Xereal here with the boom bap

xalutations, fellow scoundrels.

I am aeronaut, also known as xeleriac, xalamander, the damn man in the moon, and/or xelevatio manna pontifica.

I like computing, spiritual snooker, charcuterie, staying alive in the kali yuga, and generating my own household electricity. Subversion for fun and profit is fun to me.

psychonaut. psychopomp. antediluvian futurist with a penchant for disappearance. triple A all day: agora anarchy action.

I am a contributing writer on hackliberty’s write freely instance.

To keep warm in the Winter, in my firebox is where I scorch things like 20" logs of maple, birch, bootlickers, and coppice from my woodlot.

I know my enemies. Do you know yours?

Growin food. Free enterprising. Exit and Build. A homesteading lunarpunk emancipator locked and loaded against the dark occultists till I fkn die bro.

nothin less than hiiipower

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keepin it g like it ought to be

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Hi Xeleriac,
are you using solar?

You bet. And I’d love to expand on my current system.