The X-30 National Aerospace Plane (NASP) plan was considered ambitious at the time and was canceled in 1993.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 June 1986 — Former Bechtel Corp contractor James McCampbell tells Jacques Vallée he met a military contact with the Wild Weasels who used F-4 planes with EM detection equipment that detected UAP during the Vietnam War and continued that role in the US as of the 1980s.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 July 1986 — Director of the US General Accounting Office’s National Security and International Affairs Division, Frank C. Conahan, testifies at a hearing held by the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Conahan states Lockheed Corporation exhibited a poor document-control system over classified special access documents and had no oversight from the DOD program office.

The GAO states the Defense Investigative Service was not allowed to conduct semiannual inspects of the aerospace contract in question, and 1,460 discrepancies were found in an inventory of 40,000 documents. An estimated 46 documents were destroyed and 17 were transferred out of the company and not discovered.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 10 November 1986 — Pathfinder Partners, a national security VC fund, co-founder Steve Millard hosts a UAP study group in Silicon Valley that includes Jacques Vallée,

Eisenhower/JFK Admin Assistant Secretary of State for Security and consular Affairs John Hanes III, robotics expert Charlie Rosen and attorney Bruce Garrett, Gen. Johnny Johnson former head of communications for the White House, and former Deputy Chief of Naval Operations RADM Bill Houser. Houser states he will ask Naval Intelligence to study UAP photos from Costa Rico.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - December 1986 — Navy Commander “Sheila Mondran” is on duty at the U.S. Space Command’s Surveillance Center inside the Cheyenne Mountain Complex near Colorado Springs, CO. “Mondran” claims sensors detect a UAP tripping the U.S. Navy Space Surveillance System, the Space Fence, over Lake Kickapoo, TX. The facility tracks the UAP doing complex maneuvers including loops, crash dives and fast climbs. She claims to send a flash alert to the Commander-in-Chief of NORAD, but the object then disappears. The flash alert is allegedly recalled the next day.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 July 1987 — Naval physicist Bruce Maccabee states he spoke about the UAP subject at CIA headquarters to two dozen people including Ron Pandolfi and Kit Green; Maccabee states the lecture created “spies” within the agency, i.e. employees using their clearances to nose around and find secret UAP information and projects. Maccabee doesn’t know if any findings were discovered.

Pandolfi later told Maccabee that a CIA archivist found no evidence of MJ-12 in the files. Maccabee also states Pandolfi admitted there might be a “mole” in the CIA working with a UFO control group or another agency but he wouldn’t tell him if he thought who that would be.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 December 1987 — CIA and civilian pilot John Lear, Nevada State Sen. candidate and son of William Lear, founder of Lear Siegler Corp, claims the USG has been “in business” with gray extraterrestrials since the 1960s.

His other claims: Germany may have recovered a saucer as early as 1939; Gen. James Doolittle went to Sweden to inspect a saucer that crashed in Spitsbergen in 1946; in 1947, Truman established MJ-12; in the late 40s there was more saucer crashes in Roswell, Aztec and Laredo, TX; one saucer that
crashed in the 1950s was so large that logistical problems prevented it from being transported and it was buried; the logistics stories are “legendary” and include moving only at night, purchasing whole farms, cutting down forests, blocking major highways, driving 2-3 trucks in tandem, etc.

He also claims on 30 April 1964, the first communication between aliens and the USG took place at Holloman AFB; they made a “deal” in exchange for technology the USG would ignore abductions and the EBEs told them abductions were merely monitoring; in fact, abductions were the insertion of implants, implementation of posthypnotic suggestion, termination of some people so they could be biological material, termination of people who are a threat, genetic experiments and impregnation; he claims in 1979 there was an altercation at the Dulce laboratory; by the 1980s, MJ-12 was concerned the mistake they made dealing with the EBEs and began to promote positive film projects like Close Encounters and ET; some of MJ-12 meeting at the “Country Club” wanted to confess the scheme, the other majority chose to develop anti-UAP weapons under cover of SDI.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 1988 — NY-based Veritay Technology, Inc. submits a technical report under contract with the Air Force Astronautics Laboratory at Edwards AFB. Franklin Mead, head of Project Outgrowth 16 years earlier, is listed as the project manager for Veritay’s paper on a 21st Century

Propulsion Concept. The contract is intended to explore the Biefield-Brown effect, which allegedly converts electrostatic energy into propulsion. The program experimentally explored if the concept existed and if it could operate in a vacuum, and determined it could not recreate the Brown effect.

Note: This study is meaningful because it shows that in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, Edwards AFB could not recreate the Brown effect based on the work of Thomas Townsend Brown, the very effect Mark McCandlish testified (see 9 May 2001) was used to develop USG recreations of UAP craft.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 1988 — Science Applications International Corp (SAIC) studies electronic propulsion for Edwards AFB, again for Franklin Mead, Chief of the Future Technologies Section (see June 1972 and April 1988). According to SAIC investigator Dennis Cravens, assistant director of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Center for Explosive Technology Research Pharis Williams was essential to the research.

SAIC, citing Williams, suggests a five-dimensional theory of thermodynamics could lead to a unified field theory and novel propulsion methods. The report also mentioned antigravity was not achieved using a rotating cylinder filled with mercury, but that the research should be reconsidered in the future.

Note: Pharis Williams has several indirect ties to UAP research. Los Alamos colleague Oke Shannon told a journalist in 2019 “if we were to build an anti-gravitational device, it would be built on the principles involved in [Williams’] theory.” Shannon attended the 1985 “Advanced Theoretical Physics Conference” under DOE supervision led by USAF Col. John Alexander to determine if UAP evidence supported an R&D program. The meetings were held at BDM Intl’s McLean Secure Facility and classified using DOE controls (see second note under 28 April 2006). Shannon’s name was also mentioned on the alleged meeting notes between Dr. Eric Davis and VADM Thomas R. Wilson where a secret UAP program was discussed (see 16 October 2002).

Pharis Williams also spoke at a UAP technology conference in June 2001 where it was mentioned his research was sponsored at the time by Hal Puthoff. Williams was still employed at Los Alamos at the time; Puthoff became involved in AATIP eight years later.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23 October 1988 — Kit Green meets Jacques Vallée at the Detroit airport, they spoke for a “long time” over dinner, at his house, etc. Green assures Vallee “there was indeed an MJ12,” which had employed the list of scientists ufologists believed including Menzel and it reported to Truman
and Eisenhower. But Green states it had nothing to do with UAP, it was a “vast program” to study impacts and possible reactions against a psychological warfare attack directed at the US.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23 October 1988 — Rancher Edmound Gomez, whose ranch is 13 miles west of Dulce, claims to have seen “combat ready troops” in the area and the crash of an experimental aircraft in 1983. Gomez claims to have visited Mt. Archuleta with NM State Trooper Gabe Valdez on 23 October 1988, and they saw a bright boomerang shaped UAP, and later two bright lights on a canyon wall near the summit of the mountain; the group alleges to have heard voices as well.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 12 November 1988 — Aerospace researcher Michael Schratt claims this was the date of a test of a diamond shaped “lifting body” at Norton Air Force Base in California. Schratt claims
U.S. Senators Alan Cranston and California Congressman George Brown Jr. was there to see the F-117A demonstrated, but there was also allegedly an exhibit to garner support for black budget aerospace programs. An anonymous engineer claims to have been in attendance and have seen a football,
diamond-shaped craft covered in tiles like those used on the Space Shuttle. It was an unmanned aerial vehicle capable of launching nuclear missiles, he claimed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - January 1989 — John Lear claims a source “Mike” told him he was taken two hours from Norton AFB to an underground installation and told he was to photograph a flying saucer and autopsy of three dead ET; Mike was boosted into opening of the disc and inside looked to be 10 times the size of the outside “I could have thrown a football as hard as I could and not hit the other side”; (Puthoff, Davis describe this as topological inversion); photographed control panels; photographed 5 foot tall aliens with almost normal human heads with more rounded eyes, white skin and blue uniforms; inside of aliens had green fluid and black innards; Mike’s companion later disappeared.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - January 1989 — Bill English claims he sees a memo from USAF Col. Wendelle Stevens which details Project Blue Book officials J. Allen Hynek and Lt. Col. Robert Friend had an awareness of crash recoveries, body recovery, human mutilation of military officials, entities that eat liquid chlorophyll, language similar to Sanskrit.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - January 1989 — “Alan Caviness” claims when he was on active duty with the US Navy at Cecil Field Naval Air Station in Florida a colleague of his told him two F-14s from a squadron at Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station in Puerto Rico were ‘lost,” not from a midair collision but from something he wouldn’t discuss.

Years later, Caviness came across an incident report in ufology media that states on 28 December 1988, a large triangle UAP the size of a baseball field was near the base in Puerto Rico and three F-14s were sent to intercept; two that came too close to it disappeared Caviness claims RADM David Rogers, Deputy Assistant Chief of Naval Operations, lied to the House of Representatives when he said no aircraft were lost at the time of the incident.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 May 1989 — Robert Lazar speaks publicly on KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, NV for the first time. Lazar claims he was employed at S-4, a facility near Groom Lake/Area 51 adjacent to Papoose Lake. Lazar claims the site has concealed aircraft hangers in a mountain side and nine flying saucers are stored there, where scientists are working to reverse engineer their antigravity propulsion systems. Lazar claims one saucer was found on an archeological dig, and another is metallic in appearance. Lazar claims the power plants inside the craft are so advanced they defy conventional understanding and do not use circuits or electricity.

Lazar also claims his employer is EG&G, and he is made aware of an alleged Project Galileo, an antigravity and propulsion project and Project Looking Glass, an alleged technological project to see back in time.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June 1989 — USAF Capt. Richard P. Osedacz writes an unclassified paper at the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson AFB stating a database of UAP in near-Earth orbit exists and has existed since at least 1972. UAP events tracked by NORAD are termed “fastwalkers.” Osedacz writes NORAD tasked the USAF Foreign Technology Division, Flight Performance Division (FTD/SQDF) to analyze unknown datatracks.

The paper adds that “undocumented” simulations were performed on UAP in the Space Surveillance Center within NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Complex. It is unknown if conclusions on fastwalkers have been delivered to Congress in a classified setting, but they have not been detailed in open hearings, nor have they been delivered to the American public.

Note: On 6 January 1967, Project Blue Book scientific advisor J. Allen Hynek told a crowd at the Goddard Space Flight Center that NORAD and SAC radar had tracked UAP. Beginning in 1957 with the establishment of NORAD’s command headquarters at Ent AFB in Colorado Springs, CO, every continental U.S. military radar UAP case in Project Blue Book files is a NORAD case because the subordinate USAF Air Defense Command belongs to NORAD.

Note: As noted on the entry for September 1979, NORAD refused to share UAP data in response to a FOIA request without charging $294,000. The fees were never waived and the data, despite seemingly unclassified as Capt. Osedacz suggests, was never made public.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 1989 — Commanding Officer of WPAFB Brig. Gen. Arthur Exon states “the Unholy Thirteen” was a UFO controlling committee in the 1950s and states he was told Roswell was recovery of an “alien” spacecraft. Says bodies could have been taken to Denver, but also suggests they went to Wright Field. He states members included USAF Sec. Stewart Symington, USAF Chief of Staff Carl Spaatz, Gen. Eisenhower, Gen. Ramey, etc.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 July 1989 — Hal Puthoff tells Jacques Vallée “nobody with any brains seems to be tracking this,” but Vallee disagrees with him.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 September 1989 — Jacques Vallée writes there is a “large disinformation campaign” surrounding UAP but he still cannot find exactly what it is covering up. Vallee writes that Art Lundahl of NPIC, Kit Green, Adm. William Houser and Gen. Tommy Johnson all told him they didn’t think a black project was active, but it is unknown if they were obfuscating or unaware.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 September 1989 — An anonymous USAF Col. states (to anthropologist George Dickson) a SDI weapon was used to down a UAP in Moriches Bay, Long Island; the craft crashed into the “Dune” area where it was retrieved; he claims there were 18 military fatalities when the occupants retaliated; they were killed by the use of a weapon which generates extremely low frequency sound waves which can destroy the molecular cohesiveness of known matter.

On that same date, a commodities broker claims he saw helicopters transporting a large object and three other witnesses claim they saw jeeps and military vehicles with a police escort going to Brookhaven National Laboratories that morning. An anonymous scientist “Dr. Nick” at Brookhaven told LIUFON a large object was recovered and transported there, adding it weighed very little; he claims it was wedge or boomerang shaped, he had previously worked at “S-3” beneath WPAFB to study UAP; and the technology was crystalline-based; he states the weapon was developed by AIL Electronics and it was tested at Fort Meade, MD five months prior. He stated he had been threatened not to talk about this.

“Joseph Z.” wrote Leonard Stringfield and claimed he had access to classified government records; per three Pentagon computer systems the next day, Z claims no weapons were deployed, NAVSYCOM had been tracking a polar-orbiting satellite with a decaying orbit and considered a radiation hazard; Office of Foreign Technology requested US Coast Guard helicopters to provide illumination from
above; command/control aircraft circled above; remnants were transported to a nearby parking lot and loaded onto flatbeds, and taken to Brookhaven National Laboratories via William Floyd Parkway; local police were instructed to reroute traffic at 4:22am on 29 September 1989 because of the potential radiation hazard; radioisotope elements were removed from the wreckage at Brookhaven and placed in secure storage for disposal as waste, and remaining wreckage were transported to an undisclosed location for examination by the Office of Foreign Technology on 30 October 1989. Phil Imbrogno states published NASA data showed no Soviet satellite tracking reports in that area on that day.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 1989 — NASA mission specialist Bob Oechsler meets retired RADM Sumner Shapiro under the pretext he is interested in working with the “group” that manages UAP information. Oechsler gets the intro to Shapiro from Bobby Ray Inman, former NSA Director and CIA Deputy Director and Board member of SAIC and Wackenhut at the time. When Oechsler meets Shapiro he is retired as former director of Naval Intelligence, and works as an executive with BDM Intl.

Shapiro tells Oechsler parties in the US are in possession of extraterrestrial space vehicles and suggested he studied one at close quarters. Shapiro states teams would take the craft apart, pack them up and ship them around the country to different laboratories. Shapiro states the crafts had interlocking components that has to be taken apart in a specific sequence to get it to come apart/put back together.

Note: BDM has several linkages to UAP besides employing Shapiro (see 26 September 2022). In 1988, BDM was purchased by Ford Aerospace and became a part of Ford Motor Company. In 1990, Ford Aerospace was sold to Loral and BDM was spun off to the Carlyle Group. In 1997, BDM was purchased by TRW, an aerospace and technical services company, which was acquired by Northrop Grumman in 2002. Northrop Grumman maintains a major corporate facility in Tysons Corner near the old BDM Intl. headquarters today.


(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1990 — Sgt. Dan Sherman, while working on an NSA project with a USAF ELINT cover, claims he is told that there is another level of secrecy above Special Access Program for certain projects. He claims certain black SAPs are actually covers for “alien” projects known as Level 1; grey projects; grey matter or slant missions. He is told within grey projects there is as expected
need-to-know inside that.

Sherman is told by a Cpt. White that he is only aware of one being Project Preserve Destiny, to establish intuitive communications with NHI. But he assumes there are other grey projects.

Sherman states he is taken to a facility a half an hour from Fort Meade, MD, but that his transportation is blacked out and he is never told exactly where it is. He then claims he is “taught” intcomm in classes that consisted of listening to tones and trying to repeat them by mentally humming them (not verbal).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1990 — Henry Azadehdel (pseudonym Armen Victorian) interviews Eric Walker, former president of Penn State University and former chairman of the Institute for Defense Analysis, of which ARPA came out of. The alleged transcript claims Walker told Azadehdel that entry into a UAP “control group” cannot occur unless an individual knows about their “seventh sense,” i.e. ESP. Walker states “only a few” know about ESP and only then would you have a chance of being taken into the control group.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1990 — Jane’s Defense writer James Goodall cites direct interviews conducted over the previous decade that led him to believe there are at least eight black programs flying out of Groom Lake including a silent triangle. “Unconventional” technologies are in use. A source he knew for 12 years at Groom Lake told him “positively” that UAP exist, and another source told him “we have things out there that are literally out of this world…better than Star Trek or anything you can see in the movies.” No further explanation is given.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1990 — Lt. Col. Ron Blackburn of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works and co-founder of the ATP Group, tells Jacques Vallée he was directly involved in the construction of
TRESTLE while at Air Force Weapons Laboratory (AFWL). TRESTLE was a large EMP simulator that could create an EMP without a nuclear blast. McDonnell Douglas was awarded the contract for the construction of the TRESTLE and BDM was awarded a subcontract for electromagnetic analysis, timing and control equipment.

BDM and BDMMSC (BDM Management Services Company) were also awarded contracts for operation and management of the TRESTLE. BDM produced at least ten papers on subjects like EMP hardening, EMP simulation and EMP effects on aerospace vehicles, many of which were produced under Department of Energy contracts.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1990 — A ret. physicist who claims to have worked closely with Oppenheimer, Einstein and Teller states in 1990 that he worked on a special project at Edwards AFB in the late 1960s/early 1970s on Project Blue Heaven. The source states a flying saucer and its crew landed at Edwards AFB and its occupants were carted off to a secure building for evaluation. The disc was kept in a big hangar with armed guards with possibly hundreds of people working on it.

The source states the occupants had eyes of one color, a nose, a mouth, and teeth that looks like they were made there. They were dressed in a silvery looking material with elements not of Earth, and their blood looked like oil. The bodies were light brown, and the researchers came to the conclusion because there were no deterioration, to leave them alone because another craft might come and rejuvenate/reactivate them. The craft had no seams, no rivets, no welding with a dome at the top.

The other scientists told him it was made of a material they “never dreamed could exist,” and they had not figured out how to cut a hole in it. The ret. scientist states the project is still active at the time of disclosure (1990), and it was run by the DOD, while the Navy had 2-3 similar research projects. He also states Nixon had awareness, and some bodies were at Homestead AFB, corroborating Jackie Gleason’s claims of seeing bodies at Homestead. His security went from the President through the Director of the CIA to him.

The scientist referred to a special group of scientists that worked with the President called the “Special Committee.” He states he changed some parts of his story re: the craft in 1991 and alluded he had to protect that information as he was in contact with an office in Washington D.C. that had been established over the last 6 months to make a decision on “how to keep everyone from finding out what is really going on.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 21 February 1990 — Japanese journalist Norio Hayakawa states the US Naval Research Laboratory has a “Parapsychology Research Unit” that coordinates activities with DARPA, and some of their activities are conducted under the Office of Naval Intelligence at locations such as Area 51. ELF devices, scalar machines, EM beam weapons and highly defined hologram projects are being explored for “mind control weaponry” and include research in hallucinatory and memory tampering drugs. He also claimed a “deep black” aircraft project existed at Groom Lake that was not Aurora but something else.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - March 1990 — NATO’s Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (AGARD) publishes a study that states a “gyroscopic propulsive device” can counteract gravity. One such device existed at the time and was patented in the UK to E.J.C. Rickman. BAE Systems studied this design in May 1990 and found weight loss occurred after one trial at the company’s Warton plant.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - Mid-1990s — Disclosure Project founder and alleged Clinton Administration briefer Steven Greer alleges he meets the following people in a salon in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco: Steven Bechtel of Bechtel Corp., billionaire oil tycoon Gordon Getty, the chairman of AT&T and the former head of SRI International to discuss UAP. Greer states the unnamed SRI executive told him DARPA funds were funneled into a UAP-associated operation but he couldn’t get access.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - August 1990 — DL Cravens of SAIC produces an electric propulsion study to test coupling between the electromagnetic and gravitational forces to determine if it can apply to space propulsion.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 September 1990 — A Penn State alumni claims former Penn State University president Eric A. Walker told him he attended Top Secret meetings to do with UAP investigations and UAP crash recoveries. Walker allegedly attended the meetings while Executive Secretary of the Research and Development Board (RDB), headed by Vannevar Bush, whose name was linked to a Canadian intelligence report alleging an RDB connection to UAP (see 31 January 1948). Walker would neither confirm nor deny the claims when asked by CIA officer Christopher “Kit” Green.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 October 1990 — William Scott writes an article in Aviation Week about 45 sightings in the southwestern US. Objects show near-hover capabilities before accelerating to supersonic. Scott concludes there are at least two types of aircraft beyond the F-117A and the B-2, claiming one is triangular shaped and the other is a high-altitude craft seen with a pulsing light. Scott claims they are using “exotic” propulsion systems, and sightings occur near Edwards AFB, George AFB and the China Lake Naval Weapons Center. In one instance, an unidentified triangular craft was seen escorted by two Lockheed F117-As.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1991 — Senior staff counsel to Sen. Robert Byrd, Dick D’Amato, tells Jacques Vallée: “what that stealthy group is doing is a felony…for a government employee to knowingly disseminate false information to the public is an offense that should send him to jail. The Government can’t spend appropriated money on projects that Congress doesn’t know about; it’s an even greater offense if they spend private money to do it…whatever the secret project, it must be controlled by an incredible level of fear because nobody dares talk about it. I find no leaks anywhere.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1991 — A caller into the Billy Goodman show on KVEG in 1991 claims he was hired to run electricity and power 3,000 feet underground on a “certain test site,” involving military personnel and creatures with “big heads and little bodies.” The caller claims he was assigned the job by Reynold’s Electronics, a subsidiary of EG&G, but his paycheck comes from “someone else.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1991 — USS Nimitz Petty Officer Kevin Thomas claims he sees a “huge black triangle” lifting out of the ocean when he was accidentally left on deck after the ship was ordered to darken the ship and clear the decks. Thomas says it had no water dripping off it, made no sound and it
shortly after flew up vertically out of sight. Thomas says he was interviewed by people in civilian clothes why he was outside and what he saw; Thomas said he didn’t tell them he saw the triangle because he was concerned he would be disciplined.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - January 1991 — Alleged former intelligence community member “John Grace” publishes a series of books on the “Matrix” under the pseudonym “Valdamar Valerian.” Grace claims “grey aliens” await a human being in the “light” when they die, and the human being is recycled into another body and the process begins again. Grace claims these “entities view Earth as a big farm” and utilized advanced technology to project images of loved ones to convince souls to reincarnate on Earth in a repeated cycle.

Note: This concept is repeated by the remote viewing group the Farsight Institute, who calls it a “Death Trap.” Former SRI contractor (who itself was a contractor for the Army) Robert Monroe states something similar, that interdimensional beings harvest humanity for their energy and force them to repeat their lives on Earth. Former UK politician Simon Parkes states “reptilians” are in control of a soul recycling system. Buddhism teaches reincarnation is an endless cycle of suffering only broken by enlightenment, while ancient Greek Gnosticism teaches humans are divine souls trapped in the physical world where escape can only be achieved by not worshiping the false god (Demiurge), but rather, gaining secret esoteric knowledge about who humans really are, where they are from, how parasitical entities work and how how to be free of a soul trap ran by entities they refer to as “Archons.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 March 1991 — Jesse A. Marcel states when he was 11 and lived in Roswell NM, in July 1947, his father Maj. Jesse Marcel was awakened in the middle of the night by his father, who was excited and saw “debris” his father brought home in his car from the desert; a thick metallic foil, a brittle brownish-black plastic like material like Bakelite; and fragments of I-beams with hieroglyphics in a purple-violet hue. His father told him it was recovered from a crash site northwest of Roswell.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 March 1991 — A retired operating room nurse “Mary” states she was assigned to the Medical Lab at Los Alamos during WWII and sometime afterward; she claims bodies were flown into Los Alamos, which was classified as a “Green Base,” indicating it had the highest priority to conduct radical research under the MED program during the 1940s; everyone inside had to have a Q clearance.

Mary mentioned bodies were flown to LANL periodically from late 1945 to 1957, adding it was rumored they were human experiments for biological and nuclear medicine research, bodies with deformed heads and limbs and small bodies, with abnormal eyes and grey/yellow flesh that had been charred. Mary believed they could have been civilians exposed to an atomic explosion in Nevada, and that they were flown on special transport planes with refrigerator units to keep them from decomposing.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 12 April 1991 — Carolyn Brazil claims her uncle, Ralph Scheibly, who worked for the Raymond Concrete Pile Company in the Bay Area, was on a government project in New Mexico or Arizona in 1946 or 1947; Scheibly states at dusk they heard a loud explosion nearby; when they went to investigate they saw the wreckage of a “strange craft” like looking through a fog; they saw three small beings outside the craft, one crawling away from the debris; soon after, military people came to the scene and took over the site; all witnesses were rounded up, driven to a small building where the live alien was delivered in a separate vehicle, separated, and told they witnessed a secret US project that failed and was told not to talk about the incident; the uncle claims he was brainwashed for several hours before being released and he was mad about the cover-up until his death in 1952.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 May 1991 — Jacques Vallée states Prince Hans-Adam II, head of state of Liechtenstein, funded a study to determine how many Americans had been abducted by aliens and gave
$200,000 to Robert Bigelow for it. Adam II is deeply Catholic, Vallee added, and stated Adam II believed ET controlled humanity’s efforts to conquer space. Hans-Adam grew paranoid and refused to invest another $1.25 million, telling Hal he was “afraid” of the consequences.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 1991 — Ret. USAF Sgt. states he saw a report of a landing of a saucer type craft over the north range of White Sands Missile Range near Tularosa. Askania and Mitchell tracking cameras showed a craft resting near a hillside, slightly tilted, with a large round dome shaped disc with a flat bottom, no landing gear or windows but an access opening. Base personnel were around the craft wearing suits, climbing on top of the craft. The report he saw was a technical description for the AMC and ATIC that recorded dimensional, material and structural specifications and radar data. The report was done by a German scientific team headed by Ernst Steinhoff and Wernher von Braun.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 1991 — A ret. USAF Col. tells ufologist Tim Cooper early UAP were thought to be German, used nuclear power in a way not understood and were composed of metals and plastics not known on Earth. The USAF panicked when it recovered flying discs in the Mojave Desert and New Mexico, he claimed, and transported them to Muroc AFB and Langley; they were lifting bodies that looked like inverted bathtubs that looked like a “pod” or short-range recon probe. Von Braun, Condon, Oppenheimer and Teller worked on scientific research of the crash retrievals he claimed.

The Col. had “no comment” on “who” helped them and suggests it was ET, but doesn’t explain. He states there were other USAF projects besides Blue Book that were UAP related including Project Black Book or Project Black Sky that used advanced cameras and sensors on high altitude aircraft like the X-2, X-15 and U-2, plus cameras on rockets that were launched from White Sands and the Cape to look for UAP. He also claims he heard of a USAF Project White Book that looked into historical UAP sightings including some from the Vatican back to the 15th century; allegedly the Vatican has UAP sighting photos going back to 1915 of all shapes and sizes rumored to be locked in a vault room inside the Vatican Basilica and even the USAF could not get access.

He states Talon Gold and Teal Ruby were programs for satellite recon objectives and led to the foundation of the NRO, and raw UAP data was processed by the Technical Reconnaissance Squadrons at NORAD at Ent AFB.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 1991 — Informant Third Class Petty Officer S.M., a specialist trained to translate Russian transmissions, decoded a report that stated a UFO crashed in two parts near Penkridge, England and West Germany. The retrievals were conducted by AFI and shipped to WPAFB and US and NATO interceptors were involved. The words NATO “artifact” retrievals were used.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 July 1991 — Sappho Henderson, the wife of Oliver W. Henderson, states in an affidavit that her husband in 1980-1981 picked up a newspaper at a grocery store in San Diego and saw an article describing a crash of a UFO outside Roswell with bodies of aliens; she states he told her “I want you to read this article, because it’s a true story. I’m the pilot who flew the wreckage of the UFO to Dayton, Ohio. I guess now that they’re putting it in the paper, I can tell you about this. I wanted to tell you for years.” She states he described the beings as small with large heads for their size; their suits were made of material different than he had ever seen and they looked strange; they were packed in dry ice; he had not been aware of the book The Roswell Incident at that time.

Mary Groode, Henderson’s daughter, signed an affidavit and said a similar story, that he showed her the newspaper article and said the bodies were small, pale, with slanted eyes and large heads, and there were three of them. He also told her on one occasion when they were looking at the stars that he was “looking for flying saucers…they’re real, you know.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 July 1991 — Alleged NRO document on a “Blue Fire” sequence informs associated groups and operations that civilian flying saucer organizations will be protesting in Rachel, NV. Among those notified are: Commanders Net, ROYAL Ops, COSMIC Ops, MAJ Ops, MAJI Ops, COMINT Ops, COMSEC Ops, ELINT Ops, HUMINT Ops, AFOSI Nellis Div. 26th, 64th, 65th, 527th, 5021st T.O. Aggressor Sqdn. Cmndrs., 57th F.W. Cmndr., 552nd T.O.F. Cmndr., 554th O.S.W. Cmndr., 4440th T.F.T.G. Cmndr., 4450th T.G. Cmndr., 4477th TES-R.E. Cmndr., 37th F.W. Cmndr., Red Flag

MOC, Dart East MOC, Dart South MOC, Pahute Mesa MOC, Sally Corridor MOC, Groom Lake MOC, Dreamland MOC, Ground Star MOC, Blackjack Team, Roulette Team, Aqua Tech SOG and Sea Spray SOG. Terms like Red Flag, Dark East, Dark South, Paput Mesa, Sally Carter, Groom Lake, Dreamland are also mentioned.

CSETI’s Steven Greer states he gave the document to Admiral Thomas Wilson, then J2 and later Director of the DIA, whom Greer claims Wilson recognized one of those entities and it was being run by a contractor. Greer claims Wilson called the contractor and they told him he didn’t have a need to know. Greer alleges the program was UAP related and one of the entries on this document led Wilson on his quest to find an extragovernment UAP reverse engineering housed in a legacy aerospace corporation outside of USG oversight.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 September 1991 — Brig. Gen. Thomas Dubose states the balloon story of Roswell was a “cover story” and information regarding the event was “more than” Top Secret. He states Maj. Gen. Clements McMullen told him secrecy came from the President and he would say nothing. He states in an affidavit material was taken by Col. Al Clark to Maj. Gen. McMullen in Washington DC, and then from there to Benjamin Chidlaw at Wright Field.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 25 November 1991 — Two scientists connected with the the DIA and NSA claim in a face to face meeting that USG/USG contractors are engaged in programs that attempt to control non-human intelligences (NHI) and harness those NHI for military and intelligence purposes. The scientists claim the work has engaged in satanic ritual and human sacrifices, and that although some efforts to use NHI are for “good,” they’re convinced what is being tapped into is “evil.”

The scientists claim the research of David Bohm has been expanded upon; that everything exists everywhere at once enfolded into an invisible timeless medium. They show the journalist photos of individuals killed during psychotronic weapons experiments, that some UAP sightings are the projections of physical 3D objects by undisclosed projects, etc.

The scientists claim NHI can work unseen to humans; create incisions and perform medical procedures that are undetected; create the illusion of being extraterrestrial beings, phantom helicopters, etc.; that the ET scenario is disinformation to protect NHI projects; the NHI established contact in psi/mind control weapons development programs; NHI are spiritual beings that can control human minds, monitor them and possess individuals; that NHI seek to deceive human minds to prevent belief in their conqueror (suggested by scientists to be of Christian origin, “Jesus Christ”).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 December 1991 — Manager of KGFL Radio in Roswell, NM, George Roberts, states he did an interview with WW “Mac” Brazel in July 1947 who claimed he found debris on his property; the next morning he got a call from someone in the offices of Sen. Clinton Anderson or
Dennis Chavez who told him if he released the information, his station’s license would be in jeopardy. Roberts did not release the story.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1992 — USAF Staff Sgt. Dan Sherman claims he spent 1992-1995 in the USAF training as an ELINT analyst at the NSA, which he claims was a cover as an Intuitive Communicator between humans and extraterrestrials. Sherman claims he was told in 1947, the USG had contact with a Star Visitor Race, the Zetas/Greys; a program was begun in 1960 with the assistance of the Zetas to “genetically manage” a select number of humans to communicate with ET intuitively.

Sherman claims it was called Project Preserve Destiny, and that there are programs above Waived Unacknowledged Special Access Programs known as “grey programs” that consist of human-ET collaborative efforts. Sherman claims these grey programs are given black project covers. Sherman claims at Andrews AFB he was taught to interface with ET and relay those messages to his superiors. He claims an ET he communicated with told him changes were coming to Earth, souls exist, God exists and Star Visitors were influencing Earth civilizations for a long period of time before present day.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 March 1992 — Maj. Ed Dames also claims aerospace company Alien Technology Transfer asked government contractor Psi-Tech to “do some anti-gravity work.” Some of the vehicles in their possession, he claims, have “very nice technologies” that the people building the B-2 bombers (Northrop Grumman) “would like to have.” Dames claims Psi-Tech “transfer[s] the technology.” Dames claims remote viewers were also used to attempt to view the development of the UAP technology by the occupants.

Dames also claims Psi-Tech personnel had an in-house project for ten years on a UAP “site,” suggesting this data was gathered by remote viewers in DIA/USAF/CIA projects before the company was founded. It is possible this site was Iron Mountain in New Mexico, which Jacques Vallée claims he was taken to by Dames, Ron Blackburn and others in 1990 and Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine referred to during the ATP Group meetings. Other members of Psi-Tech include David Morehouse, Col. John Alexander, Lyn Buchanan, Paul H. Smith, Mel Riley, Joni Dourif, Dane Spotts, Courtney Brown and Aaron Donahue.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 March 1992 — Steven Greer explains at the 1992 TREAT IV conference, he is pulled into a hotel room with Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine and people who were “connected to covert programs and black operations, corporate, military and intelligence — this hybrid MJ12 successor entity.”

Greer states the gathering became a “barrage” of questions directed at Greer and one person asked basically “who the hell do you think you are, going out there, basically bypassing the national military command to do this?” Greer asserted his citizenship allowed him to do this, but Stubblebine didn’t agree;

Dr. Joseph Burkes claims the Maj. Gen.’s assistant left the room for 45 minutes to consult with someone who was not in the room and upon the return, he took Stubblebine aside to relay something; Stubblebine then told Greer “Okay, you can do it. You have our permission.” Greer claims Stubblebine recruited him to join their group and they would give him “as much money and as much power and as much access to technologies as you could ever dream.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 May 1992 — Michael Riconosciuto, who provided Inslaw Inc. with an affidavit in support of their lawsuit against the DOJ, claimed he was hired to program a secret backdoor in the software used by IC agencies. Riconosciuto also was a source for journalist Danny Casolaro looking into Wackenhut weapons testing on Native American reservation land, and he also claimed a joint venture between Wackenhut and Meridian Arms at the “Nevada Testing Range” were able to polarize molecules by modifying the electric field, a technology developed from exploring Thomas Townsend Brown’s suppressed work.

Riconosciuto claims this knowledge was gained from working at Lear in Reno, NV and from working with Gerald Bull of Space Research Corporation. Sources close to Riconosciuto also claimed other IC sources that were unsubstantiated stated there was a “war” in the intelligence community between a group centered in the CIA called Aquarius (around a powerful center known as MJ-12) and a group known as COM-12 centered around Naval Intelligence. COM-12 was allegedly trying to leak information damaging Aquarius. Also alleges the Jicarilla Indian Reservation is being used for testing around an underground facility in Dulce, NM.

Note: Riconosciuto was a real source for Danny Casolaro and was involved in the Inslaw Inc. trial, but it is unknown if any of his claims regarding a UAP coverup are legitimate or if he was fed disinformation, or purely heard rumors from the IC or even public ufology. He did produce documents proving Wackenhut Corp. was testing advanced weaponry (railgun) on Native American reservation land, but nothing he produced ties this activity to the UAP subject; though Wackenhut Corp. has shown up in claims of UAP work elsewhere.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 May 1992 — Former consultant to Project Blue Book and eventual BAASS/AAWSAP subcontractor Jacques Vallée writes in his diary that he met with Richard D’Amato. D’Amato at the time was counsel to the Senate Appropriations Committee under Sen. Robert C. Byrd. D’Amato tells Vallee that he looked into triangular UAP like those seen in Belgium from 1989-1990. D’Amato believed the craft were human and the project that makes them was illegal. “No money was ever appropriated for it. Intelligence groups like AFOSI continue to cover, distort, destroy data and generally make it impossible for Congress to find out what’s going on,” D’Amato added.

Note: Former SSCI Staff Director Christopher K. Mellon stated in 2021 he also looked into USG/USG contractor black aerospace programs for Sen. Byrd, in addition to the triangle UAP wave in Belgium for the SSCI. Mellon states on the record that “there is no such [secret U.S. triangular craft] program, we don’t have anything like that…it was definitely not, it was not something we had on the books.”

This conflicts with D’Amato’s comments, who assisted Sen. Byrd into his investigation into USG/USG contractor black aerospace programs, with D’Amato telling Vallee the triangular UAP were an illegal human program.

Mellon stated on the U.S. cable-broadcasted Episode 2, Season 2 of the History Channel’s Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation that “I don’t believe these are ours” with respect to triangular UAP, something the episode concluded. The episode was co-produced by To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, of which Mellon was an advisor.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 November 1992 — The book UFO Encounters by JB Michaels states locals believed a UAP crashed in Southaven Park near Brookhaven Lab on this date. John Ford, an investigator of this incident, stated he was worried for his safety; he told Michaels the UAP was shot down by a plasma beam using quark gluon technology via R&D being done at Brookhaven; he also claims DOE had done anti-UAP directed energy weapons testing in the past using technology at Brookhaven and Los Alamos. Of note, Mona Rowe, an employee at Brookhaven at the time, said she saw a UAP near the facility at the time of the alleged crash retrieval.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 December 1992 — British embassy in Washington D.C. writes to assistant chief of Air Staff in London re: USG reaction to triangular UAP sightings. Specifically, three years earlier, British Royal Observer Corps (ROC) member Chris Gibson witnessed a triangular UAP refueling from a KC-135 Stratotanker alongside two F-111s. The sighting became public in 1992, after which, British officials monitored USG reaction: “Secretary of the Air Force, Donald B Rice, was to say the least incensed by the renewed speculation…that he had lied to Congress by stating that Aurora did not exist.” [Aurora was a rumored name for a USG/USG contractor triangle craft reverse engineered from UAP technology.] British intelligence writes the situation caused “considerable irritation” within USAF.

Note: Former SSCI Staff Director Chris Mellon says he was ordered by Sen. Robert Byrd, chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, to investigate claims the USG was working on the black project Aurora. Mellon states on the record that “there is no such [secret U.S. triangular craft] program, we don’t have anything like that,” though it is unknown what conclusions were delivered to Byrd in a classified setting considering his counsel D’Amato believed triangular UAP were human.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 May 1992 — Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine III, when he was retired and around the time he was a VP for BDM and involved in contractor Psi-Tech, allegedly states there are structures beneath the surface of Mars and UAP can be tracked and their propulsion systems have been analyzed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 April 1993 — Documents from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) show a discussion between CB Scott Jones and Ron Pandolfi on 15 April 1993 which referred to the CIA asking Bruce Maccabee to produce a relevant briefing to the White House Science Advisor.

Notes made by someone inside OSTP state that Kit Green was involved in briefing OSTP while he was with General Motors and OSTP’s belief that Rockefeller and Bigelow’s interest in MJ-12 was irrelevant because “MJ-12 are bogus” and it feeds into paranoia of “new world order” to target Clinton. Presumably the notes are made by Jones. Jones previously served as an aide to Sen. Claiborne Pell from 1985-1991.

Note: CB Scott Jones denies direct knowledge of any inside information re: UAP and states if he were speaking publicly it would be for disinformation purposes, but ethically, he couldn’t do that (a lie?). Jones also states he doesn’t have any relevant information on MJ-12 publicly, despite the OSTP documents suggesting otherwise.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 July 1993 — Richard L. Huff in the FBI Office of Information and Privacy tells ufologist Nick Redfern it has a file on “Majestic-12,” but it is in “closed status.” The file is labeled “Espionage.”

Note: The MJ-12 conspiracy rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s when a series of alleged USG documents were sent to ufologists claiming to show evidence of coordination of the UAP issue at the highest levels of USG, USG contractors and private industry since the
1940s. The theory alleged that a “group” of key figures kept true UAP study, crash recovery, reverse engineering, analytics and communications processes secret and outside of Congressional oversight through the usage of illegal security controls, possibly through illegal use of unacknowledged Special Access Program (SAP) protocols.

The allegation of a group existing, possibly not by this name, is corroborated by VADM Thomas
R. Wilson’s alleged testimony (see 16 October 2002) and an unnamed DOD official’s recent comments to Politico (see 16 May 2022).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 August 1993 — The first public experiment for Project MARAUDER is conducted, a USAF Research Laboratory project to develop a plasma railgun. Two years earlier, journalist Danny Casolaro is found dead after investigating the use of Native American reservation land to test rail gun technology. Casolaro alleges Wackenhut Corp. and the Cabazon Indian Reservation used a joint venture to test the advanced weapon on sovereign land to circumvent U.S. law.

Note: It is worth looking into the possibly illegal use of Native American land for other USG weapons projects and any projects related to UAP study or reverse engineering. Wackenhut Corp. was later linked to allegations of secret UAP work at secure USG facilities by CSETI, a nonprofit that allegedly briefed members of Congress and the Clinton Administration in 1996.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 12 October 1993 — USAF Col. Richard L. Weaver tells ufologist Nick Redfern that USAF considers both the MJ-12 group and its documents to be “bogus.” Weaver cannot explain how the Air Force came to this conclusion and admits there are “no documents responsive” related to the alleged group.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 November 1993 — In a signed affidavit, AAF radio operator Earl Zimmerman states he heard many rumors of flying saucers in 1947 and once saw Gen. Roger Ramey in the base officer’s club with Charles Lindbergh, who he “heard” was on base because of the flying saucer business. Zimmerman states there was no publicity about Lindbergh’s visit. Zimmerman states later he was stationed at Kirtland AFB and Dr. Lincoln LaPaz told him the surface area near a crash had been turned a light blue.

Note: Lindbergh founded the Lindbergh Foundation, of which John Petersen was decades later the Chairman.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - December 1993 — Sgt. Dan Sherman (Daniel L. Sherman) provides a change of station orders form in which he claims represent his transfer from Project Preserve Destiny location 1 to Project Preserve Destiny location 2. His clearance is listed as TS/SCI/SBI as of 3 APR 1990.

Sherman does not provide a description of PPD location 1, only that a Cpt. Stanley was his sole manager on site aware of PPD. All others who worked there worked on USAF ELINT. Sherman uses the same terminal he used for IC comms, and is told he is part of the “first wave” of intcomm personnel.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 December 1993 — A declassified UK Ministry of Defence memo (DEFE 24/3152 p176) addressed to DI(ST) titled “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Study - Proposed amendment to NNR2/113” states “I am aware from intelligence sources that Russia believes that such phenomena exist and has a small team studying them…I am also aware that an informal group exists in the US intelligence community and it is possible that this reflects a more formal assessment activity.” A subsequent memo dated 19 June 1995 states under the subheader “The US Dimension” that “during discussions with [redacted] I have been told that they do not study UAPs but I have been told that an ‘unofficial’ grouping exists between the agencies.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1994 — Senior Counsel for the Senate Appropriations Committee under Sen. Byrd, Dick D’Amato, allegedly states somewhere between $40 billion and $80 billion annually was going into projects that could not be penetrated with a TS clearance and Senate subpoena power. D’Amato states the money was likely going into UAP-related projects; “you are dealing with the Varsity Team of all black projects.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1994 — Later AATIP scientist Hal Puthoff states in a presentation in Stockholm that he pitched vacuum fluctuation energy technology to several oil companies in the early 1990s including Pennzoil, Texaco, Tenneco, Marathon and Coastal. Puthoff states the companies told him they would “welcome” vacuum energy technology because oil resources were believed to be dwindling.

Note: This is likely not the whole story of oil firms’ interest in possible UAP-related energy technologies. One lead might be to check any testimony of an illegal control group and see if oil company personnel were involved, or if there was ever crossover between personnel on related defense projects and oil company boards/groups/front groups.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1994 — Grant Cameron states NPIC head Arthur Lundahl was rumored to have been the CIA briefing officer on UAP for at least three Presidents, used intelligence satellites to look for UAP and directed analysis of photographic evidence for the 1953 CIA Robertson Panel.

  • 2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference, p98

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1994 — Former New Mexico State Rep. J. Andrew Kissner states sources within White Sands Proving Ground and Naval Research Lab told him flying discs led to USG personnel deaths in 1947, that 2-4 flying discs were recovered that year, and the craft were processed and analyzed by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)’s Los Alamos National Laboratory and its Z Division at Sandia Base. Personnel from the JRDB, MIT, Brookhaven National Laboratory, RAND Corporation, NACA and the Rockefeller Institute also played “major roles” following the 1947 crashes, Kissner stated. He adds that Project Supremacy could have been UAP related, specifically the triangulated radar sites set up in New Mexico in late 1947; he states the 4062nd AISS group was at all three sites and responsible for UAP data collection per AFR 200-2.

Kissner added his sources told him the custody of the flying discs was given to the AEC and its national laboratories by classified Presidential Executive Order in July 1948, with the National Security Council (NSC) serving as overall program coordinator with support from Air Force Systems Command, the Naval Research Laboratory, and the Research and Development Board. Kissner unfortunately did not reveal his sources, which were never vetted. In 1974, the AEC was reorganized into the Energy Research and Development Administration and in 1977, the ERDA was reorganized as part of the Department of Energy (DOE). One year after Kissner’s allegations, the DOE told the GAO it could find no records from 1947 related to UAP crashes.

  • 2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference Proceedings, November 12-14, 2004 Las Vegas, Nevada

Note: On 29 January 1947, Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson and Secretary of the Navy James V. Forrestal established the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project (AFSWP), an agency to manage nuclear weapons jointly staffed by the Army and Navy. AFSP and Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Z Division established operations at Sandia Base at that time in New Mexico. It is worth determining if these facilities were ever utilized for UAP research as well, like Kissner suggests, and if elements of UAP research are controlled by AFSP/AEC/ERDA/DOE legacy classification mechanisms.

Note: It is worth determining if there are provisions in the Department of Energy Organization Act of 1977 or thereafter that allow DOE agencies such as the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) or others to retrieve material from other federal agencies or military branches and store it in NNSA or DOE owned laboratory facilities including but not limited to Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos, Nevada National Security Site, etc.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1994 — Jacques Vallée states a retired executive who served in the US Navy, Edward Dudgeon, tells him he served on the ship DE50 USS Engstrom in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Dudgeon states he was in the Yard at the same time as the DE173 USS Eldridge, and the Navy was trying to make the ships “invisible to magnetic torpedoes by degaussing the vessels.” Dudgeon states this is a “big secret” not that Eldridge was involved in space/time experiments. Vallee concluded the Philadelphia experiment story was disinformation to protect a very legitimate experiment.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1994 — John E Brandenburg, former consultant to the Deep Space Program Science Experiment with the Clementine spacecraft and former ORBITEC, Sandia, Mission Research Corporation and Aerospace Corporation engineer, claims he sees photographs of artificial structures on the dark side of the Moon in this year. Brandenburg claims he sees an image of a mile wide linear structure that looked artificial and “shouldn’t be there.” He states he was told when the Clementine mission was completed “not to interfere” with “an elite department team with the highest security clearance” that analyzed the images taken on the dark side of the Moon.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - Early 1994 — Sgt. Dan Sherman claims while at PPD location 1 and performing regular USAF ELINT duties as a cover for periodic Project Preserve Destiny intcomm duties, he receives his first comm from a source alleging to be NHI. The comms were as follows:

“Prepare for information string.”

Sherman provides the following as a sample: “118/67555/995500400043/47477899055/9400///“ He says all comms began with 118, a five digit “zip” and then the comms.

Sherman says the early comms were just numeric and he did not know who at NSA was receiving them once he inputted them into the terminal or what they meant.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 February 1994 — Jacques Vallée and Robert Emenegger talk about a new rumor that mentions Hynek saw autopsies, they say it is disinformation “managed from Washington.” Emenegger states Col. Phil Corso tried to give him a fake photo of an autopsy.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 March 1994 — Muskegon, MI National Weather Service radar operators see three radar returns, moving in unison bouncing in altitude between 7,000 to 12,000 feet altitude.

Residents on the ground corroborate this with reports to local police of multi-colored UAP in the same area. Soon after the sighting, a NWS spokesperson downplays the event saying the returns were not correlative with the UAP sightings, ignoring key evidence. In 2020 a local reporter told a resident he was told to kill the story by an unknown individual. In 2022, the NWS radar operator said he “kept his mouth shut” due to ridicule inside the NWS.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 1994 — Sgt. Sherman states his first higher level communication happened around this time when he took in too much mental communication and felt overwhelmed, and the alleged NHI asked him if he “intentionally changed planes.” The NHI then signed off.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - September 1994 — Sherman “changes planes” again when receiving NHI intcomm and the NHI asks him if he did it on purpose, to which Sherman replies yes. Sherman asks the NHI if the comm was unauthorized to which he received a reply “there is no harm in communicating on this plane.” The NHI tells him they are similar in makeup, and tells him “they” thought it previously impossible for a “water human” or “water vessel” to maintain intcomm on that plane.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 September 1994 — Army photographer Sgt. Frederick Benthal states he was flown into Roswell and taken to a crash site in early July 1947, and ordered to take photos of the crash and bodies. Most of his time was spent in a dark tent taking photos of the bodies, with dark complexions, thin with large heads.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 September 1994 — Air Forces Monthly writes on 26 September 1994, an object crash landed on the runway at Boscombe Down, UK, and shortly after, an unmarked civilian registered (CIA?) Boeing 737 and anonymous DC-8 visited the facility and two days later flew to Air Force Plant 42 at Palmdale, CA. They wrote they believed the craft to be a triangular “ASTRA,” Advanced Stealth Technology Reconnaissance Aircraft, the Mach 5+ hypersonic replacement for the SR-71 aka Aurora.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 10 December 1994 — Jacques Vallée writes there are two UAP projects being funded by Laurance Rockefeller: one is ran by Steven Greer which collects testimony from government insiders and works on UAP communication projects, and the other is run by Marie Galbraith, charged with obtaining “the best data.” A later entry claims futurist John Petersen’s ideology (see 3 December 1999) is at play in the organizations: “the aliens are here, real good guys, we must be prepared, a revolution is coming, disclosure,” etc.

Note: Petersen states he was twice the runner-up candidate to be the Secretary of the Navy, and he served in senior positions for a number of presidential political campaigns in the 1990s.
Petersen is also the founder of The Arlington Institute (TAI), a group connected to claims the Navy charged TAI with figuring out a plan to disclose ET “live among us,” and claims TAI may have awareness of the conduit between private industry and government UAP work. Petersen is also a Board member of the Lindbergh Foundation.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - Early 1995 — Sherman moves to PPD location 2. He does not disclose where this is but his transfer sheet suggests it is again a facility where USAF ELINT for is performed and a select few perform intcomm work too. He begins periodic numeric information string intcomm which like before he inputs into his terminal and is presumably sent to NSA.

A few days later, the second NHI at this location began communicating with him on the “higher plane.” Sherman says over the next 10 months they communicate on the higher plane several times, to which he learns the following: time does not have the same meaning for NHI and they can travel around time but not through time; the NHI says that any entity that realizes its own existence and has intellect has a soul; NHI has visited Earth for a very long time; Basque people are most likely to be hybrids; EM is used as propulsion; our Sun is unique; multiple countries are involved in PPD; Earth is in “geological infancy” and humans should expect “much change.”

Sherman also suggests the black project that cloaked PPD had to do with noise cancellation technology but that he was never briefed on it, it’s only his suspicion.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 31 March 1995 — Scientist Jacques Vallée states he ate lunch with John Petersen at the Garden Court and Petersen told him President Bill Clinton signed an Executive Order giving immunity to Gordon Cooper and Ingo Swann to talk about “what they knew.”

Note: If Ingo Swann’s testimony did inform the Clinton Administration and later the possible actions of Hillary Clinton’s team in relation to public disclosure efforts (26 October 2017), it is worth noting that in his autobiography Penetration, Swann claims through his work in the intelligence community, he was tasked by a secret group with underground facilities and cooperation from non-human entities (NHI) to perform various duties. One of them was to remote view the moon and alleged “humanoids” operating on the back side of the moon; another duty was to accompany a figure known as “Axlerod” to a secret location in the Alaskan wilderness where a triangular UAP periodically appeared as if on schedule and showed signs of interdimensional travel.

Note: Swann suggested the NHI/ET/UT were operating a “control system” or sorts that humankind was not aware of, but did not specify how it worked.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 25 May 1995 — American West Flight 564 and a USAF F-117A from Holloman AFB both observe a 400-foot cigar shaped object at 30,000 feet altitude. The object approaches the wing of the commercial plane, then minutes later, the USAF craft. According to FAA audio records, Albuquerque ATC contacted NORAD’s Western Air Defense Sector HQ at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, who informed ATC that NORAD was tracking a “search-only track” for 3-4 minutes where the UAP was reported. However, in the following months NORAD said it was a small aircraft whose transponder was not working.

Note: A 2013 FOIA response states USNORTHCOM found two documents related to USAF regulations, procedures or manuals that reference “Fastwalkers” and “Slowwalkers,” terms used to describe spaceborne UAP. The response states the documents are properly classified by USNORTHCOM, and that it did not search NORAD archives because NORAD is exempt from FOIA as a bi-national organization.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 June 1995 — CIA cancels the Star Gate remote viewing program. It encapsulates all previous work done by Gondola Wish (Army INSCOM 1977-1999) with F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater and Murray Watt, Grill Flame (Army INSCOM/AMSAA) with Joe McMoneagle, Ken Bell, Mel Riley, Fernand Guavin, Atwater, Rob Cowart, Tom McNear, Gemma Foreman, Hartleigh Trent and Wat, Center Lane (Army INSCOM) with McMoneagle, Atwater, McNear and Foreman, Dragoon Absorb (Army INSCOM and DIA) with Charlene Shufelt, Paul H. Smith, Lyn Buchanan, Bill Ray, Atwater and McNear, Sun Streak (DIA) with Schufelt, Atwater, Ray, Smith, Buchanan, Gabrielle Pettingell, Riley, David Morehouse, Greg S, Angela D, Gene Lessman, Guavin and Ed Dames, and finally Star Gate (DIA and CIA) with Smith, Buchanan, Pettingell, Riley, Greg S, Angela D, Robin D and Morehouse.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - Mid 1995 — Sherman states he begins to receive “startling” PPD intcomm data that he believed had to do with abductions. Data points like lat/long, potentiality for recall, residual pain, nerve response, body normalization were all included.

Sherman next decides to request a discharge to his non-PPD leadership, to which he was denied; he is also denied from his PPD commander, who tells him he was indoctrinated into PPD and would not be able to exit until PPD allowed it. Sherman next decides to use an aggressive strategy to discharge, something he would not disclose in the book.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 July 1995 — Rep. Steven Schiff comments on the release of a General Accounting Office (GAO) report detailing an audit related to an alleged UAP crash in 1947 near Roswell, NM. Schiff states important documents from Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) were “destroyed without proper authority.” Schiff says these raw messages would have shown how military officials in Roswell were explaining to their superiors what happened. Without them, a cover up could have been initiated by higher level officials. The records “should have never been destroyed,” Schiff added, stating the GAO told him the messages were destroyed in the mid 1950s without following proper protocol.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 November 1995 — A letter between environmental lawyer and Clinton Administration friend Henry Diamond and John H Gibbons, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, states Laurence Rockefeller “has been discussing” a best evidence report on UAP with Hillary Clinton and her staff. Another draft letter shows Rockefeller asked President Clinton to consider a classification review of UAP information.

Ufologist Grant Cameron later says Bill and Hillary Clinton traveled to Laurence Rockefeller’s “ranch” in northwest in 1995 where Rockefeller briefed the Clintons on Project Starlight documents; claims of a UAP coverup by a rogue faction in USG and private industry, etc; Rockefeller told ufologist Whitley Strieber that the next morning, Hillary told him never to bring the subject up again with them.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1996 — A 1996 manual dealing with emergency response items mentions the US Army 52nd Ordnance Group at Fort Gillem, GA provides EOD response to incidents involving “high technology devices” including nuclear, chemical, biological, etc. The 52nd Ordnance Group jointly develops its plans with DOE and is available on “extreme” short notice.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 January 1996 — Robert Bigelow tells Jacques Vallée he is interviewing to hire experts in the area of consciousness on 7 January 1996, including Ron Blackburn and “De Angelo” from SAIC and Larry Lemke, a NASA Ames engineer.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 January 1996 — The following people met in Las Vegas to discuss assembling a collection of relevant UAP data and materials: USAF Lt. Col. Peter McDuff, Hal Puthoff, Sandia engineer Marty Pilch, Arlington Institute head John Petersen, Sen. Harrison Schmidt, Los Alamos physicist Johndale Solem, USAF space surveillance advisor Dean Judd, Jessica Utts, USAF Brig. Gen.
Jim Whinnery, Emily Williams Cook, Oak Ridge National Laboratory engineer Theodore Rockwell, and Army Col. John Alexander. Journalist George Knapp was also there and mentioned his trip to the USSR, presumably where he obtained smuggled Soviet Thread-3 documents.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - May 1996 — A research paper by Lt. Col. Jack A Jackson Jr., Lt. Col Brian L Jones and Maj. Lee J Lehmkuhl of AFIT describes potential USAF air and space capabilities by 2025. On page 114 of the document, an “airborne holographic projector” is described that displays a three dimensional visual image in a desired location; the example given is a false projection of a stealth fighter. The description of the technology states it can be used for psychological operations and strategic perception management, with additional functions being optical deception, cloaking and providing a momentary distraction when engaging an unsophisticated adversary.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 21 June 1996 — British hacker Mathew Bevan is arrested in connection with hacking incidents related to USAF, NASA and NATO facilities. AFOSI Special Agent Jim Christy told the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations Bevan almost started a third world war. Bevan claims he downloaded files of space-related technology from Wright-Patterson AFB, specifically emails between employees about an anti-gravity aircraft the USAF was developing.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 August 1996 — NASA holds a press conference declaring “Life on Mars,” stating that rock 84001 shows biological signs of past life. NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin states “It’s an unbelievable day…if this discovery is confirmed, it will surely be one of the most stunning insights into our universe that science has ever uncovered.” Confirmation of 84001 never came, however, and the issue was dropped. Over the following decades, Goldin appeared in several public media programs discussing the possibility of alien life.

Goldin was appointed NASA Administrator on 1 April 992 by President George HW Bush and prior to that, Goldin worked at the Space and Technology Group of TRW for 25 years in Redondo Beach, CA; at TRW STG, Goldin managed advanced projects, some subject to Special Access Program security measures. STG, for example, worked with Hughes Aircraft as the prime contractors for the MILSTAR Program, a global, secure, nuclear-survivable space-based communication system.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 August 1996 — Former SAIC employee Denise McKenzie states she worked at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in San Diego, a large defense contractor. While employed there she states she came to realize SAIC had “millions upon millions of dollars in contracts” that had no activity associated with them.

She states when she brought this up to her superiors and asked about proper accounting protocols, she was sexually harassed. She states the same form letter was used to explain the non-activity projects were being worked on, but there was no documentation, suggesting to her it was a front for the re-routing of that money for black budget or extra-government projects. She states there should have been documentation and a timeline of events on those projects but at SAIC it did not exist for millions of dollars.

Note: McKenzie also alleges her supervisor’s real identity was declared dead years earlier, fitting a pattern of black budget programs allegedly changing the names of its personnel and faking their death certificates to more easily move personnel without oversight.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 August 1996 — Steven Greer’s CSETI allegedly briefs members of Congress with a list of projects and facilities related to the UAP/extraterrestrial matter. Among the government facilities listed include: Edwards AFB, Haystack Butte, China Lake, George AFB, Norton AFB, Table Top Mountain Observatory (NASA), Blackjack Control, Northrop “Anthill” Tejon Rance, McDonnell Douglas Llano Plant, Lockheed-Martin Helendale Plant, Phillips Labs, Area 51/S4, Pahute Mesa, Area 19, Groom Lake, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Kirtland AFB, Sandia National Laboratories, Manzano Mountain Weapons Storage Facility, Fort Huachuca and an underground complex southwest of Salt Lake City UT.

CSETI also listed private entities believed to be involved in UAP work: Northrup Aerospace, Boeing Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, BDM, E-Systems, EG&G, Wackenhut Corp., Village Supercomputing, Phillips Labs, McDonnell Douglas, TRW, Rockwell Intl., Booz-Allen and Hamilton, MITRE Corp., SAIC and Bechtel Corp.

Note: Haystack Butte is linked to one anonymous source claiming there are thick walls with wires embedded through them to prevent the escape of held live extraterrestrial entities. (Allegedly entities can dematerialize when surrounded by a strong enough electromagnetic field.) Dr. Michael Wolf claims to have been a UAP consultant to the National Security Council and states he heard “Star Visitors” work with government scientists at Haystack Air Force Laboratory deep under Haystack Butte at Edwards AFB. Wolf suggests underground installation is beneath Cheech AFB near Indian Springs, NV as well.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 August 1996 — USAF Master Sgt. Dan Morris, alleged NRO operative, states: “I became part of a group that would investigate, gather the information, and in the beginning it was still under the Blue Book, Snowbird and different covert programs. I would go interview people who claimed they had seen something and try to convince them they hadn’t seen something or that they were hallucinating. Well, if that didn’t work, another team would come in and give all the threats. And threaten them and their family and so on and so forth. And they would be in charge of discrediting them, making them look foolish and so on and so forth. Now if that didn’t work, then there was another team that put an end to that problem, one way or another.”

Note: The term Project Snowbird (Proword: Cetus) shows up in a disputed Project Aquarius document that alleges Snowbird began in 1972 and it was related to the test flight of recovered ET spacecraft in Nevada. It was allegedly operated by USAF/NASA/CIA/MJ12 according to that document.

Note: In 2009 an alleged witness “Stein” told ufologist Linda Moulton Howe that he was intimidated by Wackenhut officials who told him not to talk about offensive weapons that attempted to shoot down saucers. The Wackenhut “types” told Stein not to talk publicly about
UAP, surveilled him, and threatened him and his family.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 August 1996 — USAF Radar Controller Michael Smith states “NORAD knows about it,” was told that’s the only people he should notify when a UAP event occurred. Stated a sighting report he could file had two pages of information, and an inch of remaining pages are a psychological profile of the reporting person, family, bloodlines, etc. The USAF can discredit the person who reports it if they want to, reassign them, etc. So the incentive was not to report events.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1997 — Prudence Calabrese starts Transdimensional Systems, an organization focused on medical remote viewing.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 January 1997 — USAF Sgt. Dan Sherman claims he was recruited into Project Preserve Destiny run by the National Security Agency (NSA). Sherman claims under cover of ELINT training, he worked in Preserve Destiny on establishing communications with non-human entities. Sherman states he was assigned a classified cover mission that obfuscated his actual mission. Sherman’s accounts have never been verified but this structure was confirmed to be in use by the NSA’s “Core Secrets” programs including Sentry Eagle.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 January 1997 — Col. Phil Corso tells Jacques Vallée he may have been the subject of disinformation, as alleged analyses he received from Walter Reed Hospital showing autopsies of UAP occupants with scaly skin “didn’t seem right.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - March 1997 — USMC Lance Corporal Jonathan Weygandt states he was sent to a crash recovery of a UAP crashed into the side of a cliff that was made of a strange metal that had no reflection. Weygandt claims he was detained, threatened and told not to talk about the incident by unknown men.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 April 1997 — Lockheed Martin scientist Boyd Bushman is awarded a patent for a device that creates a magnetic monopole beam that emits pulses, levitates, degausses, stops electronics and separates materials.

Note: Magnetic monopoles have not been proven to exist in the scientific PUBLIC DOMAIN
and the technology matches the devices some UAP “experiencers” claim UAP occupants possess.

Note: Bushman also claimed before his death he worked on UAP R&D at Lockheed using debris and craft retrievals (see August 2014).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June 1997 — Former US Army Col. Philip J. Corso claims he came in contact with recovered UAP materials and helped seed them into US industry. Corso states in the 1950s he was a special assistant to Lt. Gen. Arthur Trudeau, head of Army Research and Development in charge of the Foreign Technology Desk. Corso claims some fiber optics, integrated circuits, and night vision technology was derived from information taken from a UAP crash at Roswell, NM and delivered to US companies like Hughes Aircraft, Bell Labs and IBM. Corso also states INSCOM provided some funding to a UAP working group, and that “mental phenomena” could assist in the remote piloting of spacecraft and missile countermeasures.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 June 1997 — USAF releases The Roswell Report: Case Closed by Capt. James McAndrew, which states alien bodies found at Roswell, NM and Holloman AFB were actually test dummies as part of balloon launch-and-recovery operations. The report does not address the dozens of affidavits published by Roswell witnesses over the previous 50 years.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - August 1997 — NASA sponsors a breakthrough propulsion physics workshop at the NASA Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field in Cleveland, OH. Vacuum fluctuation energy, warp drives, the use of electromagnetism for antigravity and superluminal quantum tunneling was discussed.

The workshop occurred at a time when Salvatore Pais, later inventor of the Navy’s triangle craft patent (see 2 November 2017), was working on his PhD dissertation at Case Western Reserve University while serving as a NASA Graduate Student Research Fellow at the Glenn Research Center. Twelve students were in attendance according to workshop proceedings, but it is not disclosed if Pais was in attendance. It is certainly possible, given his Navy triangle craft patent utilized vacuum fluctuation energy concepts.

Note: In the early 2000s, a NASA spokeswoman in a conversation between George Schmidt and author Nick Cook in Huntsville, AL, stated Huntsville was where big picture interstellar vision came together. But “breakthrough physics” which would lead to the creation of a “device” capable of high speed interstellar travel was managed by NASA Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field. She stated Marc Mills was in charge of the Breakthrough Propulsion Physics
(BPP) program at the time.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 August 1997 — NASA Marshall Space Flight Center physicist Ning Li, with David Noever, Tony Robertson, Ron Koczor and Whitt Brantley of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, publish a paper that states recent experiments show a rotating, superconducting disc made of yttrium-barium-coper-oxide (YBCO) is able to reduce the mass of an object suspended above it by 0.05% to 2.1%.

Li reportedly left NASA in 1999 to found the company AC Gravity LLC. AC Gravity was awarded a DOD grant for $448,970 in 2001 to continue anti-gravity research, ending in 2002. No results from the DOD research were ever made public, though the company still existed as of 2021. Ning Li passed away on 27 July 2021.

Note: In 2008, AATIP scientist Robert Baker who specialized in high frequency gravitational waves (HFGW) stated he hadn’t heard from Li in “several years.” She was working on HFGWs and superconductors for the US Army at Redstone Arsenal with AC Gravity, and Baker states she “never presented them with a final report” on the contract. Baker did not know where Li went or why she didn’t finish her contract. Baker also states he is working with Fangyu Li of Chongqing University on HFGW research at this time.

In 2019, Baker clarified he was on the Army’s oversight committee for Li’s contract and that Li never delivered a final report not due to nefarious reasons, but because she “didn’t quite get around to it.” Baker states he has communicated with Li since then and she “would play a role” in his current HFGW research.

Note: In 2020, Baker stated there was zero publicly disclosed funding for HFGW research anywhere in the world “except for China.” He states at this time he is still working with Fangyu Li at Chongqing University, and is also working on a HFGW project with Clive Woods at Louisiana State University.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 August 1997 — National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) historian Gerald K. Haines publishes what claims to be an extensive report on the CIA’s role in the study of UAP between 1947-1990. Haines says Project Blue Book purposefully covered up NRO overflights of U-2 and SR-71, deeming them unidentifieds or natural phenomena, but provides no evidence. Blue Book head Robert J. Friend states the story is “laughable,” implying that Haines’ report was created to purposefully wash away
the national security concerns of true UAP. Nonetheless, the news media picks up the NRO report and the concept that there is nothing to UAP circulates, and is promoted by CIA and NRO web properties.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 August 1997 — Ret. USAF Col. Steve Wilson claims a secret space program utilizes Vandenberg AFB and Beale AFB and is involved in shooting down unfriendly UAP. Wilson claims the craft used are reverse engineered man-made UAP such as the “pumpkinseed” craft. Wilson provides an org chart that shows Decision Science Applications Inc. (DSAI), which he claims consists of the directors of the relevant UAP black budget divisions from Rockwell, Martin-Boeing, IBM, Lockheed, McDonnell, Ford Aerospace (now part of Northrop Grumman), Aerojet Electro Systems, Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical (now part of Northrop Grumman), Kaman Industries, Rockefeller Company, Wackenhut and Fujika Company. He claims former Adm. Bobby Ray Inman leads DSAI.

Wilson claims there were 36 “MJ-12” members as of 1994, and this group exists in an intricate web that receives funding from Rockefeller Co., which also allegedly funds some of the companies mentioned above, and have personnel overlap between those contractors and NORAD, CSOC, the NRO, NSA, CIA and the Executive Branch.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - January 1998 — James Cox of Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology proposes seven types of antigravity devices can theoretically exist:

  • (I) Mechanical using high speed rotation based on the work of Laithwaite, Wallace, Kidd, McCabe, Stratchen, Delroy, Foster, Dean, Forward, dePalma, Hayasaka and Cowlishaw.
  • (II) Acoustical with no moving parts and employ vibration to alter nuclear interactions with gravity based on the work of Keely, Leedskelstein and Tibetan stone levitation.
  • (III) Rotating disc/cone using stationary electrodes at high voltage based on the work of T.T. Brown/Bielfeld and Bahnson, Naudin, Hartman, Nipher, Pages, Kelly, Rieken, Searl, Hammel, Davidson, Saxl, Halik, Shauberger, Carr, Hooper, Huaro, Smith and Vril/Shumann.
  • (IV) AC/RF or microwave EM devices based on the work of Alzofon, Tesla, Littlejohn, Sweet, Nielsen, Seike, Hutchingson, Farrow, Bielik, Zinser, Peshka, Schlecker and Smith.
  • (V) Solid state devices using antigravitic/shielding based on the work of Podleketnov and Schnurer.
  • (VI) Nuclear antigravitation that allegedly causes a breakdown of Newton’s third law based on the alleged work of Bearden, Wallace, Dan Fry, GIlbert Jordan, the claims of Robert Lazar (element 115) and Charles Brush. It is alleged that cold fusion with zero-point energy interaction can achieve this effect.
  • (VII) Biological antigravity devices involving the human or animal element to achieve weightlessness based on the alleged claims of William Crookes and Russian mirror chamber research.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 January 1998 — Bob Bigelow suggests to Jacques Vallée that he has an inner certainty that a dramatic development (a display by “the phenomenon” or a USG announcement) will happen soon. Bigelow is interested about the consciousness impacts such an event would have.

Bigelow was also giving money to John Petersen at the time who was developing “Day After” disclosure scenarios.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 March 1998 — Douglas Torr and Timir Datta of the University of South Carolina confirm they are involved in the development of a “gravity generator.” A leaked document from the Office of Technology Transfer at USC confirms this and suggests the device can create a “force beam” in any direction. The university states it plans to license the device but no further information is made public. Torr later founded PST Associates, LLC in North Carolina which had one contract from DARPA in 2006. Torr also co-authored at least one paper with Ning Li.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - August 1998 — Hal Puthoff (Earthtech), Bernard Haisch (Lockheed Martin) and Alfonso Ruedo (California State University) publish a paper for the Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center and California State University regarding zero-point energy of the quantum vacuum. The study specifically looked at one or more resonant frequencies that may be associated with quantum vacuum interaction for propulsion purposes. A later paper discloses the program is funded by NASA and independent of the Breakthrough Propulsion Physics program (see August 1997), and began in 1996.

Note: The triangle antigravity craft patent submitted by Salvatore Pais and Naval Air Station Patuxent River in 2017 utilized a similar concept and discussed specific frequencies used to interact with the quantum vacuum and generate anti-gravitic capabilities (see 2 November 2017).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - Late 1990s — Author Nick Cook claims he interviews former head of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Jack Gordon. While leaving Plant 42 in Palmdale, Cook allegedly sees a large chart illustrating the lineage of every Skunk Works aircraft since the XP-80. Past the DarkStar was something called “Astra,” an ultra high speed reconnaissance craft that looked triangular in shape. It looked like some triangular UAP sightings in the UK and Belgium in the early 1990s. When pressed, Gordon was flustered and denied the Astra was anything but an old airliner.

Note: Photographic evidence “ASTRA/AURORA” was mentioned in MOD files (see 12 August 2022), suggesting the British government is aware of Astra.

Note: Counsel to Sen. Robert Byrd Richard D’Amato (see 22 May 1992) stated he believed some sightings of triangular UAP were the result of an illegal human program.

Former SSCI Staff Director Christopher K. Mellon stated in 2021 he also looked into USG/USG contractor black aerospace programs for Sen. Byrd and claims “there is no such [secret U.S. triangular craft] program, we don’t have anything like that…it was definitely not, it was not something we had on the books.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1998 — USAF Master Sgt. Edgar A. Fouche states he temporarily worked at the Defense Advanced Research Center (DARC) in 1979, which he claims is a facility beneath Groom Lake with at least 10 underground stories. Fouche states he was recruited to DARC while he was working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at Edwards Air Force Base, which also had underground facilities.

He states a full antigravity propulsion system was developed, there is a secret space fleet using this technology, and he overheard conversations that suggested quasicrystals were an enabling technology for propulsion and communications.

Fouche also claims triangular craft have been built that are mistaken for UAP, contracted by Lockheed, Boeing, Northrup, Teledyne Ryan and managed by the NRO, NSA and CIA. Fouche claims the triangular “TR-3B” provides logistics and transportation support for the secret space program and they house a minimum of four crew members, the top 1% of elite pilots from the Navy and USAF. Fouche claims at least three prototypes were built and use “MFD” technology built from reverse engineering UAP at Sandia and Livermore. Fouche claims mercury-based plasma is pressurized, heated and rotated to create a magnetic vortex field which allegedly “disrupts” gravity’s effect on mass by 89%.

Note: A declassified study of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) shows advanced aerospace projects were performed by Wernher von Braun’s team at the Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA). A draft DOD Directive shows ABMA was considered for transfer into a “Defense Advanced Research Center” (DARC) that would be inherently linked to the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). It is unconfirmed if DARC was created, and if any advanced aerospace concepts from von Braun made their way there.

Note: Quasicrystals were largely ignored by mainstream science until they were “discovered” by Dan Shechtman who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this in 2011.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 March 1998 — Author Nick Redfern claims a source who was put into contact with him from AFOSI states a group of current and former IC personnel who believed UAP were demonic in origin called the “Collins Elite” published a lengthy document summarizing their beliefs. The report is not published but extracts are; they state the following: “STAC Reports (I to XI) describe the fall, collection, analysis and present whereabouts of unusual fabrics, foils, parchments, chemical residuals and biological material found at found locations in Lincoln County, New Mexico between 3 and 13 July 1947.”

The report mentions the Collins Elite met at the Loftus Boat on 23 May 1997 and that the Collins Elite was unable to convince CIA S&T at “PTC” of viability of sharing with the Collis Elite the “completed NORTH files on NM discoveries of 1947…S&T at PTC are aware of our briefing from STAC on their files but are reluctant to share NORTH material due to security issues that developed from the Nebraska debacle.”

Note: The “Nebraska debacle” may refer to the 25 November 1991 entry where two scientists connected with the the DIA and NSA allegedly claim in a face to face meeting in Nebraska that USG/USG contractors are engaged in programs that attempt to control non-human intelligences (NHI) and harness those NHI for military and intelligence purposes.

“STAC remain committed to advancement to media and population of both Mogul and extra-terra scenarios for NM fallings and discoveries and are troubled by Collins Elite wishing to advance THE THEORY to media and population. This writer privately engaged STAC Markale in conversation on 17 June 1997 and provided him with an amended copy of New Mexico Origins: Parsons, Hubbard and Babalon Working. Markale remains convinced that if placed into public forum knowledge of THE THEORY will irreversibly and negatively affect global social order.”

“This writer privately explained to Markale that Collins Elite initiatives prepared ot ensure a reasonably acceptable transition of the perceived true nature of the Lincoln County discoveries to public and media, as well as a reasonable long-term acceptance of THE THEORY can still proceed with limited social disorder if handled correctly. Markale is not convinced and speaks for the STAC membership.

Presently STAC-5 is privately sympathetic to the position of Collins Elite; he reiterates the position of CANDLE on 4 May 1991 that STAC is now “in too deep” with its attempts to reverse-control the situation and prevent enemy infiltration and deception beyond present levels.”

“This writer sees that disagreement on our part with STAC is unlikely to inflame situation beyond present levels due to STAC’s genuine sympathy with difficulties created for everyone by recent developments. STAC-5 informs this writer STAC totally rejects notion that Collins Elite’s Learning the Way paper that theorizes radically indoctrinating population with belief and faith — and revelation to media and population of true nature of Lincoln County discoveries — can halt enemy infiltration.”

“This writer remains greatly troubled by STAC decision to continue its relationship with contractors Jamison and Wylie who — according to STAC-5 — are still convinced that the “PARSONS TECHNIQUE” can assist in holding off the deception, infiltration and final invasion. This writer adheres to Collins Elite conclusion based on a reading of the original STAC Reports (I to XI) that any attempt to follow the path of Parsons will only result in a catastrophe of the type warned about in Parsons, von Karman and Goddard: A Door Unlocked.”

“STAC-5 understands this but consistently feels the need to reiterate that situation has gone too far for STAC to back down. STAC-5 also informs that WPAFB sources have had some success using the “PARSONS TECHNIQUE” in achieving spontaneous brief laboratory manifestation of materials very similar to two of those that “fell” at Lincoln County, NM in 1947. STAC-5 is of opinion that if long-term manifestation and stability of materials can be achieved and precise originating point of materials can be determined then this will assist NASA-TZER mission to answer the critical questions posed in our 1991 briefing to STAC, Entry Points — And How Do We Keep Them Closed?

“Until final outcome of STAC, NASA-TZER and WPAFB research in this area is known this writer recommends that Collins Elite continues to focus attention on planned disclosure to public of THE THEORY if STAC, NASA-TZER and WPAFB attempts to “close the door” are not satisfactory. This writer concludes that if this hypothetical stage is reached disclosure and intense indoctrination of faith and values at planetary level to radically and rapidly alter current population mindset is the only alternative that may prove successful in thwarting plans of enemy.”

“This writer considers the disclosure to media and population of the Lincoln County fabrics, foils, parchments, chemical residuals and biological material to be crucial and integral in terms of revealing the “Trojan Horse” aspect of THE THEORY. STAC-5 understands this too and agrees that only if present attempts by NASA-TZER and WPAFB-1T to prevent widespread infiltration and enemy deception fail that revelation, explanation of the “Trojan Horse” aspect of the Lincoln County fallings and indoctrination may be only viable alternatives.”

“This writer is encouraged by confident comments from STAC-5 that if present and near-future operations fail to achieve success STAC and Collins Elite would provide a united front that would allow THE THEORY to be presented publicly and quickly and in a way that was acceptable to STAC. For that reason and likelihood that enemy infiltration will not be thwarted by STAC and NASA-TZER methods [deleted] has prepared a unique briefing paper on the Lincoln County Trojans in the event that immediate and emergency dissemination of facts to media and population is required.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 June 1998 — Ufologist William Hamilton states he met an anonymous Colonel who was an aerospace engineer and a consultant to NASA. The former Colonel claims he
worked at several underground facilities and entered a secret undergrad Mag-lev train system at White Sands Proving Grounds. The Colonel allegedly knew someone who worked on a US antigravity program, who told Hamilton the public space program was a “sham,” and there was another “secret space program.” The secret space program uses craft and astronaut crews out of Vandenberg Air Force Base; craft capable of traveling eight-tenths the speed of light.

The source also alleged he worked hand in hand with a different race of human-like beings who were guiding their American counterparts. He states he worked in underground facilities on UAP derived technology at China Lake, Edwards Air Force Base and the Nevada Test Site.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 August 1998 — CSETI, an organization that collects testimony from hundreds of military witnesses, states it believes a covert entity utilizing an “Unacknowledged Special Access Program” security framework manages some aspects of the UAP matter and is (1) global in scope,
(2) has multiple levels of sub-compartmentalization, (3) exists in the privatized
contracting/work-for-others sector, (4) runs parallel to and separate from conventional intelligence projects and black projects and uses some for cover, (5) draws personnel from technology corporations and the intelligence community/military, (6) has access that’s based on project-controlled inclusion and not government oversight, (7) is funded by black budget monies and non-governmental capital, (8) maintains secrecy using force and illegal means, (9) has no oversight from the heads of USG agencies/offices it draws monies and personnel from and (10) has zero oversight from Special Access Program oversight mechanisms.

It is stated this covert entity possesses advanced technologies often mistaken for UAP, including “materialization/dematerialization,” faster than light travel and antigravity propulsion that is a threat to conventional military and constitutional chain of command. One intelligence source tells CSETI the “program” has considered the usage of manmade advanced craft in a “false indications and warnings scenario” in which the manmade UAP attack conventional military assets to make it appear there is an attack by hostile extraterrestrial life forms. The “program” is also allegedly considering the usage of technologies that “hoax” paranormal experiences in the consciousnesses of government/military targets, with adverse psychological effects. CSETI states this has already occurred and alien abduction scenarios are testing by assets of the “program.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 August 1998 — Ret. Lt. Col. Ron Blackburn of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works and co-founder of the ATP Group at BDM Intl. is awarded a patent for technology that increases aerodynamic and hydrodynamic efficiency of a vehicle in motion that includes sketches of a disc. Several years earlier, Blackburn states on a podcast he reverse engineered the capability to eliminate sonic booms at high speeds by using videos of disc-shaped craft he had access to.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 1998 — USAF Security Forces member Christopher Cabrera states he was stationed at Nellis AFB, NV at “Area 2,” a major nuclear weapons depot on the Nevada Test Site overseen by the Department of Energy (DOE)’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

Cabrera states while on patrol he and three colleagues noticed three bright UAP blinking in a triangle formation. The lights were extremely bright “it felt like it was daytime again.”

The group was later told to fill out an incident form, and told it “never happened” and they were never to talk about it amongst themselves or to anyone else. Cabrera states he was threatened by dishonorable discharge. The next day the Flight Chief addressed the entire staff saying there was no incident the night before. While at Area 2, Cabrera’s colleagues told him they experienced strange lights, disembodied voices and shadow-like “humanoids,” but Cabrera never saw anything else personally.

Note: Former SSCI Staff Director and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher K. Mellon published a slideshow from the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) while it was run out of the OUSD(I&S) on his website. The ninth slide describes AATIP’s DoD Threat Scenario, which states: “the science exists for an enemy of the United States to manipulate both physical and cognitive environments in order to penetrate U.S. facilities, influence decision makers, and compromise national security…DoD controls several facilities where activities have been detected.” It is unknown if the 1998 Nellis AFB encounter is one example AATIP was referring to, but it seems probable similar events are driving that statement.

Note: Other AATIP slides published on History Channel’s Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation show correlations were being made between “reported events,” “military facilities” and “nuclear facilit[ies] or equipment” in the U.S. and abroad.

Note: DOE/NNSA uses civilian contractors Mission Support and Test Services (MSTS) for site management and SOC LLC for site security for the Nevada Test Site.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - November 1998 — An allegedly leaked teletype is given to ufologist Tim Cooper from an anonymous “CIA official.” The document is sent to CIA’s “Weird Desk” among others, classified Top Secret “Jehovah” and discusses several items, including: the assassination of a Russian government source in charge of Project Kohtpoa (the Russian equivalent of USG SDI), tests in Kohtpoa had “hoped for positive contact but was not to be,” Russian source asking USG counterpart if results were
similar at Area 51/Dreamland, and the statement that “MJ Group” was seeking new funding before the “China problem surfaces.” Alleged funding sources for a clandestine (and possibly illegal) UAP management group were the “33 investors” and the IMF. The accuracy of this document has never been verified.

Note: U.S. media has been dominated by claims of a secretive UAP “control group” with names that include MJ, Majestic, Majority, PI-40, etc., but none of this has ever been verified. It is possible the above document and others are disinformation to obfuscate the existence of a real control group, is disinformation from a foreign intelligence service, or is misinformation created by a media group.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 January 1999 — Former CIA James Westwood, hired by Hal Puthoff to analyze MJ-12 documents with Robert M. Wood, suggested the MJ-12 Eisenhower Briefing Document was a fake once meant to fool the KGB.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 January 1999 — Bob Bigelow states in a NIDS meeting that he remains fascinated by John Petersen’s brief of “Day After” disclosure scenarios and adds there needs to be a contingency plan if it is confirmed “we are cohabiting on the Earth with non-human entities that controlled out destiny.” On this date, Hal Puthoff also connects futurist Michael Lindemann with Petersen who would create first contact scenarios with sponsorship from Joe Firmage. Bigelow remains convinced UAP is a “scenario-selecting agent” which implies humanity’s acceptance of it will determine how and when confirmation occurs.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 January 1999 — Executive Director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) Peter Gersten files a FOIA lawsuit in a federal district court in Phoenix, AZ to release documents related to the Phoenix Lights incident and the St. Clair Triangle incident in Illinois, both were triangular UAP sightings. The Department of Defense files a motion to dismiss the suit, and assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Patrick says the DOD conducted a reasonable search for information and could not find any results.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23 January 1999 — An alleged “Burned memo” from MJ-1 to MJs 2-7 from the JFK era is sent to ufologist Tim Cooper from a source who claims he was a CIA CIA officer who worked for Jim Angleton. He states the memo did not officially exist but he took it from a fire; he also states he believes the files of Project Majestic and Project Jehovah will be pried loose and that the CIA monitors civilian UAP research to keep the community busy with disinformation. He also states the “burned memo” with directives was saved after a President Nixon SCEO ordered all MJ-12 documentation to be destroyed within the Agency.

The draft directives themselves state several things including that UAP questions from NSC, JC or President should not be disclosed unless UAP display overtly hostile intent and “full disclosure” is required by law; Project Artichoke and Project MK-ULTRA will be used in “population centers” to assist with MJ Project Spike and Project House Cleaning; and there is a “psyop” component of the MJ group.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - March 1999 — Larry Rowlette states his father Sgt. Homer Roulette of the 603rd Air Engineering Squadron at Roswell told him about the “crash of a flying saucer” on his deathbed in March 1999. Rowlette states he was part of a cleanup detail sent to the impact site north of Roswell and that there were two other sites near Corona, NM.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 July 1999 — An alleged CIA source tells ufologist Tim Cooper the UFO control group ceased to exist in government in 1969 and became privately funded and was identified as Jehovah in 1992 and at one time was called Zodiac. He claims the original MJ-12 was a consolidation of two Pentagon projects Majestic and Jehovah overseen by a group of twelve institutions within military, intelligence and science; the highest classification as of the letter was termed SACRED, a follow-on to terms TRINE and UMBRA, he claims.

He states Majestic was a government panel appointed by President Truman to look into extraterrestrial contact and ways of detecting non-terrestrial signals, while Jehovah was a DOD project to back engineer recovered UAP hardware and research the physics of how the craft worked. He states J Robert Oppenheimer was appointed by Vannevar Bush to head Jehovah until the AEC took away his clearance in 1954, and by 1960, the group concluded UAP were a threat to US defenses and could instigate mass paranoia if they gained control of US defenses. In 1960 the source claims Eisenhower approved a joint defense plan written by MJ-12 that in the event the US came under a nuclear attack by the USSR through “EBE deception,” the US would not retaliate with the proposed USAF SIOP.

He also states in 1969, President Nixon was briefed by MJ-12 on UAP and all aspects of EBE problem since 1947, after which Nixon approved a SCEO that required intelligence community to purge all references to MJ-12 in their UAP files and to destroy documents that could connect MJ-12 to the JFK assassination. Recently, he claims the dilemma for those “in the know” is that extra-materialized entities (EMEs) have complete control over UAP and can appear anywhere as anything at any time; they have even deceived USG communication projects using remote viewing, he claims.

Other projects mentioned by him are a CIA Project Environment, which he claims along with Project Medea looked at damage caused by EMEs near nuclear facilities. The prevailing belief of the group is based on materials found in connection with an EME/UAP that a “worldwide invasion” is expected to begin by 2030.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 December 1999 — The Arlington Institute (TAI), a defense industry
non-profit, holds a board meeting with members including former CIA director R. James Woolsey, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts, and several media and financial industry executives. Meeting minutes show the group “had been approached” by a client to publish a white paper on the subject of life outside of Earth. Fitts later said the Undersecretary of the Navy was the client, who was interested in helping the Navy “adjust their operations for a world in which it was commonly known that aliens exist and live among us.” Fitts claims her time at HUD and after, as a contractor to HUD, exposed her to information that suggested slush funds were connected to FHA and HUD. Fitts believed some of the illegal funding was for domestic “clandestine military R&D,” some of which was UAP related.

Note: John L. Petersen was the Chairman of the Arlington Institute at the time and is who Fitts claims told her she could see alien bodies. Curiously, Petersen has also served as the Chairman of the Lindbergh Foundation, a non-profit working to decarbonize aviation and promote new technologies in aerospace. The Lindbergh Foundation was founded by Neil Armstrong and Gen. James Doolittle. (Doolittle is linked to the UAP subject by his investigation of “ghost rockets” in Sweden in the 1940s).

Note: What makes TAI’s meeting significant is former government personnel were allegedly discussing how to shape the public’s perception of UAP on behalf of a USG client with media industry executives present. John L. Petersen, Chairman of the TAI board, denied Fitts’ allegations and Joe Firmage, another Board member, did not recall the meeting described in the minutes. AATIP scientist Hal Puthoff and AAWSAP contractor Bob Bigelow are also linked to TAI’s Petersen and Firmage, with Jacques Vallée noting the four were connected to a series of futurist talks on UAP in 1999.

Note: In 2017, Catherine Austin Fitts published a paper with a Michigan State University economist that found $21 trillion in unauthorized spending in the departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development between 1998 and 2015. A university press release states the DODIG disabled key documents showing unsupported spending after the paper was published, and soon after, the DOD announced its first ever department-wide independent audit in its
history. Years earlier, Fitts believed some of the unauthorized funding was for domestic “clandestine military R&D,” some of which was UAP related and diverted from DOD/HUD to illegal programs.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1999 — US Navy engineer and Space Technology Transfer Consultant David Adair states he was taken to Groom Lake, Nevada to see the landing of a test rocket. Adair states when he was taken there on 20 June 1971 he was brought to a low flat hangar that was empty; the floor was a hidden elevator and he claims he was brought down 20 stories. Underground, Adair claims he was shown a “symbiotic engine” the size of a school bus whose alloys had an iridescent sheen. Adair states there was no obvious wiring on the engine and his handlers became uncomfortable when he asked where it was from; when he was angry he didn’t get an answer, the engine behaved differently, he claims. Adair suggests the engine may be able to be powered by mental thought but did not know the mechanism.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 May 1999 — SFGate writer Hal Plotkin claims sources tell him the Department of Energy is possibly involved in “fraud and deceit.” Plotkin writes that SRI’s Michael McKubre is generating heat in cold fusion experiments but the scientific community has little interest. Plotkin also claims MIT chief science writer Eugene Mallove tells him the Bush Administration’s Energy Resources Advisory Board (ERAB) mislead the executive branch when it relied on a fraudulent MIT report that ignored findings of a successful cold fusion experiment.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)’s Tom Passell tells Plotkin ERAB lied to Congress and told lawmakers cold fusion had no basis in further study despite knowing otherwise. He suggests DOE is ignoring successful cold fusion experiments such as those by Tom Claytor, and public DOE statements about failure rates are inaccurate according to their own scientists at Los Alamos like Claytor.

Note: The obfuscation of cold fusion experiments fits a broader trend that advanced energy sources may exist under DOE control and may be subject to a cover up. Triad National Security LLC, which manages Los Alamos, filed a patent in 2021 for aerospace vehicles that travel inside self-generated air-buoyant structures made of low density aerogel or vapor-expanded material in a spherical, cylindrical, torus, pill or lattice shape.

This is a similar description of a high-profile UAP case where an unnamed USN pilot told Lt. Ryan Graves he witnessed a “sphere encasing a cube” in 2014 over the Atlantic Ocean east of Virginia. Triad’s primary client is the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), a DOE agency, and it is comprised of three partners: Battelle Memorial Institute, Texas A&M University and the University of California.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 31 July 1999 — EarthTech and former CIA scientist Hal Puthoff emails former CIA Life Sciences Division analyst Kit Green and his life partner Kristin B Zimmerman about a story published in a UFO magazine by a pseudonym “Greg Halifax” about a UAP crash retrieval personnel member pseudonym “Sedge Masters.”

The story refers to Masters having participated in a UAP crash retrievals group known as “Zodiac,” of which Puthoff states “we have reason to believe the set of stories are only slightly fictionalized versions of a source’s experiences writing up records for the archives at WPAFB.” Puthoff asks Green if he’s ever heard of Zodiac, “which is supposed to be the true name,” not MJ-12 or Majestic
12. At the time, Green was the Chief Technology Officer of General Motors Asia Pacific, while Zimmerman was with GM Research and Development in the area of advanced design.

The Sedge Masters story itself describes the “blackest of American covert operations” that deals directly with UAP, collated from several different sources, and states a UAP management program exists that falls outside of the normal range of program activities and only members of the intelligence community with specific psychological profiles are selected. It states the program was called Zodiac, and had different subdivisions corresponding with different zodiacal signs, including Aquarius. It states the CIA had control over Zodiac as of the 1980s and between 1947-1980s, Zodiac recovered eleven UAP craft of different sizes and quality, some of which included live occupants of Nordic, small hairy, and tall “grey aliens” and short “grey aliens” appearance. Locations of recoveries listed include New Mexico, off the coast of Denmark and the Midwest.

In the story, an unnamed Col. tells a psychologist that during one crash recovery, a larger UAP “ship” appeared above the crash site and telepathically told the recovery team not to recover the craft. The team then experienced 90 minutes of missing time and were not able to share that information with staff at WPAFB until they were telepathically ‘released’ and able to do so; the psychologist states “the little gray bastards have thought control and empathy projection.” The story also states a file room at WPAFB has over 2 million accounts of UAP sightings by military personnel and US civilians, most of which were never investigated.

Note: Zodiac is described as a project “able to skirt the military chain of command with impunity, spend money earmarked for other projects, and generally do whatever it damn well pleased, all in the name of UFOs and their importance to National Security.”

Note: Ufologist Richard Dolan states he was able to figure out who actually wrote the Zodiac story, who was behind the pseudonym “Sedge Masters.” Dolan claims it is an attorney from defense contractor TRW, and that they may have actually spent time in Halifax, Canada, or may be from there (Halifax is mentioned as the location of a safehouse in the story). Dolan does not give the name of the TRW attorney he believes wrote the story and disclosed the name “Zodiac” for the first time publicly.

Note: TRW is mentioned again in the diaries of ufologist Jacques Vallée, who states that former CIA analyst Kit Green told him Eric Walker stated live aliens were retrieved, studied and “allowed to blend into” the human population. Walker was the dean of engineering at Harvard, former head of the JASONs, chairman of the Defense Science Board, senior advisor to the President and former chairman of TRW.

Note: TRW acquired BDM Intl. in 1997 (see October 1989 and see notes on ATP Group). Northrop Grumman acquired TRW in 2002.

Note: In 2021, former AATIP head Lue Elizondo was asked about Zodiac, to which he replied he had come across the name of the organization, but that he could not comment on it further.


(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2000 — Ret. CDR Will Miller told attorney Peter Gerston that senior government officials such as DIA Dir. “whom I recently met on this subject” are isolated from UAP knowledge; “keepers of the secrets” reside in DOD middle management and civilian contractors like BDM, SAIC, Boeing, Lockheed and the comptrollers who monitor the flow of money to certain classified and Special Access Programs.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 January 2000 — Jacques Vallée writes that Bob Bigelow calls him and tells him Jim West, president of tech company SARA, had the idea to engage Congress to stimulate the creation of a new Project Blue Book. John Alexander and others at NIDS are seemingly made aware of the effort, as is Kathleen Hollingsworth, an assistant to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 February 2000 — Jacques Vallée states millionaire Henry Dakin owns a
building that offers low rent to paranormal groups and projects. Joe Firmage’s ISSO is there, which houses former NASA official Creon Levitt who works on “free energy” space propulsion concepts. Vallee also states “some Russian genius” showed up with stories of a device that could propel itself without visible support.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 May 2000 — Jacques Vallée states he, Eric Davis and Hal Puthoff discuss an “attorney friend” of a former TRW employee who gathered her testimony that claims she was part of a secret reverse-engineering project called Zodiac. Eric has compiled his own file but it is not verifiable yet. (Note: That attorney is later suggested to be former Hughes Aircraft counsel Jeffrey W Griffith, and the Zodiac participant is suggested to be Mary Elizabeth Elliot).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 May 2000 — Vallee, Davis and Puthoff also discuss Kit Green’s claims that he was briefed at a “very high level” about three verified cases of “alien landings” in 1947, 1953 and 1984. Kit believes only half of the information in the briefing is true.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 May 2000 — Jacques Vallée states Hal Puthoff tells him about a “story” he heard regarding a SecDef black project audit. No timeframe is given. An unnamed Gen. who was Assistant SecDef at the time found a discrepancy of “only” a few million dollars and received a briefing; it was low-level maintenance work at a private contractor entrusted with keeping “some material” from prying eyes. He was told the material was from a crashed UFO but was not being tested at the moment. On 9 June 2001 John Petersen of the Arlington Institute tells Vallee the same story.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - November 2000 — Paul Czysz, WPAFB veteran and former
McDonelll-Douglas exotic technology employee, states a friend of his in Ann Arbor, MI figured out a way to tap into zero-point energy and control it. Czysz states this is very difficult to do, even in the advanced projects he was aware of. Czysz states the friend was “terrified that someone would kill him” for this knowledge, and the fact that he could control it. Czysz states as of 2000, he hadn’t seen the man in five years and they don’t know where he is.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2001 — The Advanced Deep Space Transport Technology Assessment Group (ADST) is active, and studies exotic propulsion methods. Little is publicly available about ADST but Eric Davis states its members looked at UAP data. Hal Puthoff was also a member, as were representatives from Lockheed Martin.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 February 2001 — A story is relayed to Jacques Vallée about cattle mutilations and a US Army black program. In 1977, Deputy Sheriff Jerry Simons under orders from Sheriff Darius Carter tracked three helicopters involved in a mutilation incident to Logan-Cache Airport. As Simmons tried to block a companion plane, he felt threatened by the helicopters and a man who got out of one of the helicopters. There was a US Army marking on the bottom of one helicopter but they were otherwise unmarked; the man proclaimed he had no identification and wasn’t going to provide anything, confidently smiling when the sheriff told him to stop the mutilations. Kit Green reacted to the report while Vallee heard it and suggested it was a USG black operation.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 March 2001 — Eric Davis tells Jacques Vallée the story of Zodiac, which allegedly involved real people like Dale Graff who ran RV experiments at WPAFB and Jerry Rosenberg of IDA. There are a reported ten Velobind volume at WPAFB with Roswell data concerning two crashed “manta ray” shaped craft, recovered bodies, foil material and a special study done by TRW. Eric has a file on Zodiac.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 2001 — In a briefing document presented to some members of Congress and the intelligence community, CSETI’s founders state a covert group controls some elements of the UAP issue using proprietary projects protected by corporate NDA and illegal special access programs (SAPs) protected by USG classification. The briefing states the group is quasi-private/public and operates transnationally, and is centered in industrial “work for others” contract projects related to the application of advanced extraterrestrial technologies. Compartments of the covert group are also involved in disinformation, public deception, UAP tracking and specialized liaison groups (to media, political leaders, scientific community, corporate community, etc). The individuals involved are personnel inside IC SAPs, black units inside corporate entities and select liaisons within the international community, religious groups, etc., the briefing claims.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 2001 — Ex Lockheed Skunkworks, USAF and CIA contractor Don Phillips claims Lockheed has extraterrestrial technology and “tremendous technological advances” have come from their study. Phillips states Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch is “getting pretty close” to what is going on, and adds that there is “a lot” going on in Utah, including where some of “our” associate scientists are working on UAP related technologies at private laboratories.

Phillips also said he started a company Light City Technologies Inc. where he mentions doing UAP related work and having access to certain technologies. He also suggests the company partnered with EG&G and contracted scientists to do work for them; it is unknown if those same scientists owned private labs in Utah where this work was being done.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 May 2001 — Jacques Vallée meets with a group including Jim Westwood, an intelligence consultant who had done extensive work for Hal Puthoff. Westwood claims to know that the MJ-12 documents are disinformation and suggests Roswell was a counterintelligence exercise designed to flush out spies. Westwood tells him a month later that “Puthoff really wants to find the hardware,” despite Westwood believing none such hardware actually existed. Westwood states an Operation Shocker used disinformation including false UAP data to trick Soviet Russia to believe the US had capabilities it didn’t; double agents were used for this.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 May 2001 — Aerospace illustrator Mark McCandlish testifies at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. that gravity propulsion research began in the 1950s and successfully reverse engineered recovered UAP to build three USG/USG contractor-made vehicles by 1981 and was kept secret. McCandlish describes their propulsion matches early concepts by Thomas Townsend Brown using electrogravitics.

McCandlish states he saw three antigravity saucers in a hanger at Norton Air Force Base allegedly called “Flux Liners.” He also claims Lockheed Martin at one time possessed a flying triangle shaped like a dart that flew with the blunt end forward, found in a crash retrieval operation in East Germany in 1989.

Note: Thomas Townsend Brown served on the initial board of governors for U.S. civilian UAP research organization NICAP with Col. Robert B. Emerson, RADM Delmer S. Fahrney, Gen. William E. Kepner and Brig. Gen. Thomas B. Catron among others. While McCandlish states the UAP he saw were based off of Brown’s research, more recent studies by mainstream scientists show no anti-gravity effects and attribute the phenomena to ionic drift. NASA has studied Brown’s claims and found no anti gravitic force. It is unclear if McCandlish, an illustrator, was simply wrong about the reverse engineered craft’s theoretical construct and they do exist, or if he is fabricating the information.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June 2001 — James Woodward and Thomas Mahood of California State University, and Paul March of Lockheed Martin Space Operations publish a paper on altering the mass of
small test samples of lead zirconate titanate (PZT), a piezoelectric compound. Woodward and March achieve small mass reduction with small energies and say large mass fluctuation of PZT could be achieved with only moderately increased power, but it’s beyond the scope of that study.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 November 2001 — Colm Keller reports at a NIDS meeting that more than 150 instances of black triangle sightings have been recorded including one that took off from
Wright-Patterson. The cases typically involve slow leisurely movement or triangle craft that “jump” across the sky.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 December 2001 — Colm Keller tells Jacques Vallée he finds a rare Project Blue Book file that shows Howard Cross from Battelle reported he witnessed a UFO on 2 October 1951 some 14 months before he wrote the Pentacle Memorandum. Cross was involved in titanium metallurgy as far back as Vannevar Bush’s war research.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2002 — Author Nick Cook states Hal Puthoff (eventual AATIP scientist, see 25 March 2022) tells him the “evidence is pretty solid” that there are black budget aerospace programs that contravene white world understanding of the laws of physics. Puthoff states the most likely candidate for exotic propulsion is the perturbation of space-time by understanding the link between electromagnetism and gravity.

Note: NASA BPP was working on five methods of antigravity at this time: (1) inertia change through sudden energy density change, (2) zero-point energy, (3) perturbation of spacetime through electromagnetism and gravity, (4) superluminal quantum tunneling and (5) gravity shielding through use of rapidly spinning superconductors. Puthoff claimed No. 3 was the most likely to be fueling the development of a black budget antigravity program at the time.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 10 January 2002 — Richard Niemtzow tells Jacques Vallée he was recruited to join a secret McDonnell study on UAP but declined. This was in the 1970s.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 March 2002 — A General Exon tells Eric Davis that two types of materials were recovered from Roswell: a light material with the consistency of balsa wood that was metallic and could not be broken, and a purplish foil with burn marks that could be crumpled up and would return to its original shape. Exon says beams discovered at the crash site had inscriptions. He did not know about any bodies but says the balloon story was a cover up.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 March 2002 — Kit Green tells Jacques Vallée there was a network of sensors he learned of while at CIA that monitored UAP but were camouflaged as environmental monitoring stations.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 March 2002 — Kit Green writes to Jacques Vallée and tells him he spoke with an Air Force physician, Brig. Gen. Donald Flickinger, MD. Flickinger told Green in 1994 that years earlier he saw “alien autopsy” materials when he was the first Air Force MD to make the rank of General Officer. Flickinger worked on manned spaceflight projects and after that, worked in the VIP health program in Green’s division of the CIA. Flickinger claims the autopsy materials were real, something Green also says: “I have never believed the notes were hoaxes.” Vallee writes this is credible evidence of a secret program with access to biological materials. Days later, Eric Davis says a Lt. Col. Dr. Robert Parvin Williams is alleged to have participated in an “alien dissection”; Puthoff also gives the names Dr. Robert Crowley and Col. John Grime.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 25 April 2002 — CMDR Will Miller writes to Eric Davis and Hal Puthoff and offers them his contractual services into research of UAP crash retrievals and entities within the government and outside of government that are “involved in that business.” Miller states he could do this without touching information that is classified. Miller also states he has particulars on a special team involved in (as a secondary mission) recovered crashed craft including the F-117; Miller states he knew the team, its successor, the parent sponsoring entity and two key officers who could provide information on UAP crash retrievals.

He also states he knows the name and last location of a senior officer who had first hand knowledge of USG alien reproduction vehicles (ARVs) at Area 51 and associated locations, and that he knew the name and current location of a retired senior flag-rank officer who was directly involved in government interaction with a significant UFO event on the east coast of the US. Miller finally states he has a list of civilian government contractors who most likely have involvement and knowledge of USG work in “alien-derived technologies, crashes, landing and associated events.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - May 2002 — Ret. Army Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden writes that he knows of several researchers working on related technology at the time: Jeff Cameron of Transdimensional Technologies (see March 2004), Hal Puthoff of EarthTech (Summer 1985), Jean-Louis Naudin of JLN Labs, James Woodward of Cal State University, Alfonso Rueda of Cal State University, Bernard Haisch of Lockheed Martin, Jonathan Campbell of NASA, Ning Li of AC Gravity (1 August 1997), Eugene Podkletnov, Hector Serrano, John Rusek, Kulikov, Corum, James Cox, Black and others.

Note: There are only so many anti gravity experts in the United States. Were any of them working on UAP-related projects using their public research as cover? Cameron referenced
UFOs in a press release in 2004. Haisch has reference them before. Puthoff participated in the Pentagon’s AATIP program studying UAP and advised the ATP Group at BDM Intl. on UAP from the perspective of the CIA’s remote viewing program. Did any of these scientists listed above hold unexpected clearances during the last three decades when they would have worked on antigravity programs?

Note: Journalist Ross Coulthart publicly states (see May/June 2022) Huntsville, Alabama is a location where ongoing deep black antigravity work is being done. Unknown if it is a legal effort or done using a control/funding mechanism outside of government oversight. Several of those researchers listed above have worked in Huntsville (Campbell, Li, Cameron).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 May 2002 — Jacques Vallée writes that UFO research has almost certainly been privatized in the US outside of government circles. He asks an anonymous colleague at the NIDS offices on South Polaris in Las Vegas where the effort was thought to exist. “Lockheed?” he asks, to which the colleague responds: “No, I rather suspect the Carlisle Group.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 May 2002 — Col. John Alexander tells Jacques Vallée he believes the Holloman UAP landing was a false cover story for a malfunctioning A-12 prototype.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 June 2002 — Commandant Jean Kisling tells Jacques Vallée that in the early 1950s he met “an older man with a long beard” on a private flight from New York to Paris. The man told Kisling he was with several colleagues to travel to Eastern European countries including the USSR to discuss UFOs. The man then allegedly told Kisling he was from a “secret Pentagon office” that had recovered “out of this world” material from a crash near the Mexican border close to El Paso. No other details were given.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 July 2002 — BBC News publishes a story that claims researchers at Boeing are using the work of Russian scientist Eugene Podkletnov (see 4 February 2020) to create an antigravity device. BBC reports the project is run in “top secret” by Boeing Phantom Works, and states documents they obtained show it occurs in a Project GRASP (Gravity Research Applied to Space Propulsion).

Boeing denies it is funding the project with company money, and then states it cannot comment on GRASP or “black projects.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 July 2002 — Jane’s Defense Weekly reports Boeing Project GRASP documents it obtains state “if gravity modification is real, it will alter the entire aerospace business.” GRASP’s objective is to explore anti-gravity and evaluate Eugene Podkletnov’s experiments. Boeing
states this technology could impact space launch systems, artificial gravity on spacecraft, aircraft propulsion and fuelless electricity generation.

GRASP documents also state the work could be engineered into a radical weapon; high-power experiments using an “impulse gravity generator” can produce a beam of “gravity-like” energy that can exert instantaneous force of 1,000g on any object, enough to vaporize it. Boeing GRASP documents state its examination of Podkletnov’s work show a gravity beam laboratory in Russia can already repel objects up to 200 kilometers away, something that could be used as a ballistic missile shield or anti-satellite weapon.

Boeing attempted to work with Podkletnov directly but were not allowed to due to Russian technology transfer controls. BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin also contacted Podkletnov but he stated he would only work in the “white world” as he is anti-military. Boeing documents seen by Jane’s Defense Weekly admit “classified activities in gravity modification may exist.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 September 2002 — Jacques Vallée states a “Brian and Tina in Arizona” tell him at a meeting at NARCAP head Dick Haines’ house that they saw a large collection of UFO and USO files at Norton AFB in March 1985. They claim many reports were from the Navy and showed objects coming out of the ocean. They were told they would be taken to see “something” in a hangar at Edwards AFB but it never materialized.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 October 2002 — EarthTech International employee Dr. Eric Davis, author of several AATIP products years later, allegedly meets with VADM Thomas R. Wilson in a car outside of EG&G Special Projects in Las Vegas. Davis transcribes the interaction where he was told the following: VADM Wilson found records of a UAP reverse engineering program using technology “not of this Earth,” it was protected by a special agreement between the DOD Special Access Program Oversight Committee (SAPOC)’s Senior Review Group (SRG) and a large defense contractor he would not disclose.

Wilson states Gen. Michael Ward tells him to go to a special projects record group in OUSDAT files not belonging to usual SAP, but rather a group of special legacy holdover programs from before SAP restructuring efforts of the early 1990s. Wilson has this confirmed by OUSDAT officer Paul Kaminski, Director of SAPCO Brig. Gen. Mike Kostelnik and SecDef William J. Perry that the special records group exists and is UAP related. It is a special subset of waived carve-out SAPs obfuscated in the records by cover SAPs containing false descriptions. Wilson seemingly narrows down four UAP related SAPs and has these confirmed by Kaminski, Kostelnik and Perry, who tell him he has the correct contractor, only described as an undisclosed aerospace contractor, “one of the top ones in the US with intelligence in its portfolio.” Wilson states Perry wanted an investigation into cost overruns at the programs but was told to drop it by an undisclosed party.

Wilson next calls a program manager attached to the records group, who is joined by a security director and a corporate attorney, who are surprised when he discovered their program(s) are actually
UAP related (Wilson asks them about crashed UFOs and MJ-12). Wilson states they tell him they’re a “watch committee” of sorts, organized after an audit almost blew their cover, and a special agreement was struck between them, the auditor and SAPOC SRG to prevent disclosure in the future.

Wilson is invited to a facility, undisclosed, and meets the three individuals in a secure vault and is given a tour of the program He sees a bigot list 1990-1993 that has no Executive Branch, no staffers, no Clinton/Bush administrations, a few recognized names from OUSDAT, one from NSC and another Pentagon SES employee; most names were corporate scientists and engineers. Wilson is told it was not a weapons, intelligence or special ops program, it was a reverse engineering program from “something recovered years ago in the past,” technological hardware, an intact craft they believed could fly through space/water/air/dimensions. The PM next tells Wilson it is likely “not of this Earth, not made by human hands.” He is told the program had very slow progress and there was no collaboration.

Wilson next states he meets the SRG twice and asks for formal access to the four SAPs and is denied, and told by a leader in the SRG that if he doesn’t drop the matter, he will get early retirement and lose 1-2 stars. Wilson also states he talks to USDAT Jacques Gansler about the matter, who tells him UFOs are “real,” but alien abductions are not. Gansler also tells Wilson to drop the matter.

At the end of Davis’ and Wilson’s meeting, the contractor TRW is mentioned in relation to a Hughes Aircraft attorney Jeffrey W. Griffith and a client of his Mary Elizabeth Elliott. No additional context is given. Names not mentioned in the notes but are relevant include others involved in SAPOC or the SRG at the time: Noel Longuemare Jr., John P. White, John J. Hamre, William F. Moore, Richard “Dick” Williams and Gansler. Others involved in SAPOC who may be aware of the special agreement at the time of the SAP restructuring include John Deutch, Walter Slocombe, William A. Owens, Emmett Paige Jr., Lin Wells, John Ellis, Charles Bill Moore, Kostelnik and Kaminski.

Note: The notes of this meeting originated from the estate of late astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who worked with Davis at the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDSci) and presumably received the notes at a NIDSci meeting afterwards.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 2002 — A three-foot orb moves along the perimeter fences of Area 2, a weapons storage area for the Nevada Test Site (Nevada National Security Site) overseen by the Department of Energy (DOE)’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). Security teams on site chase it, and the UAP eventually outpaces the personnel. It is unlikely these NNSA UAP events have
ever made their way into the hands of Congress, and unknown how many of them are tracked in incident reports like described in October 1998 entry.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - November 2002 — British hacker Gary McKinnon is arrested for hacking into

U.S. Army and NASA computers over the previous two years. McKinnon claims an image held at the Johnson Space Center’s Building 8 showed a “cigar shaped”object floating above the northern hemisphere in low-Earth orbit. McKinnon also stated he found an Excel document on a NASA server titled “non-terrestrial officers” that had the ranks and names of unknown USAF personnel. Another sheet had tabs for “material transfers between ships,” and when McKinnon tried to search the names of the ships, he did not find any corroboration in the PUBLIC DOMAIN. “ McKinnon used the program Landsearch to search files and folders on every machine. “

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 November 2002 — The Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry delivers its final report to Congress; it recommends a series of public policy reforms to enable the aerospace industry to create superior technology.

Members of the commission include George W Bush senior advisor on science, space and technology Robert S Walker, USAF Whitten Peters, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, General Aviation Manufacturers Association CEO Edward M Bolen, former Assistant Secretary of the Navy for RDA John Douglass, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter aerospace analyst Heidi Wood, CSIS CEO John J Hamre, Defense Science Board Chairman William Schneider, Lockheed Martin President Robert J Stevens, IAM Intl. President Tom Buffenbarger, and Holland & Knight LLP Partner Tillie Fowler.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 March 2003 — Stanford professor Peter Sturrock confides to Jacques Vallée that he believes Hal Puthoff’s work on zero point energy is full of “circular arguments.” Sturrock mentions Puthoff points to the significance of the ratio e/m but failed to see that he’s also redefining mass. Sturrock says he’s sent Bernard Haisch at Lockheed Martin six questions like that but Haisch never responded. Vallee says he fails to understand Puthoff’s argument as well.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 May 2003 — Kit Green tells Jacques Vallée that a rock from Socorro, NM that allegedly had traces of metal abrasions from the landing gear of a UFO was analyzed at NASA-Goddard as early as 1964. The metal consisted of zinc and iron in an unusual ratio. Green says the samples arrived in CIA possession in 1982 and re-analyzed at Los Alamos, to which it was concluded it was an
aluminum-titanium alloy not from Earth. In 1992, Green used resources at General Motors (while serving as executive director of materials research) to study the sample. Green’s work at GM corroborated the material was titanium and aluminum.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 May 2003 — MITRE provides conference for several scientists to showcase their HFGW research including Robert M. Baker, Heinz Dehnen, Fernando Romero-Borja, Chincarini and Gianluca Gemme, Gary V Stephenson, Pankaj S Josh, Ning Li, Giorgio Fontana, Fang-Yu Li, Meng-Xi Tang, Dong-Ping She, Melvin A Lewis, Marc G Mills, M Portilla, Valentin N Rudenko, Paul A Murray, Nikolai N Gorkavyi, Glen A Robertson, Roger Clive Woods, Leonid P Grishchuk, George D Hathaway, H David Froning Jr, Terence W Barrett, Hal Puthoff, Michael Bison and Eric W Davis.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 May 2003 — Former Airman First Class Charles J Hall releases a book stating he worked at Nellis AFB between 1965 and 1967 and while there was observed by “tall whites,” entities who were taller than normal humans and presumed to be extraterrestrial in origin. Hall claims Nellis has a hangar entrance for deep space craft to the northwest of Dog Bone Lake and tunnel entrances to the northwest in Pintwater Range.

Note: The term “tall whites” shows up in claims from Iranian officials that “tall whites” control America in 2014, and tangentially from former Israeli space official Haim Eshed who states the US, Israel and ET have a cooperation agreement and there is a shared operating facility on Mars; Eshed states the “Galactic Federation” says people are not ready to know this.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 June 2003 — NASA engineer Larry Lemke tells Lockheed scientist Bernard Haisch, as relayed to Jacques Vallée, that Lemke’s father worked on advanced hardware that “seemed to have come from beyond Earth.” Lemke and other unnamed sources tell Haisch that there are now four projects dealing with UAP matters, dispersed among USG contractor facilities.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 2003 — Civilian Dion Fuller claims he met “Lee” at an apartment complex in Pacific Beach, CA, after he had allegedly gone AWOL from nearby Camp Pendleton, stolen 25 pairs of night vision goggles, a pistol from Iraq, a DOD laptop and an entire truck; Fuller states Lee scrolled through allegedly classified files on the laptop in front of him marked TOP SECRET and soon after, Fuller claims three NCIS agents arrived and searched the premises, detained him for six days and threatened him before letting him go.

In the following months, Fuller claims he was followed by military-looking men with the following license plates: 4U49864 (white truck), 5DA726 (white sedan), 4WEP4HEP852 (brown Honda),
SE4JPL (white Toyota), 5BEA709 (Escape), 4EPW827 (black Acura), 809-E2G (Forerunner), 4AMP126 (white Toyota) and 4JPL825 (Xterra SE).

Fuller later meets Richard Schowengerdt, founder of Project Chameleo, who claims he has successfully developed a technique to make men invisible; his research is more advanced than work by “Tachi” or Duke University; Schowengerdt’s research has been used in the field of electromagnetics working at the Navy Metrology Engineering Center (MEC), the Naval Sea Systems Command Technical Representative Office (NAVSEA TECHREP AEGIS), and with the Naval Reserve at the Miramar Naval Air Station and the Naval Air Station in Pt. Mugu.

As of 2015, he worked with Northrop Grumman working on the EA-18G Growler; his private experiments with electro-optical camouflage began in 1987 and took shape in 1993 with Project Chameleo, securing Patent No. 5,307,162 “Cloaking Using Optoelectronically Controlled Camouflage” in 1994. Fuller believes SAIC may be responsible for harassment by seemingly invisible individuals and this may be connected to the “MiLAB ‘’ phenomena, i.e. fake alien abductions.

Schowengerdt states the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group visited him in 2005 to determine if his technology could be applied by the year 2025; during a presentation at a Military Sensing Symposium in Charleston, SC, he states he was giving a presentation for Army, Navy, Air Force and contractor personnel and halfway through, the moderator told him someone in the audience claimed he was revealing Top Secret information when he mentioned a “chameleonic” Future Soldier program; he states he wasn’t aware anything like that was operational; he was then detained by 3-4 personnel who made him prove the information was in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Schowengerdt states as of 2005 he worked with the Defense Contract Management Agency in El Segundo, and his supervisor knew of Project Chameleo; he states this technology not only can render a craft or a person invisible but it can project a rendering of something else like a tree or an animal for psychological warfare purposes; he states it’s possible this sort of technology could be advanced in a black project through reverse engineered UAP R&D; he also states he believes information about the UAP issue has been “leaked” in a controlled manner since the 1950s.

When Schowengerdt hears of Fuller’s claims of invisible harassment, he suggests SAIC “may have stolen [his] idea…I really do,” adding he had a meeting with an individual from SAIC in 1995-96; he states SAIC had come up with similar chameleonic cloaking technology in isolation; he states SAIC had a contract with the Army at that time; he adds he wouldn’t be surprised if the technology is being experimented covertly on Americans; he states he gave the Navy a tour of his lab and they were impressed but as of 2005 he did not have a contract with them.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 21 July 2003 — White House Army Signaling Agency specialist Stephen Lovekin states he received briefings concerning UAP while at Pentagon or at White House Com Center, states his colleagues discussed there were 3-5 “extraterrestrial” bodies recovered and one was alive; military was working with materials recovered including a metallic piece with symbols on it; states he
was at Camp David and Eisenhower was concerned about losing control to the military industrial complex, states he heard from others Einsenhower was being kept out of information regarding UAP later in his term.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 August 2003 — Jacques Vallée meets with Kit Green and Kristin B Zimmerman in Detroit, MI. While at Wayne State University, Green shows Vallee a study he conducted where test subjects who believed they had communication with aliens were shown a series of slides, including one in which a photo of an “alien face” is inserted. Green claims the image was from Los Alamos National Lab. He says he was given the data “through Hal” from a series of analyses done at LANL on “live aliens” from 1950-51. Green didn’t know if the photo was real but Zimmerman admits they may have been “fed” classified materials and Green used the materials to perform research on unsuspecting subjects. Green also conducts General Motors research here, where he is employed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23 August 2003 — Jacques Vallée writes that Hal Puthoff and John Petersen of the Arlington Institute “assure” him there is only one “black UFO operation” and that it likely has to do with hardware. Vallee is confused why there would be biological data in Kit’s hands and elsewhere if this were really the case. Vallee also states former DCI William Colby told Green he “deserve[d] to know,” but wouldn’t confirm alien biology outright.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 10 September 2003 — Bernard Haisch of Lockheed Martin states Hal Puthoff tried the “front door” approach to get into the secret UFO black program he believed existed. Puthoff wrote to a Pete Aldridge and Under Secretary Jacques Ganser but did not get a reply. Haisch believed the program was split into four parts and about 200 people were on the bigot lists. An unnamed individual “The General” was believed to still have access and was retired and working for an oil company when he met Puthoff at the suggestion of John Petersen.

That general is later revealed in a 18 September 2003 entry to be Jack Sheehan, now working for Bechtel in oil exploration. Sheehan states he saw and touched a “craft” but would not reveal more. Sheehan states he uncovered the UFO black project by discovering a $9B discrepancy.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 September 2003 — Jacques Vallée states Hal Puthoff was a part of John Petersen and the Arlington Institute’s “semi-official” scenario exercise that included role playing in various situations of potential ET contact.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 October 2003 — Hal Puthoff admits to Jacques Vallée in a car that he wouldn’t tell Vallee everything about the secret black UFO program to protect one critical “deep throat” and in case Vallee is ever polygraphed. Puthoff states that the ATP Group in the 1980s, sponsored by BDM Corp. and led by Col John Alexander, was killed because “there was already another project.” Puthoff states it was “deeply black” and “somebody” didn’t want it exposed or duplicated.

Puthoff also shows Vallee the VADM Thomas Wilson notes on this date and states they were written by Eric Davis. Puthoff says to “join” the project you have to have something major to contribute. “What are our chances? We don’t even know who the major contractor is,” he says. Vallee believes Wilson may be polygraphed at his next job as President of ATK Missiles because he may have leaked privileged information to Davis. Vallee also states he is told that the program was inside government but under Nixon it was transferred to a private contractor to secure it.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - March 2004 — Huntsville, AL company Transdimensional Technologies LLC states it is working on anti-gravitic technology for commercial applications and references UAP in a press release. Founder Jeff Cameron states the company is working with NASA and it is exploring transportation, military and space travel applications of its “Power Cubed” technology. The company obtains investment from local Huntsville businessmen Remigrius Shatas and Robert Asprey (founders of Cyber Corp., later Avocent), and additional investment from 2C Computing and local venture capital firm R&R Ventures, of which Asprey was also a partner. The company’s state filings are still active but its website is no longer online and it no longer provides updates to the public on its antigravity research. It was located at 906-E Bob Wallace Ave., Huntsville, AL 35801.

An archived version of the company’s website also shows it was developing a non-lethal weapon known as Medusa and a gravitational wave propulsion system. It suggests clients include military and NASA, and the Power Cubed propellantless propulsion rotor was developed on contract with NASA MSFC (H31066D).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 March 2004 — Former NIDS consultant James Westwood tells Jacques Vallée there are four secret “iron post” sources that Hal Puthoff and Eric Davis deem to be unimpeachable and connected to the IC. They confirm the existence of one hidden project reverse engineering “alien”hardware. Westwood writes two are senior flag officers, one is defense industry/high OSD official and one is civilian high office of the Reagan/Clinton administrations. Two are VADM Thomas Wilson and Gen. Jack Sheehan, the other two are unnamed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 March 2004 — Eric Davis speaks to former Pres. George Bush Sr. on the phone about Phil Corso’s claims. Davis asks Bush if Corso could have been “mistaken” and he was
actually just dealing with recovered Nazi hardware. Bush Sr. told him it was “impossible” and “the two topics were clearly separated.” Bush Sr. tells Eric the Holloman AFB film of a landed UAP was “the real thing.” Bush Sr. also states there was a secret project and the security was “obscene.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 March 2004 — Jacques Vallée states Eric Davis received an envelope from a source inside DIA that contained notes about “fake” MJ-12 papers to mislead ufology and notes about a secret DIA project. The notes said DIA took over a collection project in 1961 and by the early 1980s, RADM E.A. Burkhalter Jr. and his deputy Col. Roy K. Jonkers were in charge of the UAP project. Eric Davis possessed an org chart dated 1981. Dr. Jack Vorona is listed as an assistant vice director for scientific and technical intelligence.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 March 2004 — Jacques Vallée writes that while at a meal with Kit Green, Hal Puthoff, Eric Davis and Kristin B Zimmerman, the group speculates that the four USG contractors who touch the “real” UAP project(s) are Lockheed Martin, the Aerospace Corporation, Raytheon which now owns Hughes, and Northrop-Grumman which now owns TRW.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June 2004 — Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts writes in a paper that a “large proportion of the nation’s wealth is being illegally diverted…into secret, unaccountable channels” to support clandestine domestic military R&D. She claims that while at HUD, she came across evidence to suggest IT/accounting systems providers Lockheed Martin Information Systems, Dyncorp and AMS Inc. were responsible for the obfuscation and may have data on where missing DOD/HUD funds were siphoned to. Fitts also claims that complaints about AMS were answered by the Pentagon with its hire of IBM, but IBM in turn, subcontracted AMS, Lockheed, Dyncorp, SAIC and Accenture to manage the systems that failed a GAO audit.

Fitts also claims AMS violated fiduciary and control practices by “installing its own equipment and software with no parallel runs against the legacy software and accounting system.” AMS was hired by HUD in 1996 to manage internal accounting and financial controls and Fitts claims while she was at HUD, AMS’s actions led to $76 billion in undocumentable transactions.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - August 2004 — Alleged US Army/DIA official John Maynard states Atlantic Research Corporation is deeply involved in the UAP matter. TRW, Johnson Controls and Honeywell are mentioned as well that allegedly receive money to work on highly compartmentalized waived unacknowledged Special Access Programs where only four people knew what was happening. Maynard claims some UAP information is controlled by three families: the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the Hapsburgs. CSETI (see 13 February 2009) was partially funded by Laurance Rockefeller.

Note: To more deeply probe the connections between wealthy entrepreneurial families and funding of possibly rogue UAP projects, one would want to look at linkages between: (1) all members of those families, (2) all front companies linked to those families and (3) all meetings held by those families and the aerospace world. If intermediary funding mechanisms are used one would also want to look for linkages between those families and organizations that may fund aerospace related projects. See possible example: the Lindbergh Foundation (see 3 December 1999).

Note: USAF Project Outgrowth (see June 1972) referenced Atlantic Research Corporation. Outgrowth’s lead Franklin Mead studied advanced propulsion concepts for decades at Edwards AFB and it is curious to see Atlantic referenced there, given Maynard’s claims it was involved in UAP work. Other companies referenced alongside Atlantic in Outgrowth at the time were Armour Research Foundation, IIT Research Institute, United Aircraft Research Laboratory, Chrysler Corporation, Lockheed Missiles and Space Company, Aerojet General Corporation, Physics International Company and Pratt and Whitney.

Note: Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, a materials scientist who has worked at Atlantic Research Corporation, Army’s Ballistic Research Laboratory and several universities, claims some negative entities use humans as a power source. Sarfarazi is an acclaimed materials scientist who studied plasma physics and the crystalline structure of materials for various applications. After retirement he began speaking in the PUBLIC DOMAIN about “negative” entities affecting human minds and personal communications from other positive entities.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 August 2004 — Kit Green tells Jacques Vallée that Andrew Basiago’s claims of time viewing and time travel under a Project Pegasus are exaggeration. Green says there was a project like what he’s describing but says it failed and it created delusions in its participants. Hal Puthoff says he had no evidence such a project existed at ARPA.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 August 2004 — Former NIDS contractor Jim Westwood tells Jacques Vallée that Charles Bowsher, former Comptroller General under President Reagan, states he found a “crashed UFO program” during a large audit of classified programs. Bowsher uncovered it in 1984-85, which he called a “bizarre special access program coverup which surely violated every classification, executive order, regulation, and Congressional rule.” Bowsher considered turning it over to the Department of Justice for prosecution, but an unnamed powerful individual in the DOD squashed it. Bowsher said the program had to do with an “exotic, non-Earthly vehicle.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2004 — Ufologist Bill Cooper claims underground bases under control of Naval Intelligence utilize cooperation between aliens and humans in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. Cooper claims some are built beneath Native American reservations for cover, something the research of Danny Casolaro into Wackenhut also seems to suggest (see 1 August 1993).

Cooper also claims a secret fund was organized and kept by the Military Office of the White House in the 1950s, specifically the White House Underground Construction Fund by President Eisenhower, that assisted the building of underground military bases for human-alien collaboration and for general operations of a UAP control group “MJ-12.” Cooper claims Rep. George Mahon, Rep. Robert Sikes and Rep. Jim Wright knew of the effort.

Cooper also claims money was transferred from the top-secret fund to a location at Palm Beach, FL belonging to the Coast Guard called Peanut Island, a property near a facility owned by Joseph Kennedy. Cooper also claims Eisenhower set up Majority Twelve through NSC 5410 as cover, its names having changed to the Special Group under Kennedy, the 40 Committee under Nixon, Ford and Carter, and the PI-40 Committee under Reagan. Alleged Study Group members include Gordon Dean, Zbigniew Brzezinksi, Henry Kissinger and 34 others, and meetings were allegedly held at Marine Base Quantico, VA where the group was known as “Quantico II.” The meetings were held using the code name “The Country Club.”

Cooper claims these meetings led to the creation of Project Joshua and Project Excalibur, and that Rand Corporation was involved in the construction of underground facilities, and that the illegal drug trade using smuggling operations from Zapata Oil assisted in funding.


  • 2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference, p225

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2004 — Jon Ferry, Marconi director, working on a cross-universe communication system and was considered an information leak having to do with a power source that was unlimited and self-sustaining.

  • 2nd Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference, p208

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 November 2004 — Gen. Wesley Clark says faster than light travel is possible in 2004.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 November 2004 — USS Princeton radar technicians state two “unknown individuals” boarded and retrieved the data recordings of Tic-Tac UAPs tracked by the vessel’s AEGIS system. The individuals showed up by helicopter and within 20 minutes, chain of command ordered a technician to turn over the data.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2005 — Helen Littrell claims her daughter Marisa communicated with a hybrid being, Raechel, who is told of “MAJI clearance” and Projects Pounce (material collection), Luna (underground base), Gabriel (recovered Nazi tech) and Excalibur (R&D). All of these code names come from possible disinformation. The story alleges there is an underground facility beneath the Four Corners.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2005 — USAF veteran Stephen Walker states that while serving at Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia, he was told the Navy would be conducting sensitive operations out of a large hangar at the northern end of the airfield. USAF personnel were advised to stay away but for the entirety of the week, the hangar was empty. One night during that week, the flight line was evacuated, the base was locked down and USAF personnel were advised to stay inside and away from the windows to protect an incoming classified aircraft.

Walker states despite listening for it, over the next half-hour, he heard no tires hitting the pavement, no brakes, no engine, no idling or anything. After 30 minutes they were cleared to go back outside after the aircraft landed, but they saw no signs of anything that happened. Walker states he experienced something similar at Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene, Texas. He does not speculate on what the aircrafts were, but states other personnel he has spoken to share similar experiences that are “brushes with black projects,” some bordering on myth and “utter absurdity.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2005 — Kit Green states he returned to private medicine and began working on a research project that involved compiling a database of individuals suffering injuries, burns, skin lesions, cancer and diseases after cat to face encounters with UAP. Green’s 100+ patients were military personnel or from aerospace industries, their own doctors were clueless; Green based his hypothesis on patients being exposed to some form of black ops technology such as non lethal weaponry, holographs, cloaking technology, drones, etc.

Green said within 5-7 years, 25% of his patients died and he had no idea what kind of technology could do this. Green was CMO of Enscion Corporation around this time, a company that used genetic information to analyze chronic conditions. A publicly available document states Green conducted tests at WPAFB Medical Center and analyzed UBOs (unidentified bright objects) present in MRI scans.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 November 2005 — Victor Martinez, a civilian who runs an internet message board for retired intelligence community people interested in UAP, receives what alleges to be a
3,000-page report compiled by the Defense Intelligence Agency in the 1970s classified Top Secret.

It claims: there were two UAP crash sites in New Mexico southwest of Corona and at Pelona Peak, one live entity was found and several dead were transferred to Los Alamos National Laboratory, while the craft was sent to Wright-Patterson AFB. The live entity allegedly helped USG establish communications with his home planet, “Serpo,” in which 12 trained Americans eventually went to “Serpo” from the Nevada Test Site.

A few months later, an anonymous UK Ministry of Defense official nicknamed “Chapman” claimed the document is real, describing fake events. Chapman claims he saw the document in 1969-70 and claims it was written by CIA officer Alice Bradley Sheldon under the pseudonym James Tiptree Jr. Chapman claims the CIA wrote it in response to Soviet disinformation.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 December 2005 — A source “McGarity,” a friend of Col. John Alexander and former manager of operations at the Nevada Test Site at EG&G Special Projects, tells Jacques Vallée, Hal Puthoff and Eric Davis that there was a confidential project known as “Senior Soda” that built a ramjet disc. McGarity also states he saw a large triangular UAP on 23 October 1987 near the Archuleta Mesa that had markings on the underside of it. McGarity claimed Bob Lazar was a “simple technician” at Los Alamos with no clearance. McGarity also states the strange object in the Cash-Landrum case had been tracked as coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 December 2005 — Hal Puthoff tells Jacques Vallée of several workshops he attends that involve John Petersen and the Arlington Institute. Those in attendance “went much higher” than Petersen, and the participants were told the US, Russia and China all had custody of recovered “alien hardware.” Vallee wonders if this is true or just psychological warfare targeted at the participants.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 25 January 2006 — Physicist Jack Sarfatti claims an undersecretary for NDI John Negroponte arranged with Kit Green for a debate between he and Hal Puthoff over the physics behind vacuum energy and zero point energy projects. Sarfatti claims Hal raises a “red herring” and suggests he is involved in “misdirection” regarding the subject.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 February 2006 — HyperTech Concepts’ Paul Czysz writes a paper to investigate the development of breakthrough aerospace planes for the Air Force Research Laboratory. Quantum vacuum propulsion techniques are described as feasible by 2050, the same technology explored
in the AATIP DIRD of Hal Puthoff and in the DARPA/DSO QUEST program (see 19 January 2022). The author, Czysz, created one DIRD for AATIP about the use of advanced aerospace craft for space access.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 March 2006 — Martin Tajmar and Clovis De Matos of ARC Seibersdorf in Austria report gravity-modification effects achieved from a rotating superconductor. The results are reported to the European Space Agency; Woods furthers research into the study of high frequency gravitational waves optics. The studies cite US Army Redstone Arsenal contractor Ning Li (1 August 1997) and AATIP contributor Robert Baker.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 April 2006 — Disclosure Project founder and alleged Clinton Administration briefer Steven Greer alleges an E-Systems executive told him E-Systems was involved in secret UAP reverse engineering work. Greer states the money E-Systems receives are passed through shell companies from various agencies and end up in black projects.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 April 2006 — Disclosure Project founder and alleged Clinton Administration briefer Steven Greer alleges an unnamed witness told him while working at Bell Labs, he saw 28 or 29 “free energy devices” that had been “black-shelved” or hidden. The witness worked on the technology.

Greer also names General Motors as a holder of exotic energy technology that is “black-shelved.”

Note: CIA Office of Scientific and Weapons Intelligence and Life Sciences Division employee Dr. Christopher “Kit” Green worked for General Motors 1985-1999. Green often emailed Dr. Hal Puthoff and Col. John Alexander from a General Motors Co. corporate email address about UAP information, recovered biological materials and recovered UAP craft. Puthoff and Alexander held their own General Motors corporate email addresses despite no public admission of a UAP special project at the company. Did GM perform UAP work officially or unofficially in the 1990s?

Note: In 1985 Col. John Alexander led the “Advanced Theoretical Physics Conference” under DOE supervision to determine if UAP evidence supported an R&D program. The meetings were held at BDM Intl’s McLean Secure Facility and classified using DOE controls: Top Secret/Restricted Data Sigmas as Required. Attendees from Los Alamos National Laboratory,
CIA, NSA, INSCOM, McDonnell Douglas, BDM, Lockheed and OUSD(R&E) were there.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 April 2006 — Disclosure Project founder and alleged Clinton Administration briefer Steven Greer claims a Lockheed Skunk Works engineer told him he learned “astral projection” to remove his consciousness from his body. When practicing, he left his body and saw a UAP in Earth’s atmosphere. The engineer claimed UAP often appear in “dematerialized form” resonating at a frequency beyond the perception of human senses and electronic sensors.

Note: Former Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Sr. Tech Fellow Charles Chase runs the UnLAB at MIT. Chase worked in exotic propulsion, metamaterials and low observable technology at Lockheed and more recently received a DARPA/DSO QUEST grant to support vacuum fluctuation propulsion research, an area the AATIP program studied linked to UAP. In a presentation, Chase expressed scientific interest in the energy of thought and new ways to utilize human consciousness for aerospace purposes.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 May 2006 — US Army veteran Gary R. Gochnour patents a plasma based aircraft design shaped as a flying saucer and Tic-Tac design, claiming it is capable of invisibility, hover and trans medium travel.

Note: Gochnour is described as an Army veteran in his obituary dated 2015 and described as a “space explorer.” An FBI document from 1979 states Gary Richard Gochnour (probable, same person) was being monitored for his spreading of “possibly spurious” information regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, though these details are not shared.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 September 2006 — Kit Green tells Jacques Vallée that a high ranking VP of BAE Systems is just one figure involved in the UAP issue that he’s looking into. Green says he’s looking
at real players, not small time people any more. He suggests the issue causes delusion among high-level people but it’s still relevant to study them because those people have power.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 2006 — Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory physicist “Henry Deacon” (pseudonym) claims he is employed by a three-letter agency and that black budget physics is decades ahead of physics in the open source. Deacon claims Project Shiva Nova uses arrays of lasers and creates rips in the fabric of space-time; Deacon claims this lets “things” like beings, influences and “all kinds of weird stuff” come into our present reality.

Deacon claims USG knowledge of probable and possible futures is highly classified and attempts to meddle in space-time creates more issues; time loops, rips, etc. Deacon claims UAP occupants on Earth are time travelers, and that experiments at Montauk, NY were real, but that claims by Al Bielek and others may be disinformation or incorrect. Deacon states Montauk was a “real mess…they created a time split we’re still unable to mend…this also relates to Project Rainbow.” Deacon claims jump rooms exist and that they’re naturally occurring and a stable one exists between locations on Earth and Mars.

Deacon corroborates testimony by Dan Burisch, who claims ET groups are concerned about affecting Earth’s current timeline for different outcomes they are interested in. Deacon claims Project Looking Glass may have been real and utilizes time viewing technology given to USG by ET. Deacon claims some ET groups are our own ancestors from different futures and nuclear weapons testing and high energy physics testing has created “time loops upon time loops, it’s all a mess.”

Deacon states there are a number of parallel timelines, lots of branches; and to the USG knowledge, there are no paradoxes. If the past is changed, it creates a different timeline, a new branch of the original one.

Note: Journalist Ross Coulthart, who has published USN sources indicating Navy involvement in UAP crash retrievals, claims undisclosed sources are telling him some UAP occupants are “future humans” and are attempting to avert a catastrophe. This corroborates Deacon, albeit with no proof.

Franc Milburn, former UK national security expert, states a similar theory has been given to him by USG sources albeit with no verification.

Rep. Mike Gallagher stated in 2022 “future humans” should be considered too.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 October 2006 — Eric Davis states George Bush Sr. says he was briefed by Col. Trudeau at the time of the 1968 Mendel Rivers Congressional Hearings. Bush Sr. claims Trudeau told him that one of his men, Col. Corso, had been asked to testify before Congress and was about to reveal rumblings of “alien” hardware that had been distributed to “industrial labs.” The Corso testimony was squashed as a result of this conversation.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 01 Jan 2007 — FAA dismisses disc at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, IL as a “weather phenomenon” despite O’Hare Daily Record of Facility Operation showing FAA aware of multiple inbound calls about “disc” seen by employees and pilots over terminal. FAA tells the public it will not investigate.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 Jan 2007 — Hal Puthoff tells Jacques Vallée that he and Eric Davis are pursuing a Lockheed Martin technology for a jet hovercraft tested in the 1960s that looks like a flying disc.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 February 2007 — University of Lisbon physicists Alexandre Martins and Mario Pinheiro find a connection between electric and magnetic fields writing there is a possibility to “manipulate inertial mass” and find applications to electromagnetic propulsion for aerospace purposes. The paper was funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, one of the world’s largest charitable foundations.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 May 2007 — Lockheed’s Bernard Haisch tells Jacques Vallée he is pursuing an experiment of zero point energy extraction at the University of Colorado sponsored by DARPA. He says the tests are negative thus far.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 July 2007 — In a phone call now in the PUBLIC DOMAIN between NASA engineer Bob Oechsler and ADM Bobby Ray Inman, Inman states Deputy Director for S&T at CIA Everett Hineman would be “the best person” to ask if recovered UAP vehicles would be available for technological research outside of military circles.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 4 August 2007 — Hal Puthoff tells Jacques Vallée he thinks he knows where “the right people” hide with respect to the secret UFO hardware structure. Puthoff says he believes the government still provides a funding path and a security umbrella, but control of the technical items are in the private sector and the contractors can “trump” government requests. Hal says the contractors tell the relevant USG oversight it’s their way or the highway.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 21 October 2007 — Bob Bigelow tells Jacques Vallée he received a letter from the DIA expressed interest in UAP research at Skinwalker Ranch. The letter says one of their personnel went to the ranch and saw something unexplained. The man who runs the project is a GS15 reporting to managers who are eager to move; Bob says any time he mentions a case the DIA contacts already have all the details and say it’s their job to look 20 to 30 years into the future.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2008 — Anonymous site with significant details of UAP behavior in oceans states UAP communications jamming was tested in the Fort Worth and Arlington areas in 2008. Claims two F-16s fitted with Li-Baker high frequency gravitational wave (HFGW) jammers followed an orb, which allegedly used HFGW to communicate.

Note: This article was published on 18 June 2016, three years before it was publicly disclosed that AATIP commissioned a study on HFGW presumably for study of its relationship to UAP. This was also years before HFGW were linked to UAP in the PUBLIC DOMAIN by physicists.

Ning Li and Robert Baker were working on Li-Baker HFGW detectors in the late 2000s, but this had no overt linkage to UAP in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

Note that roughly 75% of the site is encoded in custom languages only decodable by custom software, the likes of which have not been disclosed publicly.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2008 — Dan Burisch claims to have been a microbiologist working at Papoose Lake Facility/S4 and claims to have been involved in a Project Aquarius investigating an extraterrestrial entity “J-Rod” and its neuropathy. Burisch claims he was a pro-tem member of Majestic-12, MJ-9, and dealt with “extraterrestrial human lineage and time travel information.”

He claims Project Looking Glass involved a reverse engineered time viewing device, and that there were three extraterrestrial groups visiting Earth: the P45s, humans from approximately 45,000 years in the future that were pale and “grey alien” in appearance, having lived in an apocalyptic Earth; the P52s
from 52,000 years in the future of similar appearance and the P52 Orions, who are human looking and spiritual. Burisch claims the P45s and P52 stayed on Earth after a catastrophe and the P52 Orions left Earth for the Moon and later Mars. Burisch claims the P45s are intent on justifying their history and want the catastrophe to occur, while the P52s and P52 Orions do not. Burisch also claims a Project Lotus is attempting to utilize ET technology to manipulate human DNA and RNA.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 January 2008 — Chester Lytle, a contractor who assisted with the Manhattan Project involved in classified R&D work for the AEC, DOD and CIA, states he saw a disc with a dome through a telescope while a nuclear weapon was being loaded into a B-29 in the 1950s at Kirtland AFB. Lytle also states he was good friends with Gen. William Blanchard, former Roswell base commander; he states Blanchard told him an “alien spacecraft” had been recovered near Roswell in July 1947 with four dead humanoids; he states another source told him some bodies were sent to Muroc Army Airfield (now Edwards AFB) and eventually Hangar 5 at WPAFB.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 May 2008 — U.S. citizens near Needles, California report seeing an object crash and helicopters/convoys come into the area in the following weeks. One ex-police officer reports speaking with one official, who was wearing a uniform shirt that says “Nevada Test Site” and carrying a badge from the DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). A key NNSA component is the Office of Secure Transportation (OST), a special unit created to transport nuclear weapons and weapons grade material since 1975. It was never publicly revealed what crashed in the area nor what was recovered.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June 2008 — DARPA PE 0603286E is disclosed in the PUBLIC DOMAIN for the first time and contains several sub-projects, including Advanced Aerospace System Concepts or “Project AIR-01.” AASC is described as a program to examine and evaluate emerging aerospace technologies for military use and emerging aerospace threats and methods to counter them. The program continued to be funded until at least 2020, where it was mentioned in a budget document.

The language in the AASC program description is similar to the DIA’s Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program (AAWSAP), and coincidentally received DARPA funding the same year the DIA sought private sector bids for AAWSAP.

Note: It was later disclosed by AAWSAP personnel Luis Elizondo and James Lacatski that AAWSAP was UAP-related. Is it possible DARPA’s AASC is also UAP related and contains relevant tech developments?

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 June 2008 — Former Sen. Bill Richardson says he was denied access by Los Alamos National Laboratory and DOD when asking about a crash recovery at Roswell, NM. Richardson says he asked about this after requests from his constituents.

Note: Do local FBI field offices or DOE/NNSA counterintelligence offices surrounding Los Alamos and other AEC facilities have relevant UAP data? For example, AEC security patrol archives in Oak Ridge, TN contained a sighting of a rectangular UAP on 20 June 1949. It stands to reason other local archives may contain more up to date data.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 4 August 2008 — An anonymous poster on Above Top Secret claims a family friend was a senior Naval officer when he was growing up and he told him there is a “mountain of BS” out there regarding Montauk and Camp Hero and the primary aspect of the facility was the utilization of drugs to test subjects’ psi capabilities. He states there were rooms that were designed in a way to trigger bad trips when the subjects were on LSD because there was a belief that trauma could improve a user’s psi abilities. Of note, Operation Midnight Climax, a subproject of Project MK-ULTRA based on lessons learned in Project Artichoke, was a real declassified CIA program that drugged unknowing citizens with LSD to study the effects.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 2008 — JASON Group’s Program Office, run out of the MITRE Corp., publishes a technical report evaluating the national security significance of high frequency gravitational waves (HFGW). The report concludes national security and aerospace applications of HFGW are not possible and wrong. Two years later, HFGW was the subject of a Defense Intelligence Reference Document produced for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Applications Program (AAWSAP), which concluded HFGW could be used for interplanetary navigation. It is unknown but likely HFGW was deemed UAP-affiliated subject matter due to its inclusion in the AAWSAP program.

It is possible JASON was tasked to debunk HFGW because the responsible party listed on the SF298 for MITRE’s contract was Dr. Ronald Pandolfi, of CIA. Ten years later (see 26 February 2019),
Pandolfi was sued by FOX TV producer Robert Kiviat for allegedly running a disinformation scheme to frame public perception of the UAP issue.

A response to the JASON paper from the author of the AAWSAP paper, Robert Baker of GravWave LLC, accuses the JASON analysis of making several serious errors including a failure to review all available peer-reviewed literature. When asked if JASON had a “preconceived agenda to discredit HFGW research,” Baker and GravWave responded: “it is difficult to believe otherwise.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 October 2008 — Bob Bigelow tells Jacques Vallée that the AAWSAP project has officially kicked off, but the sponsor (DIA) hasn’t delivered any access that was promised. Opening certain doors, intros to potentially key personnel at contractors that may have worked on UAP in the past, etc. None of that happened as of that time.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 October 2008 — The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) forms the MUFON Advanced Technology Establishment (MATE) composed of Bob Wood, Charles Modlin, Robert Powell and Chuck Reever. MATE signs a contract with Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) to provide BAASS with technical papers on the subjects of UAP lift, power generation, human interface, alleged extraterrestrial implants, abductions, antigravity propulsion and using superconductors for propulsion.

Soon after, BAASS served as a contractor for the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP), but it is unknown of the MATE studies on implants, etc. made its way into the hands of USG program managers at AAWSAP. It is also unknown if BAASS disclosed to MATE that they were a contractor for the USG.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 October 2008 — Kit Green tells Jacques Vallée that funding for AAWSAP could reach $240 million. Kit claims the DIA sponsor could change and lose interest, but that won’t stop the project as it goes higher than that; several key Congressmen including Harry Reid want to see it go forward regardless. (Note: this did not happen, the program was cancelled, Reid’s request for SAP status was denied and little additional funding was found for the AATIP spinout).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 November 2008 — Jacques Vallée meets several potential co-sponsors for the AAWSAP program in Zurich, Switzerland, as requested by Bob Bigelow. Vallee is asked to revoke his French citizenship by Bigelow to help his clearance process move quicker but he declines. The European co-sponsor candidates are not named but Vallee mentions they had “access” to the “real” files in Europe and wanted to see how things went in the US before doing anything.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 December 2008 — Alleged former NASA employee claims a saucer landed near Kennedy Space Center and claims several within the Agency knew of meetings between NASA and extraterrestrials.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 December 2008 — One unnamed BAASS project member tells Jacques Vallée he was “building a relationship” with an aerospace contractor attempting to get into the “back door.” This member believed the company had UAP hardware but said if he talks about it in the context of AAWSAP, someone from Washington, D.C. would force their way in the “front door” and the sources/materials would scatter/be moved elsewhere.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 December 2008 — Hal Puthoff tells Jacques Vallée that the White House is interested in a meeting where long-term interaction with the phenomenon is discussed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23 January 2009 — Colm Kelleher tells Jacques Vallée that a member of the BAASS team is going to Area 51 to retrieve data from the days of Project Grudge and a rare “artifact” file that was kept away from Project Blue Book.

Hal Puthoff also tells Vallee that ADM Edward Burkhalter, once Chief of Naval Intelligence, “doctored” authentic documents that referred to a MJ-12 project back in the 1950s designed to mislead Soviets about technology developments. Eric Davis had already discovered this through his contacts. The doctored documents were leaked to ufologists, who ran with the story of MJ-12 in ufology.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 February 2009 — CSETI and Aero Inc. allegedly briefs someone in the Obama Administration and select members of Congress including Sen. Bob Smith on breakthrough energy technologies associated with UAP.

The briefing mentions various forms of electromagnetic energy generators and anti-gravity methods and alleges this technology has been: (1) acquired by front companies with the intent to shelve them, (2) seized under section 181 of intellectual property law for national security reasons, (3) seized by rogue elements within DOD, CIA, NSA, FTC and DOE, (4) the target of financial scams and traps intended to bankrupt the inventor, (5) the target of harassment, etc. The documents do not provide any specifics on which organizations suppress these technologies, how, and which front companies acquire them.

Note: It is a general theme among claims of “suppressed UAP technologies” that coordinated
suppression is happening, but rarely are specific case studies presented. Large organizations are mentioned in 30 August 1996 entry and mid-1990s entry, but no specifics are given.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 April 2009 — Colm Kelleher tells Vallee that the sponsor at DIA has still not delivered on any promises of introduction to legacy UAP programs, access, etc, that initially made those in AAWSAP feel like they would be building on top of existing research.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 May 2009 — A Department of Homeland Security black sedan visits a UAP witness twice after a sighting in Georgia. The witness “Derek Jones” sees a large triangular UAP and four smaller spherical UAP above his backyard. When “Jones” attempts to photograph it, the device fails. When he points a flashlight at the triangle, it responds with a beam of blue-white light on him for 3 seconds, causing burning and later, hair loss and lumps on his legs, groin and back diagnosed as
non-malignant lymphoma. The same day the DHS personnel first interview “Jones,” he hears low-flying helicopters near his property. One of the men is armed and they produce no identification.

They tell him not to mention the sighting to anyone, and take detailed notes and diagrams of Jones’ description of the triangle. “Jones” reported the license plate to Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), a contractor for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Applications Program (AAWSAP). BAASS tracks the license plate to a DHS carpool.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 12 September 2009 — Eric Davis tells Jacques Vallée that a Lockheed designer Nathan C Price would be in position to know about Roswell materials and that they were likely held in Sunnyvale not the Skunk Works.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 November 2009 — Colm Kelleher tells Vallee that clearances have now been received but the Air Force “nor others” will talk to BAASS until a SAP is set up for AAWSAP.


(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - January 2010 — U.S. Navy Petty Officer John Baughman sees a “Tic-Tac” shaped object from the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson near Haiti. It was barely beneath the surface when he saw it, white and 20 feet in length, and quickly “darted” into the depths. “It was definitely a solid object, but when it descended, its forward end rapidly collapsed in on itself and disappeared.” Baughman told his work center supervisor about the UAP, to which he was not debriefed and was not told
to file a report. The supervisor told him “everyone sees weird shit in the ocean.” The event likely did not make its way into Navy or UAPTF reporting channels or Congress prior to it being disclosed to a journalist in 2021.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 September 2010 — Former USAF Capt. Robert Salas, missile targeting officer Robert C. Jamison, Col. Charles I. Halt, Navy Intelligence Command Master Chief Southwest Region Patrick McDonough, Lt. Col. Dwynne C. Arneson and Capt. Bruce Fenstermacher write affidavits that state UAP can neutralize nuclear missiles at U.S. and Russian bases. At the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., they state their superiors regularly told them nuclear UAP events “didn’t happen” and were “top secret.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23-24 October 2010 — USAF personnel at Francis E. Warren AFB near Cheyenne, WY see a large cigar-shaped UAP above its missile field. Later that day, the missile site loses communications with 50 Minuteman III nuclear missiles, affecting five Missile Alert Facilities Alpha through Echo comprising the 319th Strategic Missile Squadron. The USAF commander of the squadron tells its members not to talk to journalists about the “things they may or may not have seen” and threatens severe penalties for violating security.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 December 2010 — Two alleged Hill AFB employees in Ogden, Utah claim to see a luminous disc above the flight line behind the “Pacer Fence.” The source mentions there are underground railroads at the location.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2010 — In January 2010, Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) Director of Investigation Larry Grossman, a contractor for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s
Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Applications Program (AAWSAP), claims to meet former AFOSI Col. Barry Hennessey. Hennessey tells Grossman AFOSI could not identify many nuclear base UAP overflights from the 1975 wave.

Hennessey believes many AFOSI records for those cases were destroyed and suggested some UAP that flew over nuclear bases and interfered with launch controls were secret USG/USG contractor aircraft. In December 2010, BAASS directors James T. Lacatski, Colm Kelleher and Larry Grossman met the director of operations for the Office of Special Projects of AFOSI, Jack Angelo, at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling. Angelo told BAASS it needed to be accepted into some Special Access Programs to obtain data on nuclear UAP overflights from 1975.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2011 — Kit Green claims he was delivered a package of material on his doorstep in Detroit that claimed to be “tissues” from an autopsy of an alien with two documents, no provenance.

Green took it to likely Diane Edmund Griffin at Johns Hopkins who declared it a hoax.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - February 2011 — On 7 February 2011 Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) director James T. Lacatski, a contractor for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Applications Program (AAWSAP), allegedly visited the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to secure funding for future fiscal years. Lacatski allegedly met DHS’s Jim Bell and Sacha Mover in a SCIF and briefed them on the program.

Some time later that month or next, a second meeting was held with Bell, Mover and DHS Under Secretary for Science and Technology Tara O’Toole, to which Mover told them the following story: his family members in rural Kentucky told him in 2007, a large group of them saw a low flying large UAP that hovered before moving off in “impossible” velocity. Within 24 hours, three large black SUVs pulled into the area, wearing black suits and dark glasses, Mover stated. The men told the crowd “you would be well advised not to talk about this incident in the future…it will be in your interests not to speak about this incident again” in a threatening tone. Three months later, the rural Kentucky community was mysteriously equipped with state of the art electrical transformers that upgraded the infrastructure of the town. Mover told BAASS to look into the event.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 February 2011 — Col. John Alexander states that “if five people know [the reality of UAP], Dr. Edward Teller is one,” adding that he had dinner with Teller and Hal Puthoff; Puthoff discussed zero point energy, Teller claimed he wasn’t involved in UAP analysis in the 40s.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 February 2011 — Col. John Alexander states there was no black UAP project in the DOD or in the underground facilities run by the DOE, at LANL or at TA-33, as were claimed by some in the 1980s. Alexander states he worked at TA-33 and some interesting things happened there but “none of them involved UFOs.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 31 March 2011 — Author Nick Redfern states he calls a representative of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. The representative tells him he can meet with the “Collins Elite,” a group of current and former intelligence community personnel who believe UAP are demonic in origin. The Collins Elite allegedly believes all UAP are demonic and should not be contacted. Redfern was given this information by a “Richard Duke” and was given “the Collins Report,” which is allegedly a briefing document from the 1980s that lays out the group’s theories.

Duke claims the group established the belief that UAP are interdimensional and demonic when the FBI, AFOSI and other agencies began investigating physicist Jack Parsons for his links to Aleister Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard, and Parsons’ allegiance to the United States. Parsons was a principal founder of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation, and led the California branch of the Thelemite Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) in the 1940s.

Duke claims some in the US IC believed Parsons and his occult practices were responsible for some UAP sightings, alleging occult rituals were responsible for the channeling of specific UAP events or the “opening” of entry points where more UAP would enter afterward. Duke also claims early members of the Collins Elite were asked by some in the CIA Directorate of Plans in 1952 to determine if UAP had demonic origin. Some Project Blue Book cases at the time reminded some CIA officials of ghosts, demons, etc. Duke claims members eventually included AFOSI, NSA and CIA, and other agencies.

Redfern states Duke and other sources informed him that CIA and Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) personnel attempted to contact entities “Affa” and “Ponnar,” but those attempts allegedly failed. Officials were concerned with eschatalogical forecasts discussed in occult circles, but the forecasts never came to fruition. Duke also claims in the late 1960s, the work of Sidney Gottleib in the Technical Services Staff (CIA TSS) and work by Donald Ewen Cameron was taken up by scientists attached to the CIA’s Office of Research and Development, who attempted to harness “demonic powers” for espionage purposes under Operation Often.

Duke claims Operation Often and Collins Elite personnel used a cover story that they were US Army psychologists working on a project for the University of South Carolina to understand mental trauma in military personnel; the group’s actual goal was to analyze the nightmares of Paul Garratt after a near-death experience. Garratt told Often personnel after seeing a tunnel of bright light, he was taken to a colder place that was never-ending, flat, light blue and filled with naked screaming human beings; above them were hundreds of saucer-like UAP that “pulsed and throbbed” as if they were living and breathing. Garratt claimed he was in turmoil watching this and saw small “balls of light” fly from the bodies of the people into the saucers. Often personnel concluded the NDE suggested saucers might be harvesting human souls and they were demonic in nature.

Duke claims in the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan was briefed on UAP from different perspectives, including the Collins Elite on the demonic UAP theory, the CIA Science and Technology division on the extraterrestrial/genetic agenda theory, and an Air Force psychologist who argued abductions were not real and the result of the human subconscious. Reagan gravitated to the Collins Elite explanation, and funded a deeper investigation into the phenomenon that concluded abductions were a demonic deception.

Note: An early member of the group was from Collins, NY, which the group then got its name “Collins Elite” from. It is unknown if the group ever met in Collins.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 March 2011 — Ufologist Chuck Wade presents information at the 14th Annual Aztec UFO Symposium allegedly from different military sources related to UAP crash recoveries. Wade states there were at least seven UAP crash recovery sites in New Mexico between 1945 and 1948:

  • Avocado-shaped craft at San Antonio, NM, August 1945
  • 32’ craft on the Plains of San Augustin, NM, 1-2 July 1947
  • 25’ oval craft SW of Roswell, 4 July 1947
  • 12’ to 15’ craft NW of Roswell, 4 July 1947
  • Large debris field requiring recovery 40 mi. SW of Corona, NM
  • 20’ in craft in the foothills of the Capitan Mountains 50 mi. W of Roswell
  • 100’ craft in Hart Canyon 9 mi. N of Aztec, NM.

Wade claims high powered radar units accidentally or purposefully may have interfered with some of the alleged UAP, facilities he claims were located at El Vado, Gallup and Moriarty.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June-July 2011 — DHS officials Jim Bell and Sacha Mover begin a series of other meetings in the U.S. intelligence community beyond DHS to determine if they can set up BAASS as a UAP analysis program within DHS Science & Technology (S&T). Those met are the “keepers of the secrets,” who treat Bell and Mover rudely and told “no, and hell no” when asked. Bell and Mover later told BAASS that they believed advanced technology was being held at aerospace contractor facilities under government supervision. Mover and Bell became fearful of moving forward. By late 2011, DHS Deputy Secretary Jane Holl Lute, Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Phyllis Green, and others decided not to contract BAASS within DHS.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 2011 — A ufological periodical claims in 1998, researchers at a facility in Africa managed by AFRICOM security made contact with an entity from a parallel-universe and received messages and predictions from it for five years. Among the claims were that dolphins were the most
“clever” intelligences on Earth. Col. John Alexander claims he was involved in telepathic experiments and wild dolphins in the Bahamas; something he also told Jacques Vallée in 1988.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 November 2011 — Navy Aviation Maintenance Administrator Angelo Accetta states he sees a triangular glowing object with white glowing points above FRC West at Lemoore Naval Air Station. After watching the triangle UAP travel slowly for three minutes, it departed at instantaneous speed and disappeared out of sight. Accetta told his superior but was laughed at and asked if he had been drinking. While on watch, Accetta allegedly saw the triangle UAP four other times between February and October 2012 but noticed no response by the air station to the overflight.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - December 2011 — Air Force Office of Scientific Research sponsors scientific research into a Wingless Electromagnetic Air Vehicle (WEAV) that studies a proof-of-concept demonstration of an electromagnetically driven wingless aircraft that can self-lift, hover and fly into wind. The study produced a disc that was able to hover a few millimeters above a surface for three minutes, and different prototypes were flown, proving the WEAV is scalable.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 2012 — Bernard Mendez alleges he attended a “jump room” school with Andrew Basiago, William Stillings, and former DARPA director Regina Dugan in the early 1980s. He alleged the class was taught by Maj. Ed Dames who participated in Project Star Gate’s various iterations, something Dames promptly denied.

Mendez claims the teleportation technology was transferred from a species of Grey extraterrestrials to the USG, and that the jump rooms were not actually visiting real destinations, but “folds” in spacetime created by the Greys known as “slots.” These “slots” are allegedly simulations of various destinations, also known as synthetic quantum environments (SQEs); Basiago claims the Greys built SQEs to help humanity understand the interdimensional multiverse.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 July 2012 — Alleged former USAF Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen III claims to have participated in a SAP having to do with “jump room” technology. He claims jump rooms do not actually travel to other destinations in our physical reality but that humans are being misled, and they’re traveling to synthetic quantum environments (SQE). MacBolen speaks of a segment of ET known as “the Verdant,” who might wish to keep humans blind to the nature of 5D reality and keep humans in their current 3D reality.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 July 2012 — Retired CIA liaison to the entertainment industry Chase Brandon states he saw a box labeled “Roswell” in the Agency’s Historical Intelligence Collection; he states there was written material and photographs that validated Roswell was a crash of a “craft that clearly did not come from this planet” and there were “cadavers.” Former CIA Dir. Robert Gates says he has “a lot of respect” for Chase after the comments are made, but states he never saw any evidence of UAP or cadavers, etc.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 September 2012 — A call log from the Fergus County Sherriff’s Office in Montana shows a U.S. civilian called about seeing two silent V-shaped UAP near Malmstrom AFB’s Oscar-01 Missile Alert Facility and Launch Control Center. Dispatch called Malmstrom who stated they had no aircraft in that area. Civilians in nearby Roy, MT said they noticed elevated USAF security patrols and missile maintenance vans in the weeks following the UAP overflight. The civilians were never given an explanation of the event.

Note: USAF Capt. Robert Salas states another UAP incident occurred in the same area, above Oscar-01, on 24 March 1967. Most or all of Malmstrom’s ICBMs malfunctioned that night after a red-orange oval UAP appeared and was hovering over the facility. Salas states he and Capt.
Frederick Meiwald were forced to sign non-disclosure statements by AFOSI personnel. One week earlier, declassified documentation shows Echo missiles were shut down.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2012 — Author Bryce Zabel tells a story told to him by Brent Friedman, the alleged neighbor of former Secretary of Energy John S. Herrington (under the Reagan administration). Herrington allegedly stated he had been briefed for several weeks at an underground facility outside of Washington, D.C. and the information learned caused him to “cry himself to sleep for a number of nights.” When asked why, Herrington allegedly stated “there is intelligent life in the universe; it’s here and I’ve seen it; this is not the kind of world I thought [my children] would grow up in.”

Herrington also allegedly stated the existence of extraterrestrials were the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of the revelations he learned related to the issue.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2012 — The Office of Naval Research announces a “revolutionary” research program looking into sixth sense among humans. ONR seeks to understand how to train personnel on “intuitive decision making.”

Note: It is worth determining if this ONR program looked at psychological communication between humans and aerospace craft and if the UAP issue was included in study. Recall claims of “intuitive” communications projects at NSA between humans and UAP (see 1992).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - June 2013 — Stealth aircraft researcher Joseph Jones claims Project Brilliant Buzzard was a codename used for airborne surveillance and tracking during the SDI program of the 1980s; he claims it dealt with the concept of setting up an electromagnetic shield around the US using a large boomerang shaped craft that could loiter over US cities. Jones states the primary contractor was Boeing and JP Aerospace was a subcontractor, and that DARPA issued a contract to an unknown contractor to develop SEAGEL, a material 95% lighter than styrofoam used as the primary building material for triangular/boomerang shaped craft.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 November 2013 — Ret. USMC Cpt. Bill Uhouse states he worked at Wright-Patterson AFB doing flight testing of exotic experimental aircraft. Over the next 30 years, Uhouse claims he worked for defense contractors as a pilot in a “flying disc simulator” and in actual flying discs. Uhouse states in 1962-63 the simulator became operational and was based on a recovered disc landing from Kingman, AZ from 1952-53. Uhouse states the craft was “presented” to the USG.

Uhouse states the craft was taken to Area 51 early in its construction and four “alien” occupants went to Los Alamos upon delivery of the craft to A51. He also states the ET assisted human physicists and engineers in reverse engineering efforts.

Note: Uhouse states he had direct knowledge of the flying disc simulator having worked on it at WPAFB, but the story of the alien occupants at Los Alamos was told to him.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 November 2013 — Anonymous “A.H.” claims to have been a former Boeing Aerospace engineer with contacts at the NSA, ONI, NRO, USAF and Northrop Grumman. He claims Gen. Curtis LeMay told him there was a UAP crash at Roswell, NM, and an NSA source told him Henry Kissinger, George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were aware of the UAP cover-up. He also claims a friend of his at Boeing was involved in a UAP crash recovery and saw ET bodies.

A.H. also claims an underground base is maintained for testing ET technology in Utah reachable only by air, along with locations in Enzo, CA, Lancaster, CA, Edwards AFB, March AFB and Eglin AFB. He claims “35% to 40%” of UAP work was moved from Area 51 to Utah.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 November 2013 — Linda Woodford, an accountant for the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) states every month for 15 years she was told by her superiors to insert false numbers to make Navy budge figures match Treasury figures known as “unsubstantiated change actions.” Woodford and a colleague Jeff Yokel blew the whistle on this and said supervisors were required to approve every “plug,” often thousands a month. There was $538 billion in “plugs” for the 2009 alone for the Air Force, they state.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 December 2013 — Ret. Army Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden claims to have seen experiments where energy extraction from the quantum vacuum “was possible.” But modern electrodynamic theory doesn’t allow for this to happen.
Bearden states he and others have built electromechanical devices that demonstrate that technology and says “certain powers” would rather keep ZPE/quantum vacuum technology privately known instead of in the public.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2014 — In 2014, the DOD declassifies a lengthy file on Project Pandora and Project Bizarre, a program focused on the Cold War secrets of USSR and if microwaves can affect the mind and body to dangerous, harmful degrees. In the files of the program said to end in 1979 is the alleged “Eisenhower Briefing Document,” which claims a secretive “MJ-12” controlled UAP crash recoveries and reverse engineered them. The CIA/ARPA version of the document has written notes stating “cannot be authenticated.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - March 2014 — The US Navy’s In-House Laboratory Independent Research Program mentions in a public budget document it has been researching the use of metamaterials to disperse and control electromagnetic waves in the microwave (RF) spectrum. Budget documents show DOD supercomputer resources were used and polyurea silicate composites were analyzed. One application of this is for aerospace mass reduction (see April 2017). In 2017 the Navy combined this program with others and it is difficult to track if the metamaterial research continues today.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 April 2014 — Steven Greer states at Pahute Mesa there is $40 billion in currencies in a “vault” to support a rogue group that is self-funded through the drug trade; it also fraudulently obtains federal funding through cover contracts to work on UAP.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 June 2014 — Alleged Vietnam-era intelligence analyst Harry Howard claims he briefed Gen. George S. Brown and that some “enemy helicopters” described on intelligence reports of the era were actually UAP. Howard alleges some black triangles are funded by USG/USG contractor black budget funds, lost money, cost overruns and SDI money; he claims the craft manipulate gravity. No evidence of his claims are given.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - August 2014 — Lockheed Martin scientist Boyd Bushman claims before he dies that he worked on UAP technology projects, including that the UAP craft contained three key elements: telluride, germanium and palladium. Bushman claims some debris and materials were recovered from crash recoveries in New Mexico.

Note: Bismuth telluride and lead telluride have thermoelectric properties, and cadmium telluride has photovoltaic properties. Pure germanium is a semiconductor and the first metallic material (discovered in 2005) to become a superconductor in the presence of an EM field was an alloy of germanium, uranium and rhodium. Palladium is used as a key material in capacitors. The materials Bushman suggests were included in the UAP could be used to create a thermoelectrical/photovoltaic generator with a semiconductor and capacitor.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 August 2014 — NASA physicist Bob Oechsler believes Navy EMP experiments may be connected to UAP crash retrievals and a Navy reverse engineering program. He states EMP was used in Gulf Breeze to recover “quite a number of craft” that were taken to Pensacola Naval Air Station. EMPRESS and EMPRESS II were EMP generators on barges.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - December 2014 — A documentary is released that interviews aerospace illustrator Mark McCandlish, who claims a friend of his, Bradford Sorensen, saw a man-made disc-shaped craft at Norton Air Force Base in 1988. Brad states the first generation Aurora was also at the airshow in a hangar, and states he accidentally got access to a section of a hangar reserved for a private showing that displayed a “Fluxliner,” aka an Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV). He states there were “three” flying saucers that looked like “something from the 1950s.” Brad gave McCandlish all of the details of what he saw, of which McCandlish made drawings of them. There was a small, medium and large sized ARV that were “hovering” above the floor of the hangar. A three star general presented a film of an ARV “hopping” over a desert scene before taking off vertically quickly; the general also allegedly said the ARVs were capable of light speed or better.

Lt. Col. John Williams also states while at Norton AFB he heard rumors that one facility that was “close hold” that contained one “UFO craft.” Williams states it was a location where people could come to Norton and see the craft. McCandlish also states Hal Puthoff explained to him how zero point energy could be used to propel a craft; it is unknown if Puthoff believed a craft was stored at Norton.

McCandlish also states he was threatened on the phone for talking about the ARV and states he was the subject of an IRS audit. He states much of the technology could be overlooked/exempt from FOIA because it’s held in private industry.

The film also states “free energy” researchers Stefan Marinov in Austria fell out of a window in 1997, cold fusion expert Eugene Mallove died of blunt force trauma in 2004 before a presentation, zero point energy physicist Arie deGeus died in a parked car in 2007 before a trip to secure funding, zero point energy Stardrive patent Mark Tomion died unexpectedly in 2009 after corresponding with McCandlish.

McCandlish was reported to be found dead of suspicious circumstances in 2021.

The filmmaker who created this movie, James Allen, died of heavy metal poisoning three months after the film finished editing.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 January 2015 — Retired US Navy Petty Officer First Class flight Engineer “Brian” tells ufologist Linda Moulton Howe he saw a large hole to an underground facility 5-10 miles from the geographic South Pole; he states the area was supposed to be a no fly zone but during an emergency medevac, they flew through the area. He also states at a camp near Marie Byrd Land, 10-15 scientists “disappeared for two weeks” on assignment and when they re-appeared “their faces looked scared,” and he claims he saw silver UAP near the Transantarctic Mountain range in 1995-96 while he was flying on assignment. After seeing the hole in the ice, an “intelligence-gathering” type of individual sat his crew down and told them “OK, you guys saw this thing, but you did not see it.”

Eighteen months after sharing his story, “Brian” claims he received an anonymous phone call that told him not to talk about the missing scientists and “certain people” would prefer that he not talk about it. The phone number was not blocked; he searched it after the call and it came up as a number associated with the NSA in Fort Meade, MD, he claims.

Note: He provides photos, a service medal certificate and audio testimony that suggests there is medium confidence in his testimony; however the only links to UAP and the potential project occurring in a facility under the ice are speculation by Howe and unnecessary. If anything, wild
UAP speculation could provide a nice cover for any projects happening in Antarctica, whether or not they’re related to reverse engineered advanced technologies or not.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 February 2015 — An Oklahoma witness reports to MUFON they see two objects, one diamond shaped and the other donut shaped in Ada, Oklahoma, a location about 100 miles west of Fort Sill. Fort Sill has been associated with triangle UAP sightings in the past as well, and Ada has been mentioned as the site of a “joint alien-military underground facility” in some UFO publications in the early 1990s with no additional details. The nearby Kiowa tribe also mentioned the nearby Mt. Scott as a place that “opened” to escape apocalypse.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 March 2015 — Former USG contractor Bob Fish tells Clinton campaign manager John Podesta that the USAF Defense Support Program (DSP) collects “hard data” on UAP. Fish states he had lunch with a few members in a highly classified TS/SCI organization in El Segundo, CA. One time, he overheard a member say they “picked up a Fastwalker,” how it entered Earth’s atmosphere from deep space and traveled past a DSP satellite. Fish names The Aerospace Corporation in his email.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 March 2015 — Former USG contractor Bob Fish tells Clinton campaign manager John Podesta that in a TS/SCI organization in El Segundo, CA, he had lunch with a senior USAF NCO who worked for Project Blue Book in the 1970s after it had publicly disbanded. He was an ELINT technician who flew in RC-135s from MacDill AFB in Florida. He allegedly told Fish they were sometimes diverted to track UAP off the east coast of Florida; the UAP allegedly came from a hotspot east of Miami, north of Bermuda. A specific frequency emanated from them, and UAP evidence was sent to a “dedicated” USAF intelligence officer.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 March 2015 — Kit Green states the records of Ret. USAF John Burroughs, Rendlesham Forest incident witness, were legally classified by the DOD. Green states only a handful of medical records were classified and the reasons were because inside the doctors notes, nursing, etc. are a “myriad of references to Special Access Projects” and the names of other adjacent and ancillary programs and projects that can not be disentangled and could uncover active/recent projects related to Rendlesham. Green states broadband non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation caused the injuries, the data is sparse and it is not well understood or peer reviewed.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 November 2015 — The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) states in response to a FOIA request that it has no documentation related to UFOs. It states the topic is “outside of the scope of NRO responsibilities; furthermore, the NRO has conducted numerous searches…in the past, and has located no records.” This contradicts emails released by the NRO on 8 April 2022, which show extensive coordination with the DOD’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF), and states the NRO contributed to the UAPTF report to Congress “tied to its collection efforts.” This implies UAP are being detected on NRO platforms, and suggests the FOIA response in 2015 wasn’t accurate if they were being detected in 2015 or before.

Note: The emails also reveal the DOD Inspector General (DOD/IG) interviewed several officers from the NRO Mission Integration Directorate (MID) connected to the IG’s evaluation of DOD handling/response to the UAP subject.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 November 2015 — Italian engineer Andrea Rossi claims he is working in antigravity, of which an NSA contact says they are tracking; Steven Greer alleges the US Army “black shelved” other inventor’s alternative energy device by buying it and shelving it.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - December 2015 — BAE Systems engineer Ronald Evans discloses the existence of Project Greenglow, described as a small research project in the UK to investigate the control of gravity for aerospace applications. It is reported BAE had no success in their experiments, but Evans’ review of the small project is not comprehensive of all of the company’s efforts in antigravity.

Note: BAE Systems has expressed an interest in UAP-derived technology and was linked to a “technical collaboration” between Boeing, AAWSAP contractor Bigelow Aerospace and Lockheed Martin. It was seemingly published by mistake and later removed from the internet by To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA) (see 8 August 2019), a company advised by current and former USG/USG contractor officials and the former head of the Pentagon’s AATIP Program Luis Elizondo.

TTSA never mentions the collaboration in their SEC filings, nor do any of the companies mention it in their filings. TTSA also never mentions working with Boeing or BAE again, though Lockheed Martin Skunk Works veteran Steve Justice was TTSA’s Aerospace Division Director at the time.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 January 2016 — USAF Maj. Gen. Neil McCasland, USAF Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works EVP Rob Weiss, Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and Clinton campaign assistant Milia Fisher met virtually with musician Tom DeLonge to discuss UAP. Details of the meeting are not released, but afterward, DeLonge claimed he had a team of
“high-ranking advisors” helping him prepare the U.S. public through media for USG disclosure of UAP information.

DeLonge wrote to Podesta that McCasland, who led the Air Force Research Laboratory at
Wright-Patterson AFB, told him “when Roswell crashed, they shipped it to [WPAFB]…he not only knows what I’m trying to achieve [USG disclosure], he helped me assemble my advisory team.”

Note: This meeting between USG personnel, Lockheed Martin, Clinton campaign staff and a
U.S. citizen with a large pop culture following, occurred ten months before the 2016 presidential election.

DeLonge admitted in several subsequent interviews he would create media for U.S. citizens’ consumption at the guidance of current and former USG/USG contractor personnel, some of whom were not disclosed to the public when that media was published. In 2017, DeLonge co-founded To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science with former USG employees and contractors from the intelligence community.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 March 2016 — National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) spokesman Darwin Morgan divulges the Nevada National Security Site’s Area 6 activities for the first time publicly. Morgan states top secret R&D work is done there, primarily sensor testing and unmanned aerial vehicle testing for partners at Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, DTRA and DARPA. The only other public mention of Area 6 is in a 7,500-page safety report on the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project describing it as an “aerial operations facility.” It is possible the NNSA has relevant UAP information that it has not reported to centralized bodies like the UAPTF.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 March 2016 — Tom DeLonge states in early 2016 that he was told by his CIA “advisors” that when UAP crashes happen, intelligence, military and private industry was pooled together. “They’ve” been using private companies/publicly traded companies to keep the secret information “protected” through organizations that are non-governmental.

DeLonge states he has been told how public perception on UAP has been shaped by private interests and his “advisors” review his publicly disseminated information. DeLonge also states he met
with the CIA (2015?). DeLonge also states the MJ-12 documents are not accurate and in reality, things are more fragmented; it’s a “very, very small group” of people at the top putting it all together and pulling in what data they’re able to get from other areas of IC/private industry. DeLonge states he was told “the Others” are manipulating countries against the US/West hegemony.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 2016 — Tom DeLonge states he was told by unnamed “advisors” that there were multiple UAP crashes and recoveries. The USG and its contractors hid it, created a “pickup game” of counter intelligence, DeLonge claims, and adds that it was at one time bigger than the Manhattan Project. He states it is currently held by a private corporation where “certain laws” protect their own breakthroughs and proprietary assets; DeLonge adds that he asked the advisors if the crash recovery program(s) were legal, or if they were illegal. He claims the advisors showed him an “exact law,” with an exact paragraph and number on a “government website” to justify what they were doing as legal.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 April 2016 — Sekret Machines: Book 1, Chasing Shadows is released by authors Tom DeLonge and AJ Hartley. DeLonge claims his “advisors” from the US intelligence community and Executive Branch helped him shape the information in it and it is fiction with concepts that are true. The main tenets of Sekret Machines are as follows:

  • Dreamland/Area 51 has a man-made flying saucer
  • The UAP R&D work at Area 51 is entirely a subdivision of a major aerospace contractor within a location called “Possum Plant”
  • Area 51 had a triangle Astra-TR3B called “the Locust” that exploits curvature in spacetime
  • S4 near Area 51 had a simulator for the Locust
  • A fictional “Maynard Corporation” was laundering money through an entity called “SWEEP,” a network of funding streams tied to aerospace concerns around the world dedicated to R&D and operation
  • SWEEP includes the fraudulent tagging of private land as hosts to endangered species so it can be utilized for R&D purposes
  • A breakaway group exists with a large amount of money and no national allegiance that maintains total control over the disparate projects
  • Russia has their own back engineered craft and operates it on behalf of someone else
  • The US operation for reverse engineered UAP craft is “beyond black”
  • The enforcement of SWEEP utilizes personnel who pose as government agents including for the EPA
  • “Alien” abductions are faked to psychologically traumatize witnesses of black projects and cover the human element
  • A disc was held at an old Creech AFB underground hangar away from S4
  • A human piloted saucer engaged an ET piloted sphere and shot it down
  • Military officials involved in the projects believe ET were interpreted as “Greek gods” in ancient history

Former CIA official Jim Semivan states he and colleagues were concerned this book was written after a leak of classified information because “it had some very interesting data in it.” Semivan later says he realized there was no leak, DeLonge just “put two and two together.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 April 2016 — Steven Greer says he had a source at Blackjack Control and Blackjack Team was at Nellis; Tejon Ranch, Llano Plant, Helendale Plant, Phillips Labs are all underground, a newer facility called “The Cube” past Lancaster in Edwards airspace, which is a Lockheed Martin Skunk Works facility; Lockheed and Northrop have multiple generations of craft that resemble UAP; LANL has underground connector to Dulce complex; Fort Huachuca has a storage facility that had “nine” ET spacecraft that were downed using pulsed scalar weapons as of the 1970s; “the most critical one” that’s new is an underground complex southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah under Dugway Proving Grounds; he says “Mormon Corporate Empire” has greater say on UAP policy than President or Congress.

Greer adds that all military intelligence divisions have compartments that feed into MAJIC committee, FBI has some compartments; Bechtel does “underground base construction” and EG&G has key facility for creating nanotechnology implants put into abduction victims. He also claims MITRE is key in antigravity and SAIC is a “crown jewel” that had crossover between Bobby Ray Inman in SAIC and MAJIC; and Wackenhut does security for MAJIC.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 May 2016 — Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon speaks publicly about UAP for the first time. He tells journalist Leslie Kean that if UAP technology was hidden, he’d “take it outside government oversight entirely and place it in a compartment as a new entity within an existing defense company and manage it as what we call an “IRAD” or “Independent Research and Development Activity.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 July 2016 — Ufologist Max Spiers is found dead of an apparent overdose, but Polish authorities were investigating as manslaughter and British authorities were investigating as well. Shortly prior to his death, Spiers gave a video interview where he claimed to see a “jump room” at 999 N. Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo, CA, the same location Andrew Basiago claimed was the location of advanced technology capable of teleportation of biological materials including humans.

Basiago claimed military officials were involved in the maintenance of the teleportation project. It is unknown how Spiers gained access to the facility if he did.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 31 August 2016 — Tom DeLonge states he became “involved” in different groups of people working on the UAP issue; he claims there are physicists studying “crashed craft,” biologists studying medical issues with people coming in close proximity to craft, aerospace experts working on anti-UAP weaponry, psychologists meeting with witnesses and studying the hitchhiker phenomena.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 March 2017 — DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) publicly discloses its partnership with NASA for planetary defense. Both agencies work with FEMA to determine potentially hazardous near-Earth objects and prepare for them. NNSA’s three national security laboratories, Sandia, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore, assist. NNSA’s Office of Defense Programs (DP) sponsors technical research. It is possible the NNSA has relevant UAP information that it has not reported to centralized bodies like the UAPTF.

Note: Nothing in the PUBLIC DOMAIN suggests the planetary defense efforts are
UAP-related. However, NNSA/DP, which funds research, may be an office that houses some UAP related research. Los Alamos publishes planetary defense research while under management of Triad National Security LLC; Triad also develops next-generation advanced aerospace platforms (see 25 June 2021).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 March 2017 — Anonymous website partially encoded publishes an article on “turning the vehicle into a pilot’s prosthetic extension.” In the article are vague examples of how to replicate the piloting features of a UAP: “there must be no difference between the aircraft and the crew…you cannot just take a human being and fit him with all this array of sensors; you first need to tweak the human somehow to better exploit the capabilities of this technology…we need to go a step further from the current paradigm of manned aircrafts and shift toward a paradigm of aircrafts that behave like a human.” Elsewhere on the site, allegedly non-public reports from Raytheon and Lockheed are cited.

Another article from 20 December 2017 writes that USAF pilots are trained to be aware of UAP, shares a seemingly non-public FLIR image dated 11 November 2014 and states: “we want our enemies to believe in UFOs up to the point it becomes too late for them to react to an airstrike by our own air force; we also need our pilots not to believe in UFOs should the enemy use this same strategy against us.”

It also states that Corona East, Akrij and Sienna are three PSV craft in operation that deploy “MilOrbs” and they perform covert test unbeknownst to USG knowledge to see how crew react to them.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - April 2017 — USAF Maj. Brain Hans, Maj. Christopher Jefferson and Maj. Joshua Wehrle of the Curtis LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education at Maxwell AFB publish a framework to “leverage advanced propulsion” for deep space travel. Specifically the framework cites the work of James Woodward (see June 2001) of Cal State and Paul March of Lockheed Martin Space Operations using lead zirconate titanate (PZT), a piezoelectric compound, to achieve mass reduction for aerospace applications.

The framework states laboratory experiments confirm the findings that PZT can achieve flight and could enable missions with no limitations experienced by conventional propulsion systems. The USAF authors also state the Aerospace Corporation concluded this research didn’t warrant government funding, but they disagree with that conclusion. They also mention EmDrive as another breakthrough propulsion technology opportunity that could “revolutionize” how USAF operates in deep space. They conclude more metamaterials are needed to continue this work and optimize aerospace mass education effects.

Note: The Lockheed PZT experiments were done at the unclassified level almost 20 years before this framework was published. It is reasonable to ask if this line of research began even before then.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 September 2017 — Astronomer Marc D’Antonio and operator of FX Models that has Naval contracts, claims the US Navy is running a secret USO project known as the “Fast Mover Program.” D’Antonio states he asked a senior Naval figure about the program and they told him “Sorry Marc, I can’t talk about that program.” This person then told him the program exists and that USOs are common but didn’t get into any more details.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 October 2017 — Musician Tom DeLonge suggests on a podcast he is being advised by USAF Maj. Gen. Neil McCasland, USAF Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works EVP Rob Weiss, Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, Dr. Hal Puthoff, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher K. Mellon and former OUSD(I) employee and AATIP head Luis Elizondo, among others unnamed, to carry out slow disclosure of UAP information to the American public from USG/USG contractor sources.

DeLonge claims USG/USG contractors already have free energy technology, i.e. zero-point energy, that would make all other forms of energy derivation obsolete. “One inch of air could power the
US for hundreds of years,” he claimed. DeLonge suggested his group, To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA), was being restrained from releasing all information government insiders were telling him, but that TTSA sought investment from private investors to develop said free energy technology for energy and aerospace purposes. DeLonge also stated TTSA expected to create a working anti-gravity craft; the company’s offering statement to the SEC stated the company’s aerospace division was “dedicated to finding revolutionary breakthroughs in propulsion, energy and communications.”

Note: TTSA advisors Christopher K. Mellon and Luis Elizondo left the company in 2020. In 2021, TTSA announced it would de-emphasize scientific development and instead use investor funding on entertainment projects, seemingly abandoning its promise of developing anti-gravity technology. Co-founder Hal Puthoff stepped off the board of directors to serve on its scientific advisory board. Aerospace Division head and former Lockheed Skunk Works employee Steve Justice also left TTSA in 2021.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 November 2017 — Salvatore Pais of the Naval Air Station Patuxent River files a patent for a triangle/diamond shaped craft that has anti-gravitic effects and resembles some UAP sightings. The patent was initially rejected but Naval Aviation Enterprise CTO James Sheehy filed for appeal to the USPTO and stated “it will become a reality” and China was already investing in it. The patent was then approved. The technology described in Pais’ patent is similar to that of Hal Puthoff’s AATIP DIRD on vacuum engineering. Pais’ patent describes a craft that is able to manipulate quantum vacuum fluctuations around the craft for propulsion purposes.

Note: NASA tested something similar utilizing quantum vacuum fluctuations, the “Cannae Drive,” in 2014 and reported a small level of thrust was achieved.

Note: Former U.S. Navy Dir. of Science and Technology Development Nat Kobitz told journalist Ross Coulthart in 2021 that he made a few “discrete inquiries” related to the triangle craft patent and NAVAIR. Kobitz claims neither he nor his US Navy colleagues had any information on Pais or what he was working on. “If there is anything near a working antigravity craft, they’ve kept it very quiet,” Kobitz states.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 December 2017 — Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts publishes a paper with a Michigan State University economist that finds $21 trillion in unauthorized spending in the departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development between 1998 and 2015. A university press release states the DODIG disabled key documents showing unsupported spending after the paper was published, and soon after, the DOD announced its first ever department-wide independent audit in its history. Fitts believes some of the unauthorized funding was for domestic “clandestine military R&D,” some of which was UAP related and diverted from DOD/HUD to illegal programs.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2018 — Former Lockheed Martin astrophysicist Bernard Haisch, a colleague of Eric Davis and Hal Puthoff, comments on four alleged “legacy” UAP programs hidden from oversight. “A group of four related but separate unacknowledged SCI programs dating back to a 1947 Truman memorandum still exist and were housed as of the 1990s in major aerospace companies such as for example Lockheed, TRW, Raytheon, Aerospace Corp. etc. These would be expensive programs since the cost of secrecy can be several times bigger than the research… the black programs collectively have budgets in the $10B range annually. Topics apparently include both reverse engineering and extraterrestrial biology.”

Haisch states “the AATIP program did find the UFO crash retrieval program via official channels, but was denied access to it because the AATIP itself is not a SAP. Sen. Harry Reid petitioned the DoD to confer SAP status to the AATIP, but the DoD denied his request.”

Haisch also states: “It is easier to keep a program hidden in a contractor facility than in a government facility…a crash retrieval or some classified continuation of Project Blue Book would likely exist as a deep, black industrial-based SAP. A program involving hardware would be considered technology rather than intelligence and most likely fall under the office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (OUSDAT). Ironically, for such a program, even someone having an intelligence “ticket” at the highest level would not be considered to have a need to know. All of this results in very effective isolation and virtually no one in a position of open civilian governmental
authority, being cognizant of this after a time even though at least in principle of the Special Access Program oversight committee, SAPOC, should be cognizant of such a program. I do not know of any fundamentally limiting factors in the potential longevity of a program. The extreme compartmentalization and limited oversight would tend to keep a program in existence, perhaps indefinitely. Political leaders come and go, pandering to the masses for votes in the eyes of many within the military and intelligence communities, and as a result have varying degrees of respect and trust in that world. Deep Black programs can become quite independent of any given administration, and it would certainly be unrealistic to assume that a given president has been briefed on every SAP. A president does not automatically have a need to know. Moreover, Freedom Of Information Act requests cannot penetrate Unacknowledged Special Access Programs.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 May 2018 — Anonymous PUBLIC DOMAIN site with details on UAP behavior and alleged bibliographies containing classified UAP reports from USG contractors states a system “XViS” is being used to analyze UAP biological effects on humans, and UAP contact scenarios.

Curiously, XVis was an actual Department of Energy (DOE)/Sandia National Laboratories project used to simulate various advanced projects that concluded in 2017.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 May 2018 — Remote viewer “Sky Arrow” claims targets they’re looking at are associated with a code word “Omega” operations, related to deep space propulsion, Mach 10-plus vehicles, antigravity craft, loitering surveillance systems, UAP and reverse engineering projects. The viewer claims Area 29 at White Sands Proving Ground may be a meaningful location for this research, something a microfilm screen sent to former McDonnell Douglas engineer Robert Wood showed as well. (S-1 sent Wood a map of WSMR with Area 29 denoted in the northwest corner). The firm Bechtel Corp. is noted as having a connection to Area 29.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 June 2018AATIP scientist and EarthTech consultant Eric Davis states there was a collaboration between EarthTech, BAASS and an aerospace company “like Ratheyon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin” to try and figure out some of the answers when the AATIP program ran out of appropriation funding.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 June 2018AATIP scientist and EarthTech consultant Eric Davis states, “the crash retrieval program, it’s still there. And we would have gotten into the crash retrieval program using the legal authorizations that would open the door [for] us. And we would have gotten access to it
and that would have exponentially increased our knowledge base and understanding since we don’t have a Tic Tac in possession right now. We’re not in possession of one.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - July 2018 — To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA), advised by current and former USG/USG contractor officials, launch the A.D.A.M. Research Project to study “exotic metamaterials” recovered from alleged UAP sources for study and possible reverse engineering.

TTSA purchased alleged UAP metamaterials over the following two years and reached a collaborative R&D agreement with the US Army’s Combat Capabilities Development Command (USACCDC) to advance developments in material science, spacetime metric engineering, quantum physics, beamed energy propulsion and active camouflage. As of TTSA’s last prospectus (May 2022), USACCDC is still testing “anomalous materials” to determine military or civilian uses.

Note: In October 2017, TTSA co-founder Tom DeLonge stated on a podcast that recovered UAP metamaterials experienced an anti-gravitic effect when radiated with terahertz frequencies. “It resonates some kind of harmonic and gets lighter, and if you hit it with enough terahertz it’ll float,” he stated. “We’re going to be bringing out hardware,” DeLonge claimed. This has yet to occur.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 August 2018 — A TTSA statement of work sought Hal Puthoff’s Earthtech International to study the properties of “potentially exotic materials.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 October 2018 — Eric Davis states on a radio broadcast that the Del Rio TX UAP crash was a real event and was a successful crash retrieval. “Del Rio, Texas, that was a 1950s case, that was another one (crash retrieval), and the other ones I won’t bring up because those are still classified. But um…and they have not been investigated to my knowledge; I’m sorry, that have not been revealed or published to my knowledge.” Davis states “we” have crash retrievals and USG/private laboratories were not advanced enough to understand what the technology was.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 November 2018 — Mitre Corp’s JASON Group in a Secret estimate writes that it can not find a single plausible source of energy that can produce all the symptoms USG personnel report related to Havana Syndrome. This includes both audio/video signals and the reported medical
effects. It is worth determining if UAP proximity effects account for any Havana Syndrome cases and if JASON Group has any of that data at a higher classification level. The Group has allegedly been linked to UAP elsewhere (see 25 April 2019 entry).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 12 December 2018 — Rendlesham Forest witness John Burroughs states Kit Green wanted him to do work on a particular form of ancient meditation: kripalu yoga and Vipassana meditation. A 2015 study found evidence for “greater widespread functional connectivity of the caudate” in people who practiced these forms of meditation. Stanford professor Garry Nolan has regularly stated a structural anomaly in the caudate-putamen region of the brain may have an impact on UAP contacts.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 February 2019 — Author Diana Pasulka’s book America Cosmic states a USG/USG contractor scientist using the pseudonym “Tyler” viewed “artifacts” he believed to have come from a non-human/extraterrestrial source. Tyler states he had them in his library and was alone with them to perform analysis. It is unknown how he obtained them or who they were delivered/loaned from.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 February 2019 — FOX TV producer Robert Kiviat sues Joe Firmage, former CIA official Ron Pandolfi, and former Rep. David D. Marriott for his involvement in a firm named InterNASA. Kiviat claims he was recruited to perform media duties for InterNASA and told it had CIA backing for technology development based on UAP.

Kiviat states Pandolfi was trying to sabotage the company, adding he believed the CIA was running a “flytrap” disinformation scheme, in which honest people’s talents were used to further an intelligence operation’s goal; in this case, Kiviat alleges, an attempt to frame UAP in a specific way to the
U.S. public guided by current or former CIA personnel.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 March 2019 — Lue Elizondo is asked at a Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies event if there have been attempts to “shoot down” UAP and if “tech or beings” have been recovered. Elizondo shakes his head and says he can’t answer those questions.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 25 April 2019 — The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) states it intends to take over the contract for the JASON Group, previously
sponsored by the DOD. It was reported at the time that Mitre Corp. would remain the vehicle to receive money to support the 60 scientists in JASON who provide independent technical advice and review.

Note: No official documents have been found that link JASON to UAP. But at least one confirmed member, Dr. Luis W. Alvarez, is allegedly linked to a UAP crash recovery. In 1949, a Los Angeles businesswoman Alma Lawson stated a “sober and conservative” scientist friend told her a UAP crashed in the mountains of Sierra Madre, Mexico and was recovered by USG. One year later, she named Alvarez as the source. Alvarez had already worked at Los Alamos prior to the alleged crash, and was a member of the CIA’s Robertson Panel in 1953 which studied the UAP issue.

Note: In 1988, William Steinman told ufologist Grant Cameron that Alvarez told him in 1986 “he would not go into detail concerning the events [of the alleged Sierra Madre UAP crash recovery] and who else was involved.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 April 2019 — EarthTech and Aerospace Corp. physicist Eric Davis states “there have been crashes” of UAP and reverse engineering programs are stovepiped into very small, underfunded efforts controlled by legacy aerospace corporations. Davis alludes that he or his AATIP colleagues were told of crash recovery/alien biology programs in SCIFs with those aware of the programs, but suggests AATIP was not “read into” these programs. There were red-lines they were made aware of and told of generalities in SCIFs. Davis suggests some executives at aerospace firms know of the programs and at least one was last funded in 1989, according to him.

Note: No specific firms are mentioned, but one naturally wonders which legacy companies Davis is referring to, and if it includes his current employer, Aerospace Corp. Other legacy companies of interest are TRW, Lockheed, Northrop, BAE, E-Systems and EG&G, among others.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 April 2019 — Eric Davis tells ufologist James Iandoli that the US government is in possession of recovered crashed and landed UFO technology hardware.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 July 2019 — Ret. Gen. Joseph Ralston, former Vice Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and member of SAPOC in 1997, states he met with VADM Thomas Wilson “every day.” But Ralston states he does not recall ever discussing UAP with him. He does say it “could have happened” with regard to Wilson reportedly being denied access to four UAP programs by SAPOC, but Ralston states he has no recollection of that. After retirement, Ralston became a member of the Boards of Directors of Lockheed Martin, The Timken Company and The Cohen Group.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 12 July 2019 — Tom DeLonge states in July 2019 that TTSA spent the last year and a half briefing the Senate, multiple Committees and helping “glue” the DOD, IC and Congress together.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 July 2019 — Unusual and extensive redactions exist in the logs of the USS Russell, where crewmembers report a UAP incident. A team known as “ghostbusters” are deployed during events to use counter-drone equipment. It is unknown if the deterrence is successful.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 August 2019 — To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSA), advised by current and former USG/USG contractor officials, announces a “technical collaboration” with Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Bigelow Aerospace and BAE Systems. It is seemingly published by mistake and removed from Instagram soon after it goes live. A technical collaboration with these aerospace contractors is never mentioned in TTSA’s public SEC filings, nor has TTSA ever mentioned working with Boeing or BAE. Lockheed Martin Skunk Works veteran Steve Justice was TTSA’s Aerospace Division Director.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 September 2019 — Rep. Mark Walker accuses the U.S. Navy of withholding information about UAP reports. Walker tells a journalist he is encouraged the Under Secretary of the Navy confirmed UAP encounters are investigated, “there is frustration with the lack of answers to specific questions about the threat that superior aircraft [UAP] flying in United States airspace may pose.” An earlier letter from Walker on 16 July 2019 asked if the Navy had found physical evidence from UAP, and if any foreign nations or private companies were responsible for the craft.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 November 2019 — Former Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L) Noel Longuemare Jr., states SAPOC reviewed a number of classified programs while he was present 1993-97, but he does “not recall UFOs ever coming up, nor any issues regarding need-to-know.” Longuemare also states he does not remember an audience with VADM Thomas Wilson, as the Wilson notes (see 16 October 2002) suggest.


(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 February 2020 — Richard Doty allegedly states some previous and current DIA members believe elements of the Project SERPO rumors (an “exchange program” between USG personnel and ET personnel on a different planet) are real.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 4 February 2020 — Russian ceramics engineer Eugene Podkletnov states he has found an effect akin to modification of a local gravitational field. Podkletnov uses thin gold layers and spins them at high revolutions to create gravity fields in a vacuum and in the air. He states it can be done at room temperature and does not need superconductors to work. The experiment can generate a repulsive or attractive force of about 300 to 500 kilograms per square meter.

Note: Podklenov states for space travel, it would be best to utilize a similar concept but use rotating magnetic fields at high speed to create the antigravitic effect.

Note: Podklenov states when NASA attempted to replicate his experiment they noticed unusual effects, but ran out of money at the last stage. Podklenov states the “Department of Defense” came in and took the experiments and it was transferred to Ning Li (see 1 August 1997). He states NASA has “nothing” and he has “nothing” from those experiments either.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 February 2020 — In an interview at The Arlington Institute with John Petersen, Hal Puthoff denies rumors that he and his family were threatened about the release of information pertaining to “anti-energy” devices.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 8 February 2020 — Puthoff also states former AFOSI counterintelligence officer Richard Doty worked for him in “another program before AATIP.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 February 2020 — Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon states the Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) has recorded unidentified objects that changed direction and weren’t meteors.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 February 2020 — Retired DOD senior technology analyst Paul Murad states the company “Orbitech” (possibly Orbital Technologies Corporation, Orbitec) helped him engineer an electromagnetic energy device known as the “Morningstar Energy Box.” The box produced a 7% reduction in mass of a test object.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 March 2020 — Physicist Jack Sarfatti states a metamaterial utilized by the Tic Tac UAP allows the craft to slow down the speed of light. Sarfatti states when a certain type of electromagnetic energy is sent into this metamaterial, it creates a resonance that “squeezes the space in front of it and stretches the space behind.”

He also claims the Tic Tac metamaterial came from “Earth humans” from the future and people from the future come back in time to create “past events” which in turns create a “Novikov loop” (a paradox where the origin of the event cannot be known). Sarfatti claims he is close to Bechtel, was close to the Reagan Administration and former SDI proponent and SecDef Caspar Weinberger, and states he received phone calls from a “mechanical voice” when he was young that put him into a hypnotic state where he was led to theorize about quantum vacuum energy and faster-than-light propulsion. Jacques Vallée states it was “undeniable” he was a child prodigy.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 April 2020 — Journalist Tim McMillan states a source who worked for BAASS and AAWSAP told him the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) had some UAP materials as early as 1947. He states it was transferred to Lockheed Martin in 1977 ahead of expected USG oversight in 1979. In response to the claim, Eric Davis states the BAASS source is “ill-informed” and not “in the know” about the history of legacy UAP recovery and reverse engineering. Davis states the claims of Lockheed receiving UAP information from the AEC in 1977 are false.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 10 July 2020 — U.S. Navy Capt. Joseph F. Gradisher, OPNAV N2N6 Public Affairs, admits in an email that he and Susan Gough of OSD Public Affairs seek to control FOIA replies from all USG agencies/departments related to UAP. “Generally speaking, we let the normal FOIA process work as it is supposed to…but we have been requesting that FOIA offices coordinate with us on
UAP-focused FOIA responses before they hit ‘reply’ so that new terms/language/etc. aren’t introduced that complicate the overall messaging efforts.”

Gradisher’s admission is of questionable legality considering federal government-wide FOIA responses are not supposed to be managed by the Navy to affect strategic messaging of an issue as it relates to the American public. The emails of admission were declassified through FOIA on 9 March 2021.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 July 2020 — Former AATIP director while he is at To The Stars Academy Lue Elizondo states on a public radio program that he was on the Hill, in a SCIF, meeting with several individuals about UAP. Elizondo states an “older gentleman” was sitting in the corner of the room and didn’t introduce himself and told him “Look, I had your job (with a particular service, I’m not going to mention what service it was)…I had your job back in the ‘80s.” Elizondo states this man was legitimate and the fact that he didn’t know who he was suggests there is “some sense of legacy” of the UAP issue where it was studied at high levels prior to AATIP, but after Project Blue Book unbeknownst to the public.

Elizondo states the man told him AATIP got further than the 1980s program, but didn’t clarify if that meant from a findings perspective, a budgetary perspective or a political perspective.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 July 2020 — A declassified briefing card utilized by the Navy’s Chief of Information and the Office of Information tells all personnel to “not refer to UAPs as UFOs. The latter term is intrinsically linked to the concept of extraterrestrials and the associated hysteria generated by the media that cover this topic.” It was prepared by Capt. Joseph F. Gradisher and OSD Public Affairs Susan Gough. The card suggests the Navy was attempting to avoid public discussion of the extraterrestrial hypothesis and had a strategic priority to avoid “hysteria.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 November 2020 — Navy crypto communications operator Karson Kammerzell says he was on the USS Princeton at the time of the reported “Tic Tac” event and the object that interacted with Fravor’s squadron was a triangle. Kammerzell claims the Tic Tac story is a coverup of a triangle Princeton encounter and infers AATIP and those speaking about a Tic Tac encounter are covering up a triangle encounter.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 November 2020 — Coast Guard retiree Shannon Lee states he witnessed a 10-12 foot silver disc pulled from the Atlantic Ocean near the Mariana Trench and was later briefed and told by his CO they saw them many times. He states USAF officials were in port when they returned and he was told to sign an NDA.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 4 December 2020 — Jacques Vallée states in 2020 that the entity that controls the UAP issue and controls study of it in intelligence agencies (like the CIA) is a “private contractor.” He nervously says he doesn’t want to reveal who has UAP metals, but then James Fox asks him if he can indirectly answer the question by discussing a contractor involved in the Robertson Panel, and Vallee states it is Battelle Memorial Institute. He then won’t answer any more questions on if Battelle has UAP crash recovered metals.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 12 December 2020 — John Marcel, grandson of Jesse Marcel Sr., states his grandfather and father (Jesse Marcel Jr.) held debris recovered from a UAP crash near Roswell, NM on
8-9 July 1947 that had strange writing on it. One symbol had a seal balancing a ball on its nose, and there were also glass “fibers.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 May 2021 — Former Sen. Harry Reid says he was told “for decades” that Lockheed Martin was in possession of UAP fragments from a crash site. Reid says the Pentagon would not give him access to the program. “I don’t know…what kind of classification it was, but they would not give that to me.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 May 2021 — An anonymous “government insider” tells ufologist Joe Murgia that: “Various people within the United States government, in positions of oversight and who you would think had access to all UAP programs, did not find the UAP crash retrieval program when they looked because they never knew of its existence. I, and others in my circle, have discussed the topic with them of how one cannot find waived-unacknowledged SAPs that operate outside of Section 119 of Title 10. In fact, a DoD office can create a shell company and then transfer funds to it under an unremarkable commercial defense services contract. Then that shell company turns around and gives a subcontract to a third-party aerospace/defense firm that hosts a waived-unacknowledged SAP that operates outside of Sect. 119 of Title 10. This usually hides (making the audit trail terminate at the shell company) the flow of money going to the third party company that’s running a waived-unacknowledged SAP where a UAP crash retrieval program is hidden.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 May 2021 — Former SSCI Staff Director and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher K. Mellon states in a public podcast that if he were President, the first thing he’d want to know is the “Department of Energy, all of their Special Programs […].” Mellon is likely suggesting he believes key UAP information is held there, given the nature of his outreach and stated purpose of speaking publicly.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 May 2021 — Steven Greer states Daniel Sheehan told him Lue Elizondo informed Sheehan he was in a facility where an actual extraterrestrial vehicle was “stored.” Sheehan represents Elizondo as his lawyer.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 25 June 2021 — The ODNI’s report to Congressional Intelligence and Armed Services Committees on progress made by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) is published. The UAPTF discloses (p2) it received input from USD(I&S), DIA, FBI, NRO, NGA, NSA, Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, DARPA, FAA, NASA, NOAA, ODNI and presumably CIA, whose name is redacted.

Neither the Department of Energy (DOE) nor its agency the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) are mentioned as having contributed. This may be a meaningful omission, and may indicate classified aerospace programs or commercial aerospace programs linked to that agency, its offices, facilities or contractors were responsible for some of the 144 UAP cases analyzed.

In particular, one NNSA contractor, Triad National Security LLC based in Los Alamos, NM, filed a patent for aerospace vehicles that traveled inside self-generated “air-buoyant structures” made of low density aerogel or vapor-expanded material to achieve “buoyancy in air.” The patent was published two weeks before the UAPTF report was delivered to Congress and matches the description of at least one high-profile UAP case where a USN pilot told Lt. Ryan Graves he witnessed a “sphere encasing a cube” in 2014 over the Atlantic Ocean east of Virginia. The Triad National Security LLC patent states an
air-buoyant structure around a craft could be spherical, cylindrical, torus, pill or lattice shaped. Triad’s website states its primary client is the NNSA and it is comprised of three partners: Battelle Memorial Institute, The Texas A&M University System and the University of California.

Note: In 2018, Triad National Security LLC became the manager and operator of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 May 2021 — Former AATIP director Lue Elizondo states some “elements’’ of a group were interfering with AATIP’s ability to collect and analyze UAP data while AATIP was operating inside OUSDI&S. Elizondo states there is speculation a “secret government [or] society” exists and it intimidates people into silence.

Note: Elizondo states he never had any interactions with this “group” because maybe he was a “loose cannon,” adding “they’ve never tried to intimidate me, personally.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 10 June 2021 — Former AATIP director Lue Elizondo states the following when asked a question about an oceanic UAP crash retrieval during the Operation Starfish Prime nuclear test which produced a large EMP: “There may be some significance to EMPs…[it] can interfere with whatever this technology is and its proposition…you now have a very interesting scenario where whatever is keeping these things up in the sky it no longer does that…so now all of the sudden the bubble pops, and so all of a sudden comes crashing down this object that has no wings, no tail, no ailerons, no obvious signs of propulsion, and now it really does become a brick and that brick falls. Now all of a sudden, gravity has a say.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 25 June 2020 — USN CMDR Will Miller states he believes “we” have our own transluminal velocity craft that go anywhere in space and time; Miller states there are probably multiple “control groups,” each covering certain aspects of the UAP issue; one for crash retrievals, another for collecting reports, another for oversight; there are a limited number of contractors who could do this.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 June 2021 — Mark Sokol, founder of New Jersey-based Falcon Space, states he has built a device to detect gravity-induced changes in light to detect if various antigravity strategies were successful; he states he has funding to run experiments from “several billionaires” who he declines to name, and he’s had “lots of people offer lots of money to take this to the next stage, which would be building a full-sized craft.” Sokol did not state who the funders were nor did he discuss the specific antigravity mechanism he would utilize in a craft.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 June 2021 — Ufologist Richard Dolan states a source familiar with the portion of the UAPTF report presented to Congress that was not released to the public relates to the following: energy pulse, ion, anti-gravity, anti-matter, ramjet hydrogen and compressed nuclear propulsion systems; additionally, his source claims “exotic elements for energy research” are ET related and known by UAPTF; most are managed under DARPA by a team known as “Advance Group-6.” Prototypes of the craft, he claims, utilizing this advanced technology are being flown at Tonopah AFB Test Range and Area 51. “None of these experimental crafts can be contributed to the sightings photographed by the US Navy,” he concludes.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 June 2021 — Journalist Ross Coulthart states a source of his told him Lue Elizondo was a liaison of the SAPOC, specifically to the Senior Review Group (SRG). In this position, Coulthart claims he was told Elizondo would likely have been read on to waived/carve-out UAP SAPs.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 1 August 2021 — Australian journalist Ross Coulthart writes that a source told him he was asked by an executive at an aerospace company in Long Beach, CA to go “deep undercover” to have access to “the wreckage and the humanoids.” The executive allegedly told the source the program was controlled by a relatively small group of people, not all in government, including people in aerospace, intelligence and corporate financial communities.

Note: The source described the company that was going to hire him to go undercover had “sprawling gardens.” The only major aerospace company in Long Beach, CA that has that type of campus is The Aerospace Corporation.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 September 2021 — Lue Eilzondo states he did not come across any evidence of UAP programs while working on SAPCO and managing SAPs; he states if there were UAP programs they were being run rogue with no oversight.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 September 2021 — Australian journalist Ross Coulthart states on a podcast that U.S. Navy Dir. of Science and Technology Development Nat Kobitz told him “out of the blue” he was read into a UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program. Kobitz told him “multiple” UAP were retrieved, Kobitz did not see them personally and he was told there was an active program to reverse engineer the technology.

Kobitz also tells Coulthart he was taken in a room at Wright-Patterson AFB after retirement and showed a light and strong metal that had different isotopic ratios from terrestrial metals. The Navy has been engaged in a UAP public messaging effort (see 24 July 2020) and accused by Rep. Mark Walker (see 6 September 2019) of withholding UAP information. It is possible that even though elements are sharing information with UAPTF, deeper black programs like Kobitz and former Dir. of Naval Intelligence Sumner Shapiro (see 16 March 2022) refer to and Navy collaboration with DOE on the UAP issue are not being disclosed to Congress.

Note: Kobitz is listed in the directory of the “Wingship Program,” a 1990s era program where
USG coordinated with Russia to build a Wing-in-Ground craft. In 2021, DARPA put out a Request for Information for new approaches for the wingship program.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 September 2021 — Ufologists inquire with anonymous intelligence community sources about “Mary Elizabeth Elliot,” mentioned in the alleged VADM Wilson memo as connected to a TRW situation and an attorney “Jeffrey W. Griffith.” Elliot knows something with respect to UAP and TRW that she will only share on her deathbed, they claim.

Jeffrey W. Griffith is the person ufologist Richard Dolan stated with “near certainty” was the author of the Sedge Masters/Zodiac crash recovery story, which Dolan also claimed was connected to TRW. Griffith’s biography shows he was the corporate counsel for Hughes Aircraft. Two co-founders of TRW (Ramo and Wooldridge) resigned from Hughes Aircraft in 1953 and eventually merged with Thompson Products to become TRW in 1965. Prior to the merger, Ramo-Wooldridge spun off Space Technology Laboratories (STL) into The Aerospace Corporation at the request of Congress in 1959.

Note: If a crash retrieval program was managed by TRW in the 1960s, that implies compartments of it could have existed within Hughes, Ramo-Wooldridge’s STL or The Aerospace Corporation over that time frame.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 September 2021 — Tom DeLonge states on a podcast he was told about a large pyramid beneath Alaska that “might” be suppressing human consciousness. This claim was shared with ufologist Linda Moulton Howe by alleged US Army counterintelligence warrant officer Doug Mutschler, who stated he heard of a discovery west of Mt. McKinley in 1992 but was told he didn’t have a need to know. Another individual, the son of a retired Western Electric engineer claims his father said he worked on electrical studies of a large underground pyramid in Alaska between 1959-61. He claimed it was kept secret by the US military.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 2 October 2021 — Dr. Eric Davis says the DOE doesn’t own anything, says their labs did some UAP materials analysis but it was for the “owner” of the materials paid for via interagency project contracts. Davis states he briefed “findings,” presumably of his own investigation, to two Senate committee staffs, a “certain combatant command,” and the UAPTF.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 21 October 2021 — Former AATIP head Lue Elizondo states in an interview that “Company A” can have an unfair advantage over “Company B” due to its possession of alien technology. Elizondo also states: “the SEC would not be very happy to know that two publicly traded companies were competing for a contract, one had an unfair advantage. The other went bankrupt. That’s a problem, that’s a real problem…so you’re talking about big, big money interests. You are talking about things going into that gray world that goes beyond government interest. You are talking about banking. You are talking about some of the biggest names on the planet that have a lot to lose, or a lot to gain.”

Note: Is Elizondo referring to Lockheed as Company A, and McDonnell Douglas as Company B? Did Lockheed have an unfair advantage in having possession of crash recovered materials, as suggested by the late Sen. Harry Reid (see 1 May 2021)? Douglas did have financial difficulties in the late 1960s and was less than a year from bankruptcy when it merged with McDonnell.

Lockheed Martin received an emergency $250 million loan guarantee passed by the US Congress in 1971 to much controversy (VP Spiro Agnew cast a tie-breaking vote in favor of it). The Emergency Loan Guarantee Board set up by the Nixon Administration to oversee the loan refused to allow the General Accounting Office to examine its records.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - October 2021 — Attorney for AATIP head Lue Elizondo, Daniel Sheehan, makes public statements on the apparatus that controls UAP information. Sheehan states at the end of WWII, the G2 Edward Lansdale, discovered the Japanese buried trillions of dollars worth of gold, platinum and silver throughout the Philippines. This was allegedly discovered, told to the Truman Administration, and a small group of military (possibly Army) personnel retrieved the gold totalling $1.2 trillion at the time. Sheehan states it was put into a private trust and two partners from Brown Brothers Harriman became the trustees for the stolen gold.

Sheehan states when a flying saucer was discovered in New Mexico in 1947, it was brought to Wright Field and the “Anderson Trust” was established with trustees Robert Anderson, Robert Lovett and John Jay McCloy, all senior partners at Brown Brothers Harriman. Sheehan states a USG group, funded by the covert money from Brown Brothers Harriman, took custody of the UAP technology and “brought in major corporations” like Lockheed, Boeing, and others and “swore them to complete secrecy.” This group has since been allegedly trying to monopolize this technology and monopolize the information about the UAP occupants, etc. Sheehan states he does not know if the group has had diplomatic relations with the ET/UTs, but some witnesses he has spoken to tell him the group is engaging non-human entities.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 November 2021 — Former NSA officer Eric Haseltine writes the US doesn’t have directed energy weapons capable of moving lightweight objects or forming plasmas that look like UAP, but theoretically someone else could have developed this technology.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 November 2021 — Journalist Ross Coulthart states he believes UAP technology has been “deliberately divested” into private aerospace, and a group that involves aerospace and members of the military and IC have “committed crimes” and want to avoid oversight and accountability. Coulthart states part of this apparatus involves a group of ex-military who travel around the world to investigate UAP and gather physical evidence and they’re paid by a private company based out of Long Beach, CA.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 December 2021 — Australian journalist Ross Coulthart states sources who provided UAP information for his recently published book have gone quiet. Coulthart states there is a clandestine “intensive effort to shut people up,” adding his sources are now “terrified” when he calls them.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 January 2022 — Journalist Ross Coulthart states his sources tell him before “non-human material” was moved out of USG and into private aerospace, it was in possession of the Department of Energy.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 30 January 2022 — Former CIA S&T analyst John Ramirez states he came across a lot of people inside the Agency who were interested in UAP but he claims he never came across an official UAP program, also stating Life Sciences used to be interested in the subject (Kit Green’s area). Ramirez states he “sees” highly evolved beings that come from a “reptilian” ancestry; others see mantis types. Ramirez has three groups of occupants: strangers, visitors and residents. “Perhaps it is because of what we have done to this planet, they are interested in our nuclear weapons, they might not want that to happen to their creation.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 11 February 2022AATIP scientist and EarthTech founder Hal Puthoff states in an interview that materials sciences information is definitely being withheld from the broader physics community by private aerospace, derived from its work on UAP. Puthoff also states it is possible fundamental physics knowledge is being withheld from the broader scientific community. Puthoff states it would be the case “if we have mastered anti-gravity, and they’re being built by aerospace corporations;
the new physics would have to be involved.” Puthoff claims something “is missing” from Einstein’s General Relativity, and what is missing would have the effect of manipulating gravity.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 March 2022 — Adm. Bobby Ray Inman, former NSA Director and CIA Deputy Director, tells a public journalist he found “plausible explanations” for all UAP, contradicting a 1989 interview where he suggested recovered vehicles existed. Inman also discussed UAP “recovered vehicles” in a telephone conversation with NASA engineer Bob Oechsler, according to author Timothy Good, and referred Oechsler to speak with Everett Hineman at CIA DS&T and former Dir. of Naval Intelligence Sumner Shapiro for more information on UAP crash recoveries. Shapiro told Oechsler about how recovered vehicles were taken apart and transferred between different laboratories in trucks.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 March 2022 — Reporter Tim McMillan states a formal operations plan to address UAP exists and involve attempts to “coax” UAP into showing up by exploiting their “interest in nuclear materials.” McMillan states sources entirely unknown in the context of UAP told him this, and journalist Tom Rogan corroborated the reporting. Journalist Ross Coulthart states a source told him “with concern” there was an attempt to bait and capture a UAP. Lue Elizondo also states UAP baiting occurred during his time at AATIP.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 25 March 2022 — The Defense Intelligence Agency releases Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs) on 37 of the 38 projects the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP), colloquially known as AATIP, produced under the direction of Hal Puthoff. Subjects included antigravity, cloaking, quantum vacuum propulsion and field effects of UAP on nearby humans.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - May/June 2022 — Australian journalist Ross Coulthart stated the following when asked about secretive UAP R&D work being done in the USG/USG contractor space: “A large number of the scientists are working on what’s euphemistically called ‘the program’ in or around Huntsville, Alabama…that city has become the focus of a very intense espionage effort by overseas spy services. It had been reported to me by not one but two sources that there’ve been deliberate attempts to cause injury to people who are working on the periphery of that program and there was concern that some of the people are not being adequately protected….there’s a concern that basically scientists working in
essentially research related to ongoing antigravitics research are suffering harassment from overseas intelligence services."
“In Huntsville, Alabama, USA there’s a very black program underway that was previously run by a Chinese-American scientist called Ning Li…there is a very active anti-gravity program…I’m told there is equally an extraordinarily aggressive and nasty Chinese counterintelligence operation underway, to try to find out as much as possible through harassment and simple things like poison. There’s an espionage
battle underway as we speak.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 9 May 2022 — Five witnesses on board the USS Ronald Reagan say they see a large, fiery orange UAP hovering 100 feet above the flight deck. QM3 Karol Olesiak states it reminded him of a “burning bush,” and states the Office of the Watch and Conning Officer were not alarmed by the object. SN Derek Smith states the surface of the UAP was “swirling.”
Another witness, an anonymous Boatswain’s Mate of the Watch was in contact with all witnesses and saw the object himself, stating it was “translucent” like a “lava lamp,” “almost like viscous, but in the air, and it moved.” The BMOW corroborated Olesiak’s statement that the superior officers weren’t concerned by it and concluded they knew information “above my pay grade.” When the BMOW wrote the sighting into his log, he was told by his chief to “rip it out.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 16 May 2022 — An unnamed official tells Politico that a “secret society” with “no accountability” exists and it does not report UAP information to Congress because of security issues. The official states that personnel from legacy ventures and programs have not yet contributed to DODIG, Congressional or other USG oversight because they have not been given a “mechanism” to speak publicly without reprisal. As to this point, author Bryan Bender has not revealed who the source is.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 May 2022 — Rep. Mike Gallagher asks Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Ronald Moultrie in an open hearing if he had heard of the “Admiral Wilson memo,” referenced above (see 16 October 2002). Moultrie responds he was “not personally aware” of it. Rep. Gallagher then states he will enter the memo into the Congressional record, the first page of which describes an organization that managed response to crashed UAP and recovery of biological materials. It is unknown if Moultrie followed up with Gallagher after reviewing the memo to state if he was aware of such an organization, or if Moultrie reviewed the memo.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 June 2022 — Former AFOSI counterintelligence officer Richard Doty claims he is aware of five UAP related projects at Area 51: Project Candid Sky for photographing UAP, Project Radiant Bravo-One, Project Might using high speed lasers, Project Auburn Blue examination of
captured UAP and Project Med-Star examination of “captured” extraterrestrials. Doty claims in the early 1980s the designation “CARDINAL” was used to identify known extraterrestrial craft. Doty claims “CARDINAL-3” was stored underground in S-2.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 15 June 2022 — Dr. Amy Eskridge, the 35 year old scientist & co-founder of the Institute for Exotic Science in Huntsville, dies in Huntsville, AL. Retired UK intelligence officer Franc Milburn claims she was targeted with directed energy weapons and murdered by a “private aerospace company” in the US because she was involved in the UAP conversation and working on advanced propulsion.

In 2020, Eskridge stated she was planning to present novel foundational work regarding antigravity but needed approval from NASA. In 2018, Eskridge and her father Richard Eskridge gave a talk on behalf of their company, HoloChron Engineering, a gravity modification R&D company, in which they discuss historical and current means of antigravity experiments and modern black projects allegedly developing triangle antigravity craft like the “TR3B.” Eskridge’s colleague Dick Reeves was also involved with the Institute; her brothers Michael Eskridge and Matt Eskridge were not.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 29 July 2022 — A FOIA response to Operation Starfish Prime, UFOs, DOE and AEC suggests files exist but need a subject matter expert with “jurisdiction” to review before release.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 31 July 2022 — Hal Puthoff’s paper on the ultraterrestrial hypothesis is released. It describes the hypothesis that there is an unidentified phenomenon interacting with the planet that is not human, and it is unknown if it is exclusively extraterrestrial, extradimensional, cryptoterrestrial, demonic/djinn, proto/ancient human, time travelers, etc.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 3 August 2022 — Stanford physicist Garry Nolan states there are claims “crash materials” were collected and sent off to Lockheed and other aerospace companies; Nolan also states the National Science Foundation and Lockheed could get involved with new spending on UAP work after recent Congressional action; he also states the “silo approach” of the last 80 years has not worked, “having one piece of it at Lockheed,” having other pieces elsewhere, “they can’t talk to each other.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 12 August 2022 — Academic Dr. David Clarke publishes a clear photograph of the alleged “Calvine UFO,” a large diamond UAP referenced in a British Ministry of Defence (MOD) report from 1990 sighted in Calvine, Scotland. Clarke suggests press at the time were subject to a
“D-Notice,” which prevents publication of sensitive materials in the UK. He cites a paragraph in a “UK Restricted” minute from the author of Project Condign Ron Haddow, which states: “The remaining ASTRA/AURORA photos and 35mm slides are also on this last file. There was a Press ‘D’ Notice issued at the time.”

Note: This may be significant because it suggests the British MOD may have been in possession of photographic evidence of UAP it believed to be sourced from USG/USG contractor projects Aurora or Astra. Noted in 22 December 1992, British officials chose to monitor USAF communication that was concerned Secretary Donald B. Rice lied to Congress by stating Aurora didn’t exist. British interest in triangular UAP stems from several overflights of British airspace.

Note: There is nothing in declassified MOD records that suggests the Ministry tracked efforts by then SSCI Staff Director Chris Mellon on behalf of Sen. Robert Byrd to investigate the existence of Aurora, or efforts by Byrd’s counsel Richard D’Amato (see 22 May 1992). Mellon stated on the record “there is no such [secret U.S. triangular craft] program,” while D’Amato stated he believed triangular UAP were human made. Neither specified if their comments included UAP sighted over British airspace.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23 August 2022 — Anonymous site with possibly specific intelligence details on UAP in the PUBLIC DOMAIN posts an article on “NURO and the Unidentified Submersible Phenomena.” Much of the article is in a custom language only decipherable by custom software unknown to the PUBLIC DOMAIN, but what is public states that the National Underwater Reconnaissance Office (NURO) collects MASINT data on underwater UAP and seeks but is unable to coordinate with a group known as “SV17q.”

The article claims a database known as “DOLYN” collects signature data of underwater fast movers, tic-tac kinetic vehicles, orbs etc. to study the capabilities of those objects. The article states the data is “confiscated” by “SV17q” under the “no-right-to-known dictum.” It states the DOLYN database has 17,500 signatures including non-terrestrial signatures. It also states this information was not shared with the UAPTF.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 23 August 2022 — Lue Elizondo states he is employed at U.S. Space Force, something Pentagon spokesperson Susan Gough confirms. She states he provides technical assistance on a variety of classified topics and Elizondo states Space Force is taking the topic of UAP “very seriously.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - September 2022 — Christopher Mellon states “many allegations” exist out there that there is a subrosa operation in the aerospace industry or “under the CIA” that has been run “off the books,” something that Congress wasn’t informed of and wasn’t appropriated/funded properly.

Mellon states new Congressional language allows individuals in those programs to come forward without fear of reprisal and share whatever information they have.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - September 2022 — Christopher Mellon states the Majestic documents are “very controversial” and he has heard several different explanations including they are false but based on something true; that they were bait to try and recruit Russians; they do use military jargon properly; they could have been misinformation created by AFOSI.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - September 2022 — Christopher Mellon says “credible people” tell him there is a covered up program dealing with UAP work; he also states for all of those people he hears an equal number of credible people who are highly placed and say there is no program.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - September 2022 — Lue Elizondo states a USO encounter occurred near Puerto Rico with a helicopter crew tasked with recovering a missile test; the crew describes a dark black object beneath the surface the “size of an island.” A month later, a test missile retrieval crew states the same large black object above a trench near Puerto Rico is seen and “sucks” the missile beneath the surface of the water.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 5 September 2022 — Former CIA officer Jim Semivan states Col. John Alexander sent materials related to Semivan’s UAP contact experience to a “DARPA lab.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 24 September 2022 — Former Manager, Special Projects at Los Alamos National Laboratory Oke Shannon states others at LANL studied UAP “at night,” i.e. it was unofficial and not a sanctioned working group. Shannon states by the mid 1980s, it was concluded that UAP were interdimensional in nature, higher dimensional objects (possibly operated by higher dimensional entities). Shannon states he believes UAP could be “spiritual beings, fallen angels, even holy angels.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 September 2022 — A ufologist emails former Dept. Dir. for S&T at CIA Everett Hineman about UAP, and asked if he could help with research that relates to US programs in the 1980s that dealt with UAP. (Hineman’s name was referenced to NASA engineer Bob Oeschler by Bobby Ray Inman as someone familiar with crash retrievals in the 1980s, something Hineman later denied to Oeschler). However, in the latest email, Hineman indirectly suggested he did work in the area of US programs related to UAP in the 1980s.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 26 September 2022 — Former Manager, Special Projects at Los Alamos National Laboratory Oke Shannon publishes notes of his time at the Advanced Theoretical Working Group held at BDM Intl’s McLean Secure Facility and classified using DOE controls (see April 1988 note). Shannon’s notes state the following was discussed:

Note: At the time this was published, Inman had left the NSA and CIA and was the CEO of Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation. Inman would join the Boards of SAIC, Wackenhut, Evolutionary Technologies International, Massey Energy and SBC over the next few years before being nominated by President Bill Clinton as Secretary of Defense (before nomination was withdrawn). Inman also managed Limestone Ventures, a start-up technology investment firm.

Wackenhut and SAIC are linked to allegations of secretive UAP work, most notably in CSETI’s briefing to Congress (see 30 August 1996).

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 7 October 2022 — Former UK intelligence officer Franc Milburn states directed energy weapons have been used “against” scientists working on the UAP issue, and states a UK paramilitary group has handled UAP crash retrievals in the past. Milburn states aerospace companies and the Department of Energy have hidden programs working on UAP technology.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 13 October 2022 — Lue Elizondo suggests to Thiel Capital managing director Eric Weinstein that the Mansfield Amendment is important to understand with respect to UAP. The Amendment limited funding of projects with no direct military application and specifically affected ARPA, ONI and private/corporate laboratories.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 October 2022 — John Warner IV, the son of Secretary of the Navy and former Sen. John Warner III, states his father was at the Navy’s Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) in Andros, Bahamas “many” times. Warner IV claims he heard AUTEC was involved in the “craning” of UAP out of the water, and he heard from contacts in Washington DC that it had a “repository” of recovered UAP technology found in the Atlantic and the Caribbean.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 October 2022 — John Warner IV, the son of Secretary of the Navy and former Sen. John Warner III, states the “Cosmos Club” was a forerunner of a group like MJ-12. He describes it as an “inner circle” of intelligence people who may have controlled some UAP information. Interestingly, a declassified NSA document regarding Communication with Extraterrestrial Life contains a lecture given at the Cosmos Club.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 October 2022 — Steven Greer suggests a location “Bradshaw Ranch” near Sedona, AZ got “taken over and turned into a black site” due to UAP and related phenomena on the property.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 14 October 2022 — Alleged USG “insiders” tell journalist Christopher Sharp that Congressional hearings will take place to hear testimony from whistleblowers. Multiple sources familiar with the process tell the journalist that secretive UAP retrieval and reverse engineering programs have been verified by Congress.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 October 2022 — Ufologist Grant Cameron publishes a collection of people who claim to have piloted a UFO, many of whom never before spoke publicly. The trained observers mentioned include United Airlines Capt. Joe Vallejo who claims he had recurring dreams while on layovers where he was controlling a craft with his mind while standing in front of a large screen; ret.
USAF F-16 pilot “Col. David,” who claims he was in a room with a flat console along one wall where someone behind him told him he already knew how to fly the craft, and he began flying it mentally; and alleged Nellis AFB radar operator Niara Isley who claims she experienced a “neural interface” in a chair inside a saucer. In the book, ret. CIA analyst John Ramirez also states Tremelo Melchizedek (rg: this name is incorrect, it’s actually Drunvalo Melchizedek) was hired to attempt to use Merkabah meditation techniques to fly a craft in USG possession. Ramirez himself claims he travels mentally to an “icy planet” where he receives information from a “higher consciousness.”

The book additionally tracks Peter Whitley, an American who moved to Japan and trained in The Monroe Institute who held 40 out of body sessions where he was in a craft interacting with beings telepathically; ret. British Army officer Gerard Pratt who dreamt of going on board a large disc where he was given a briefing and shown how to use a plastic-like panel with symbols; Jean Kimura, who claims
while in Boynton Canyon near Sedona, AZ she and one friend had a shared dream in which they were invited by Saint Germain onto a craft with people that looked like humans; and Enrique Villanueva of Mission Rahma, who claims he used Merkabah meditation to go inside a “spaceship from a civilization supposedly from the future Earth.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 October 2022 — Grant Cameron chronicles a meeting between Ret. USAF Sgt. Jim Penniston, Rendlesham Forest incident witness, and Kit Green with his lawyer Pat Frascogna. Penniston states Green wanted DNA samples and an MRI from Penniston, and Green told him he was working for Bigelow Aerospace to understand how the technology “enables dimensional travel.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 October 2022 — Cameron also provides an audiotape of Green interviewing a woman “CRM” who was allegedly a psychic to understand UAP hotspots. CRM told Green about a “portal” related to a underwater UAP base near the Catalina Islands off the coast of Southern California, controlled by a group of extraterrestrials and humans, to which Green is surprised to hear.

A transcript of the conversation mentions there was a planned meeting between high ranking civilian and military personnel and “The Others,” “The Watchers,” and the “Extraterrestrials” to “give directions concerning geologic stabilization.” Human oil drilling catalyzed certain tectonic plate movements near the California coast. The council of those ET/UT species allegedly tasked with maintaining the stability of their Catalina “base.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 October 2022 — Cameron claims CIA officer Ron Pandolfi told Dan Smith about an entrance to “another world” that was about to open in “a desert.” Pandolfi claims people will enter and return.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 October 2022 — Cameron claims NASA’s main UAP expert, “Tyler D.,” sent him photos of a painting inside the old Hughes Aircraft building at 999 N. Sepulveda Boulevard in El Segundo, CA; the paintings show human beings flying through space in their nightgowns. Tyler D. tells Cameron the location is where the CIA’s rumored “jump room to Mars” is. Cameron also states CIA officer Ron Pandolfi told him a jump room was at this location and that a friend of Pandolfi told him to “hang on” and wait to report the information to the public.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 October 2022 — Real estate billionaire and owner of Skinwalker Ranch Brandon Fugal says Gen. Wesley Clark, Hal Puthoff and Kit Green convinced him there was “truth” to UAP reverse engineering concepts and free energy devices, and Fugal began supporting Joe Firmage’s work by co-founding Motion Sciences in the late 2000s.

Fugal says within a year the tests of antigravity devices did not show enough progress and their company closed down. Fugal says in 2015, Puthoff and Green again called him and suggested he buy Skinwalker from Bigelow, so he did.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 6 December 2022 — The associated UAP provisions of the final FY2023 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 7776) are published and there are two last minute changes of note. 1. A provision of the SSCI-approved bill to grant a private cause of action for persons who feel they’ve suffered reprisal has been dropped. 2. The AARO has been given responsibility for the historical study and the GAO is given the ability to perform a later “audit.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 December 2022 — USD(I&S) Ronald Moultrie and AARO Director Sean Kirkpatrick state they have not seen any evidence of crashed UAP that suggests the craft are from another planet or dimension. They state they have a lot of documents, memos, records, etc. and they tell the public in a press conference that to this point they have come across no “holdings” that there have been off-world crash recoveries.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 17 December 2022 — A newly declassified calendar entry from former DCI Allen Dulles shows he met with President John F. Kennedy on 28 June 1961 at 12:00pm ET and 3:30pm ET. This may be significant because a disputed memo from JFK to Dulles on 28 June 1961 requests a review of “MJ-12” intelligence operation plans as they relate to Cold War psychological warfare plans.

A second disputed document allegedly created five months later on 5 November 1961 is an “operations review” of MJ-12 by Dulles, who references the JFK memo and also references that the operations are properly classified under the 1954 Atomic Energy Act.

A third disputed document also allegedly created that same date on 5 November 1961 is a Special National Intelligence Estimate on MJTWELVE operations prepared for the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. The document mentions it is classified under the Atomic Energy Act and mentions six crash recoveries of “unidentified space vehicles” in which nuclear materials were claimed to be involved. Hal Puthoff states the 1961 SNIE is legitimate.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 18 December 2022 — Journalist Christopher Sharp states sources inside the Department of Defense and intelligence community told him certain Congressional committees have been privy to information he’s been told “has been life changing.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 19 December 2022 — Journalist George Knapp states he knows of at least four “legacy programs” that dealt with UAP issues that he believes whistleblowers are speaking to when they will refer their testimony to AARO.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 20 December 2022 — Ret. CIA official John Ramirez states several new pieces of information in an interview including: that he was told of a compartmented area of the Navy as sensitive as the Manhattan project that may be UAP related; he heard rumors of a relationship between ONR and CIA OSWR/WINPAC where USO materials were recovered and transferred to CIA; and that NGA has the most UAP evidence in the form of videos. Ramirez also states dialogue inside the USG from official channels he heard states UAP occupants/factions will arrive in 2027 and “we need to prepare.”

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 22 February 2023 — Former Thiel Capital manager Eric Weinstein states that hedge fund Renaissance Technologies LLC and its manager Jim Simons may be sitting on a mathematical development that can advance our understanding of general relativity. He alludes to the idea that if there is an American antigravity program done in secret, he speculates it would be centered in Austin, TX and East Setauket, NY, the latter of which is where Renaissance is located.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 27 February 2023 — In a FOIA response to researcher John Greenwald, the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) states it manages a program known as Sentient that ingests and analyzes imagery data with AI capabilities. According to the records, the program detected a small “Tic Tac” shaped object on 6 May 2021 southeast of redacted. The report states it is similar to other objects observed in redacted Operating Areas known as “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.” A command and control vessel was detected in the area as well.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 February 2023 — Journalist George Knapp says Alfred O’Donnell, a former senior manager at EG&G, a defense contractor that managed Area 51, told him “they” had a flying saucer recovered in New Mexico. EG&G also had a “live being” who looked human, kind of like Ross Perot and not the classic gray alien.

(PUBLIC DOMAIN) - 28 February 2023 — Journalist Ross Coulthart states on a podcast that there are people “involved in high level physics” who worked in Huntsville, AL and disappeared. Coulthart says BAE Systems deserves a very close look because of “who they’ve taken over.”